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You wouldn’t know it, but Vids Gator is home to so much vintage porn you won’t have a clue what to watch first. Should you go for porn from the 60s, or is that too fucking old for you? Perhaps you’d rather watch porn from the aughts for fresher content.

Whatever the case may be and whichever era you pine for, VidsGator is going to hook you up with some of the best old porn ever made. Whether you hate today’s porn (what the fuck is wrong with you?!) or just want to beat off to videos from simpler times, leave it to VidsGator to help you access whatnot ancient content you want to jerk off to!

Vintage porn conveniently in one place
You have to give it to the tube sites that go out of their way to provide an assortment of vintage porn videos for your viewing pleasure. And, hey, I know, not everyone wants to look around at vintage porn. In fact, you may be asking yourself why in the hell you would like to look at low-resolution hairy pussies in the first place.
I get it. Why the hell should you go back to yesteryear when there are so many high-definition porn videos available for you to get you off? When HD porn exists, and you can jump straight into the action, why in the fuck should you even spend your time jerking it to performers who are now all old and wrinkled?

Hell, virtual reality porn exists! Porn games exist! I know these things – I review them all the time on ThePornDude! Do I have to keep piling on the different ways that porn has evolved since these videos on VidsGator were released? Again, why in hell is there a reason to look at this kind of smut in the first place?

Slap yourself for asking such a stupid goddamn question! You see, even though porn has changed in so many ways since these types of videos were the gold standard of pornography, it does not mean that they fucking suck. You will be surprised to find decent content over 60-years old in some cases.

And while others are barely 20-years old as of this review, it’s all old content no matter how you try and spin it. But despite the terrible resolution on many of these videos, you will see for yourself why many horny fuckers went out of their way to watch these videos when they were fresh. Sure, that could have been because they didn’t know any better, but there’s still something to be said about these old gems.

Just because styles changed, video quality improved, and the acting is slightly better in today’s pornography (and I’m using the word ‘slightly’ liberally here), that does not mean that this content is out of date. The content you will find on VidsGator is still just as sexy as it was in the old days.

Whether you’ve never watched non-HD porn before or you remember watching porn before video streaming was a thing, VidsGator has content that will get you the fuck off. The videos on VidsGator prove that real talent is never lost with time. Look past the terrible ratios, styles, and dumb fucking plots, and you will see why the talent in the videos on VidsGator was so sought after back in the day!

Over 90 pages of content
But just how much content do you have access to when you browse around on VidsGator? It turns out, a fuck load! I found that there were over 90 pages of content available for your viewing pleasure. And when you factor in that there are 20 scenes per page, this site has an insane amount of content just waiting for you to explore. To be precise, there are over 1800 videos you can explore!
That may not sound like an extraordinary number in and of itself. And if you are comparing VidsGator to tube sites with videos that cater to all types of different niches, then maybe you would be onto something. However, VidsGator is a niche tube site that only focuses on one particular kind of content. Yes, that’s right – vintage pornography!

Now considering that this is a niche tube site that features pornography from eras when broadband Internet wasn’t a thing, to begin with, their collection is an impressive achievement, really. And from the looks of things, VidsGator is also adding new videos all the fucking time!

I think any fan of vintage porn will be happy with what they can find on VidsGator. So take your time and explore the variety of vintage pornography that will teach you a thing or two about what people used to whack off to back in the day. Think of it as the most exciting history lesson you will ever learn. But instead of falling asleep in class, you end up covered in jizz. So, exactly like history class.

Excellent info in listings
I always have to fucking judge tube sites based on how easy they are to navigate. One of the best ways to ensure any tube site is manageable is by looking at how informative the video listings are on the site. Good information can be added in a multitude of different ways. It merely depends on the type of tube site that we are fucking talking about.
In the case of VidsGator, I am happy to say that the site pretty much nails the type of information needed to navigate the tube site easily. That is because each video listing shows the title, year it was released, and duration. That is all on top of a beautiful thumbnail that gives you an idea of the kind of content that you will see when you click to watch a video.

Still, VidsGator does not have as much information as you may want or are used to. For example, you will not find a view count or rating anywhere in a listing. But then again, that’s not exactly needed here. What is important is to have an idea regarding the duration of a video, along with when the video was released.

The site has only included necessary information about the videos. Therefore, it’s concise, tight, and you can precisely know what kind of content you have in store before you click on the thumbnail. How fucking convenient is that?!

Content loads fast as hell…to an extent
What’s nearly as convenient as the informative listings that allow you to know if a video is worth a click or not is the fact that the videos on VidsGator load fast as fuck. I never had to wait over a few seconds to have anything load on the site. Once I clicked, the initial part of the video began to load, and I didn’t have to wait before I could watch any of it.
However, as I watched the content on VidsGator, I realized that not everything was going to play without interruption. There were way too many buffering issues that I eventually ran into. Too often, as the content began to play, the video would buffer for a few seconds. Then the video would stream again, only to have yet another buffering woe show its ugly face. Hopefully, this is just a one-time problem with VidsGator and not something that keeps happening routinely.

The filtering options are also excellent, just difficult to find. To reach the filtering options, you have to find the tag that you want to browse by. Unfortunately, you can only find these tags under an embedded video since VidsGator does not have a tags or categories section you can browse. Once you click on a tag, you can then filter content based on that niche.

For example, if you want to look at only videos that feature the blowjob tag, click the ‘blowjob’ tag in an embedded video you find anywhere on the site. Going to the top of the page and using the search function will also suffice. Once you are looking at the tag, you will spot other filtering options on the left side of the page. Again, you can sort tagged content by date and duration. Likewise, users can also look at content in any quality or HD only (though you won’t find any HD content here), duration (any duration, short, medium, long), and time (any time, today, this week, this month, this year.

VidsGator is an awesome tube site for vintage pornography. Though it does not hit the mark on everything, for what it is, there is much to love about this unique tube site. Hopefully, you will have better luck with the buffering problems than I did. Whatever the problem may be, VidsGator needs to seriously fix the buffering issues to make exploring the site even better. Until then, look around at the abundance of fantastic vintage porn on VidsGator, and jerk off to a timeless classic!

VidsGator is a vintage pornographic tube site with a fantastic assortment of content waiting for you to jerk off to. The content loads fast as hell (buffering issues aside), there is a ton of content you can explore (with more added all the goddamn time), and most importantly, the porn is hot as hell. It would be more convenient if there were tags and categories sections to browse by, not to mention there are occasional buffering problems. Filtering can be challenging too. But with these problems fixed though, there is no reason why VidsGator cannot be successful and attract a constant wave of viewers for the foreseeable future.

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