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Your Doll! Today, we’ve gathered here to talk about why you should go over to YourDoll.Com and buy a sex doll today. But first, the humor!

Back in the early 2000s, I used to think sex dolls were cringy as fuck; then I tried fucking one. I still remember the first sex doll I ever touched. I damn near blew my lungs out, blowing her up. I didn’t have one of those air pumps, because I bought the damn thing out of the back of a dude’s truck. Long story short, I ran her through the wash to make sure she wasn’t full of cum or whatever, and when I finally blew her up, she exploded. I did what any sensible pervert would do in that position. I grabbed whatever pieces of her remained, packed them in a wad and stuck my dick in there. It felt like I was fapping into a plastic bag. I hated it.

I’ve come around a lot since then. I’ve discovered the world of latex. Well, I say I did, really, the whole world has moved on from blow-up plastic to high-quality silicone. That’s what the high-quality dolls are made of now. And hell, if it’s good enough to shove inside bitches’ tits, it’s good enough to put on my dick. The way I see it, I’ve titty fucked some bitches with fake tits. So, fucking a sex doll that’s made of silicone is … an upgrade, kind of. Look, don’t overthink it, ok? Silicone sex dolls are fucking perfect. They look better than real women and if you close your eyes, their skin feels realistic to the touch. That’s the golden balance we’ve been dreaming about for millennia – a woman who feels real, but doesn’t ruin the moment by talking about her feelings.

Sex Dolls Aren’t Cheap
So you’ve thought about it long and hard and you’ve decided it’s finally time to treat yourself to a proper high-quality sex doll. The first thing you need to know about sex dolls is that they’re expensive as all hell. I’m willing to bet that whatever kind of gamer PC you’re reading this review on, it costs less than the price of the average sex doll.
Good news, bad news – YourDoll are on the cheaper side of things, but they’re still expensive because of how hard it is to make these damn things. The actual material they’re made of is probably tough to produce; I don’t know. From what I can tell, these kinds of companies aren’t trying to scam you on extra features or whatever. It looks like the full body of the doll is worth a lot more than the extra features.

I’m not surprised, though. Even though prices have been dropping significantly over the years, what with demand growing, it’s hard to craft these kinds of sex dolls. People’s standards are really high, as they should be. This ain’t your average blow-up doll. These damn things straight up feel like real women. Not to mention that they’re built to scale. Arguably, most of the ones that sell are about the height of a young teenage girl, but let’s not get into that. They usually have double Ds, so they’re clearly above the age of 18.

Build the Perfect Woman
Do you know those moments when you just sort of doze off daydreaming about the perfect woman and you sort of go through all of her body parts trying to figure out what the best combination would be? Don’t lie to me; every man has considered what the optimal woman would look like. And, everyone’s got different preferences. Well, YourDoll is literally the only place in the world right now that lets you customize your woman down to the fucking tongue. Even though they’ve got listings for individual girls, those are just templates. So, don’t fret if you don’t like what you see. The listings are only really marketing the heads. Those are pretty unique and for the most part, they’re not customizable. You can change their tongues and the inside of their mouths. You can have them feel like the inside of a fleshlight or get a realistic, human-like mouth for some extreme throat-fucking. Either way, the head is the first thing you’ll want to choose.
Next up, we’ve got the fun parts. First, you choose a body shape and size. They have the dolls in varying heights with different breast sizes. You can get a flat-chested nymphet or go for something massive like a giantess with breasts the size of watermelons. I wonder where you’d keep a sex doll like that. You’d probably have to buy a closet just for her. Or, you could leave her out on display; what do I care? If you’re the kind of guy who fucks a sex doll, you probably don’t get a lot of company.

Different Brands and Styles
This is kind of complicated, so listen up. I don’t want you screwing yourself. You’ll notice that the customization options are different across different dolls. As far as I can tell, YourDoll gives you access to dolls from different brands. Different brands come with different options. Some features are universal, like the skin and hair color, while others are brand specific. Like, you’ll notice that some brands have universal nipple shapes, so you can’t customize them. There are a few that will straight up let you choose the fucking diameter of the nipple. That’s how specific they make these shit.
There are also many stylish dolls whose fashion is supposed to be a part of the sale, so they let you choose their fingernail style and color. On top of that, there are a lot of options for eye colors and the breast filling. You can get hollow or firm breasts, but the best option is easily the gel-filled cans. Those will feel real to the touch. Keep in mind that you can’t get gel-breasts combined with built-in heating. The heating would ruin the gel. So, you either get a warm body or a soft titty. I honestly can’t decide which I’d prefer. I leave this one up to you guys.

Some of the weirder options had me in tears, like the fact that some of these brands let you choose the inside vagina texture-out of a fucking list. They literally have a sideways X-ray of the vaginal canal so you can choose the exact path that your cock will be taking up the damn vagina. Just when I thought I’d seen everything, they throw silicone vagina X-rays in my face. I’m stunned at how far people will go to craft the perfect woman.

Spooky Scary Skeletons
You also get a lot of options when it comes to the actual skeleton of the doll you customize. The standard version for all of these dolls has them sort of rigid. They can move around and be seated. They’re not mannequins. But, they’re not exactly articulated all the way across. There’s a special type of skeleton that is available as a free option with most of these dolls. They call it the EVO. It adds some shoulder shrugging action with some back-bending curves that make the doll feel that much more appealing. I figure this would make her super exciting to fuck, especially bent over or lying down in bed.
Moving further down the line, we’ve got even more customization options. You can get some extra wigs, a removable tongue and even a head hook if you want to hang the doll up like a coat. This is great if you’re some sort of serial doll purchaser and you line your dolls one by one inside a long closet. I can only imagine the smell of such a wardrobe. It probably smells like cum.

Saving Money
Whether you’re buying your first ever sex doll or you’re a returning customer, you should either try to save as much money as possible, or go all out and get the perfect woman down to the vagina texture. I say this, because the prices are so high that this is basically an investment. So, either get something on sale for under $1000 or go for the Full Monty and get the woman of your dreams.
YourDoll also points out that they can ship the dolls out to you covertly, or you can pick them up in person in case you’re not comfortable risking shipment. They seem to be super-reputable with a ton of positive reviews and credentials and they even offer images of the dolls at the source before they ship them out. This is arguably one of the best sex doll sites out there. Look no further. The silicone love of your dreams can be found on YourDoll.

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