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VideoSlots 🇬🇧

Video Slots! Are you looking for a bit of a risk? No, I’m not talking about getting blown by a hooker with a strange wart on her lip. I’m talking about financial risks.……


Video Slots! Are you looking for a bit of a risk? No, I’m not talking about getting blown by a hooker with a strange wart on her lip. I’m talking about financial risks. Putting your money on the line for the chance to win big bucks or lose it all. Sure, yeah, you could go to a real-life casino, but who the fuck has time for that? You can gamble away your savings from the comfort of your crusty fap den. Hell, you won’t even have to leave your bed if you don’t want to. And the king of online casino games is slots. They’re easy to play. You can play with pennies on the dollar.

You want a trustworthy site that’s been around for fucking ages. And few websites can compete with the long legacy of They’ve been doing this shit since way back in 1999. Now, that’s the sort of timeline that I like to see. I know I always get sketched out when I see a brand-new gambling site making crazy promises. With this site, you can rest assured that they won’t run away with your hard-earned dosh. But you don’t have to take just my word for it. The traffic speaks for itself. Over 3 million users flock to this site every month to place their bets and spin those slots.

Get a 100% Match up to $200 on Your First Deposit When You Sign-Up
The homepage is simple and straightforward. You get a sliding preview for some of the more popular games on the site as hell as a header that lets you pop around between standard casino titles, jackpot games, and a live casino with actual dealers. Signing up is easy enough. Once you link an email account, you’ll be good to go. Of course, you’ll need to deposit some cash to get started making money, but you can browse through the offerings here first. Oh, and you can’t be from the US. Sorry, these guys will block your asses faster than a bimbo getting a dick pic from a “nice guy.”
They’ll match your initial deposit up to $200. Fuck, I can’t think of many easier and less demeaning ways to making a quick two hundred. Most of the other routes end up with you on your knees. You also get 11 free spins that don’t require you to wager a damn thing. That’s eleven chances at free fucking money right there. No strings attached. No bullshit. And you get a whole week to use those spins, not that most of you will be able to help yourselves from smashing that button 11 times in a row.

Well Over a Dozen Casino, Live Betting, and Jackpot Games
Anyway, the rest of the main page houses a ticker for the latest winnings, which is always cool to see. They don’t include the losses though. I don’t know about you fucks, but I take some sick joy in seeing poor bastards lose their cash. Sure, my name might pop up in that ticker. But, hey, maybe that’s just me. I’m sure you sex-starved cucks have weirder shit going on in your head. Below that ticker, you can pick from a little under 20 games. There are slots, live blackjack, Monopoly, roulette, poker, scratch cards, and some other unique titles that are worth checking out.
While they may not have hundreds of titles, has a quality selection of games that people are actually playing. It sucks hopping into a live casino game only to find that nobody is there to make the game interesting. Or you’ll sit there for 10+ minutes waiting for someone to join. That shit is lame. Here there’s a battle slot lobby where you can pop into group games. It will list the buy-in, category, how many people are enrolled, and all of that good shit. The game will rotate, but there will be higher stakes and free cash bonuses when you participate in some of these battles.

Fun, Modern Games with Full Animations & a 24/7 Live Support Team
Each game will have some fun animations, stories, and themes to go along with the experience. It’s not anything crazy advanced or modern, but it does make the games more immersive. Just spinning plain slots with no fun music or animations is just fucking sad. At least you get something to look forward to with each spin on here, even if the animations are fairly basic. If you run into any issues or feel like complaining to some poor soul, then you can give these guys a call or live chat. It may not get you anywhere, but at least they’re a call away pretty much 24/7. Not every casino site can offer comprehensive support like that.
While Videoslots doesn’t offer nerdy options like cryptocurrency, they do accept most forms of currency out there like JPY, CAD, NOK, SEK, and plenty of others. So, you can hop onto this site from wherever the fuck you are and get paid out in your country’s currency without having to lose dosh during conversions or any of that bullshit. You can withdraw cash as long as you have more than 10 bucks in your account, which will be easy enough to make. They won’t keep your dosh from you. And you can scroll through each game to get live payout percentages and odds. You always know how much money you can win before diving into any game.

Great Mobile Experience
The mobile site was pretty solid. It’s not going to blow your minds or anything, but it works well and is formatted for mobile users. You can log in, fuck around with games, and gamble your money while on the go. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection. You don’t want your Wi-Fi to cut out on you right as you’re making what could be that jackpot-winning spin. I’d never be able to sleep at night if that happened to me. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch. I’d still be plowing bitches and working up enough of a sweat to sleep like a goddamn baby.
BestLoveList’s Favorite Features
There are some pretty damn fun games on here, and it doesn’t feel like a goddamn torrent of titles as other gambling sites do. These guys took the quality over quantity approach. Instead of hundreds of wacky titles that nobody is playing, you get a curated selection of standard slot, card, roulette, and dice games to spend money on. Each one lays out the payout percentage, so you can pick and choose which games have the best payouts before you start funneling money into it. You only have to deposit $10 to get started, and there are plenty of games that can be played for pennies on the dollar.
You don’t have to be some big-spender just to have a good time with the games on here. If you just want the thrill of a chance game without losing thousands, then you can do that here with no fucking problem. It’s a long-running site that you can trust to treat you and your money right. You don’t get millions of spenders coming to your site every month without doing a lot of shit right. You can work through issues with their live support team, bet in various currencies, and simply have a damn good time.

BestLoveList’s Suggestions
The games have a look but don’t touch the sort of vibe if you aren’t spending money. I was looking around for a free-play or demo option, but I came up dry. I would have liked full game descriptions as well. Sure, most are fairly straightforward. But it’s still good to cover your bases and write those out to avoid users coming to the support team with dumb questions. Other than those very minor gripes, this was a damn good experience from start to finish. I wish I could tell some of the sluts I take home the same.
BestLoveList’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a trusted online casino that keeps shit basic, straightforward, and fun. You can play a wide array of slot, card, dice, roulette, and scratch card games and bet however much or little money you want. I highly recommend them for those looking for a trustworthy, straightforward gambling experience.

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