Are you thinking about getting some Yanks in before the boss gets back to the office? Well, I’ve got exactly the thing to help you out, assuming you like amateur girls and real orgasms. This next site has been around for nearly twenty years, which practically makes them an institution in the world of Internet porn. Of course, so many porn sites fizzle out after a couple of years or less, but these guys have been in it for the long haul. That alone tells me they’ve got some good shit on the menu, and their 150 thousand monthly visitors only back that up. is an all-girl amateur paysite. Not only are the babes the stars, but they’re also the content creators; Yanks is 100% female produced. They’ve got it printed right at the top of the front page because they’re so proud of the fact, and they’re also pretty vocal about some other points. The site’s motto, listed below the logo, is “Amateur Girls Playing – Filmed by Girls Watching.” That’s a strong enough premise to get me in the door, and I’m more than intrigued by another point they’re hammering home out front: Yanks promises Real Girls and Real Orgasms. I’m itching for my own explosive body-shaking release right about now, so let me get lubed up and take a closer look.

A Porn Legacy of the Early Aughts
As soon as I heard came out in the early ‘00s, I started thinking about the era and what it meant for smut. You older degenerates will probably remember the transition from the overproduced DVD-era porno to the reality porn that started taking over the whole scene at the turn of the century. Masturbators wanted more realism in their pornos, and they got that through those candid videos like Girls Gone Wild and from reality scenes on sites like Brazzers and the aptly named Reality Kings. To this day, reality porn has reigned supreme, and so many of today’s movies still start with the premise of some random-ass guy carrying a camera and just running into random, horny, and DTF hotties. The rise of OnlyFans-style DIY content over the last year is the only real challenger I’ve seen come close to the popularity of the reality stuff.
It makes a lot of sense that Yanks would take off when it did. Wankers were pretty much demanding real chicks, and Yanks delivered. A lot of the bigger reality porn sites shoot with chicks you’ve seen before, and I’ve seen so many bona fide pornstars slapped with the ‘amateur’ label despite being very well-established professionals. One of the things Yanks really has going for it is that they’re shooting with hundreds of sexy amateurs and lesser-known, rising pornstars. I look at these types of sites for a living, and yet I’m having trouble finding girls I recognize. The familiar girls, like Jasmine Mendez and Cheyenne Jewel, are known more for their fetish scenes than their “traditional” smut. If you’re used to watching them beat the living shit out of some helpless gimpy dudes, this will be a nice change of pace.

It’s definitely worth noting that this is an all-girl site, meaning you’re going to see a lot of solo and lesbian shows. I know that’s going to be a dealbreaker for some, and hey, I get it. However, good amateur porn features the kind of enthusiasm that even the best video starlets have difficulty faking, which is fucking hot as hell. So while you won’t get to witness the type of passion where a dick slams the hell out of an eager cooter, you will get to see genuine orgasms from genuinely happy amateurs. What kind of weirdo would want to miss that?

Talking Bangs and Talking Bucks
I was really hoping for some free previews, but you know how it goes on paysites these days. Everywhere else in the world and on the Internet, a sideways triangle means Play. On premium porn sites and nowhere else, it often just sends you to the signup page. Honestly, I wish smut peddlers would take a cue from the local coke dealer and offer the first one for free. What can you do, though? (I did find some rare free trailers buried in there later, but there’s no easy way to see which vids have previews available.)
Pricewise, there are no real surprises with regards to the membership. It’ll run you thirty bucks a month, just like it will on most any other paysite out there these days. However, it does get cheaper as you go longer, with a yearly rate that breaks down to $12.45 a month, which ain’t bad at all. Give up a couple of cups of Starbucks every 30 days, and you can have a shit-ton of amateur girl porn instead.

One of the biggest perks of the site relates directly to their age. Since they’ve been around for nearly two decades now, they’ve had a ton of time to build up a massive stash of fap fodder. As a result, the full list of videos stretches on and on and on into the ether, encompassing thousands of videos literally. If you’re a bulk porno shopper, this one should catch your eye right away. That’s a collection size on par with some of the bigger porn networks out there, and it’s all devoted to amateur hotties.

It isn’t stale, either. In fact, they’re continuing to build the collection at a crazy rate. They’re adding multiple new movies to the site every week. The schedule does vary a little bit, but they regularly have streaks where they add a new flick every day. Sometimes they even add two in one day, as they did with a couple of girl-on-girl scenes on one weekday a couple of weeks ago. That’s great news if you love watching beautiful girls eat each other out.

There is a downside to that constant stream of releases, though. On other paysites, you can usually expect the full-length scenes to run between 30 and 60 minutes. Amateur porn is a different beast. But this is professional, amateur content, so it doesn’t suffer from the 30-second runtimes you get when people are shooting blowjobs on their iPhones. Still, most of the Yanks movies clock in at around ten minutes, so you marathon wankers will just have to watch more than one movie in a sitting.

No Scripts, Just Horny Amateur Chicks
So, is worth the membership fee? Well, their longevity tells you a ton of people over the years have answered that question with a big, throbbing “Yes!” Your old friend, The Porn Dude, happens to agree. These guys really do have a lot going for them.
The size of the collection will be a big seller for a lot of amateur porn fans out there because it’s rare to find a stash of this size with such consistent production values. There are hundreds of girls and thousands of videos to crank off to, with a steady stream of new material hitting the site. You could make a routine out of beating off to their latest releases.

I’d argue that besides the sheer scope of the collection, one of the biggest perks is the content itself. They promise real girls and real orgasms, and from what I’ve seen, they deliver. They don’t use scripts at all. Instead, one babe aims a camera at a friend or a pair of them, and we get to witness the fun. When the only real goal is orgasm, you get to see the kind of unrestrained sexuality that you rarely find in scripted scenes. These girls don’t have to worry about staying in character or remembering their lines. They just have to get off, and that’s what they do. I’m guessing you will, too. is definitely worth a look if you like amateur porn but would appreciate the ramped-up production values of professionally shot fuck flicks. The movies here bridge the gap beautifully, with real chicks, real passion, and real orgasms, but without the shaky cameras or minuscule runtimes of the truly homemade stuff. You’ll have to click around the thumbnails to find them, but there are some free previews available to curious masturbators, so go ahead and take a look while you’re deciding whether or not to bust out the credit card.

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