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Xhamster.com/categories/pov has hundreds of thousands of fap-worthy videos of girls getting dicked down from the dude’s perspective and vice-versa. Strap in and enjoy v……


I don’t want to feel like I’m watching some slut get railed from a cuckold viewpoint in the corner of the room. And I don’t want to have the camera zoomed in on some sweaty dude’s asshole and balls. What the hell is up with those cameramen? I swear, they find the worst goddamn angles known to man.

I’m talking about POV porn. It’s where you’re looking through the dude’s eyes as he bends bitches over and fucks them like there’s no tomorrow. Or, I guess, you could look through the female perspective if you’re a sissy cuck who likes seeing balls slap you in the chin as you deepthroat cock. Who am I to judge? Whatever gets your rocks off. All I’m here to do is nudge you horny fappers in the right direction.

Hot POV Porn from one of the Biggest Porn Sites in the World
The site you’ll want to visit for your kinky POV fix is Xhamster.com. You guys should all be more than familiar with this incredible porn tube at this point. They’ve been around for decades. They bring in billions of fappers every single month. You know the spiel. It’s a powerhouse of a porn site that’s going to be around for fucking ever. But I’m not digging deep and going over every single aspect of this site today. I only care about the POV category. You can get there by going to the categories section on the left-hand sidebar and searching for, you guessed it, “POV.” Or you can do it the hard way and go to Xhamster.com/categories/pov.
You’ll be greeted by the iconic white and red site design, but you can easily toggle a night mode on if you want to save your eyes while browsing in the middle of the night like I know most of you fucks are. The landing page will have a short description of the category up top if you somehow don’t know what the hell POV porn is. Still, it’s a nice touch. If you feel like contributing to this site’s massive catalog of amateur content, then you can make a free account and upload a picture of you fucking your girlfriend with a camera strapped to your forehead.

Hundreds of Thousands of HD Videos to Get Off to
If you’re just looking to whip out your dick and jerk off to hot videos, then you won’t have to bother with an account. The POV section has a fuck-ton of great filter options. You can sort content by HD, 4K, and VR. Yeah, this free porn site has 4K UHD videos and VR-supported content. Most websites would make you pay out hundreds of bucks a year to get access to a catalog of UHD content that’s not even a quarter as big as this site’s selection of fap-worthy videos. And, man, VR truly takes POV porn to the next fucking level. Get yourself a fuck doll and a VR headset, and you cucks will be in nirvana.
You can sort the videos by best, newest, or by video length. But the options don’t stop there! You also get tags for more specific niches in the POV section like POV blowjob, hentai POV, and anal POV. Simply click on any of those tags to get a more curated selection of videos for your fap-sesh. You’ll need to since there are over 2,000 pages worth of content here. Not videos. Full fucking pages. And these filter options make it surprisingly easy to find the exact type of video you’re looking for in a catalog of over 200,000 videos.

Stream the Kinkiest POV Videos for Free with Minimal Ad Clutter
From there, it’s easy enough to browse through whatever selection of hot previews that you get. There aren’t any annoying ads or ad clutter to get in your way. Sure, you might see a few banners here and there. But that’s fine. At least you’re not getting redirected every goddamn click. I guess you don’t need to vomit ads onto your site when you’re bringing in traffic by the billions. The only thing you’ll need to watch out for are previews labeled “premium.” They’ll take you to a sister site called Xhamsterpremium.com with paid content, but we’re not talking about them this time around.
Each preview will show you a piece of the action as long you hover your cursor over the image. You’ll get details for how long this sexy POV video is, what the title is, how long ago it was uploaded, who uploaded it, what the rating out of 100% is, and you’ll see a tag for if it’s streamable in HD/4K/VR. Oh, and some of the videos will have “live” tags. These are cam shows from babes in Xhamster’s cam network. They won’t always fit the genre tag, but, hey, who doesn’t love jerking it to an amateur slut walking around and flashing her tits?

Save Videos to Your Favorites for Later Fapping
Click on whichever preview makes you diamonds to get taken to the full video page. You get a sizable video player with quality toggles and thumbnail previews of the action when you want to skip ahead in the video. Now, you can’t download any of the hot videos you see on Xhamster’s POV category, but you can save them to your favorites for later if you have a free account. Aside from a sleek ad-free video player, you can scroll down the page to check out related videos or leave a comment.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
What’s not to love about hundreds of thousands of kinky videos of sluts getting dicked down? Man, I can’t get enough of it. It’s the same with POV blowjobs. With enough lube, it’ll feel like some whore is actually sucking your cock. Or, well, it’s the nearest you poor betas will get to the experience. The true pleasure is watching a video of a more attractive slut sucking cock while some 6/10 chick goes to town on yours. Fuck, with a VR headset, any pussy becomes an option when you don’t have to look at her face.
Oh, right, Xhamster. Yeah, it’s simply a dope site to browse and find content on. Very few porn tubes this size can compete with the user experience and sheer amount of content. While other porn tubes purge their homemade content catalogs, this one is going strong, with more videos being added than ever before. With new POV content uploaded every single day, you’ll never run out of nut-busting good videos to jerk off to.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
Whenever I see videos on this site, I can’t help but wish I could natively download them. Sure, you can use some workarounds, but I want this content at the click of a button without having to jump through hoops. Signing up for a free account doesn’t even give you access to a download button. Lame. Though you do unlock “registered only” videos. Seeing those hidden videos are well worth making an account for, that’s for damn sure. Aside from not having any download options, this is a fantastic site. It brings billions of users in every month for good reasons.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Xhamster.com/categories/pov is one of the biggest and best sources for amateur, professional, and homemade POV porn on the internet. Seriously, I can only think of a handful of sites that even come close to this level of quality content while still maintaining a great user experience. That combination is hard to beat. Browse all of the videos you could want on here without ads, complex menus, or shitty features. You get loads of filter options and user features that make browsing a breeze. Join the billions of fappers who choose to visit this site every month. They can’t all be wrong. I highly recommend you POV-loving cucks get your asses over here and check this site out.

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