Tube Asian Cams, if the name is to be believed, combines a few things that most of us, Internet perverts fucking love: porn tubes, sexy Asian ladies, and live webcam se……


Tube Asian Cams, if the name is to be believed, combines a few things that most of us, Internet perverts fucking love: porn tubes, sexy Asian ladies, and live webcam sex. Of course, cam sites and video tubes aren’t quite similar, so what is it they’re really hawking? According to the subtitle below the spraypaint-and-stencil logo, this is an Asian Chaturbate Cam Archive. If you ever feel like you’ll have FOMO unless you watch the cam sites 24-7, this may put you at ease and give you something to crank off to with a little less urgency. is a newer site, springing up within the last few months and steadily attracting more and more masturbators. They pulled nearly a million visitors last month, which is always a good sign; they wouldn’t be getting nearly this much attention unless there was plenty to shake your dick at. By the way, I’m taking a little break from the live cams after blowing my rent money buzzing some Japanese camgirl’s Lovense vibrator too many times, so this seems like a good place to get my kicks without hurting my wallet.

Who’s Camming on Tube Asian Cams?
TubeAsianCams has a lot in common with your typical free tube. It’s a layout you’ve seen a million times before, even if you’ve got a weak-ass libido and barely jerk off to the Internet, with a wall of thumbnails stretching out beneath a simple header with the site logo, search bar, and a small handful of links.
Obviously, the focus is a little bit different here than on the everything-goes tubes. Instead of screengrabs from pornos where girls are swallowing cock, getting boned up the butthole, or taking on a whole room full of horny dudes, you’ll mostly find pretty girls all by their lonesome, fucking themselves in their bedrooms across the world.

You really like Asian girls, right? If not, I’m not sure what you’re doing in this section of ThePornDude. (I do have a ton of other stuff you’ll love, though, on my list of Free Porn Tube Sites.) Just like they tell you in the site’s title, this entire place is devoted to gorgeous Asian cam girls. Beat off to pretty Chinese girls, stunning Japanese chicks, mouthwatering Koreans, not to mention the luscious ladies of Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. It’s a pan-Asian smorgasbord of fapworthy beauties, and I’m hard as a rock just within minutes of loading up the site.

Like most tubes, the default view shows you the freshest content first. One of the things this site has going for is that they update four times a day with fresh content. The cam sites are full of babes performing night and day, perpetually creating new material, and is doing a pretty solid job keeping up with that production rate.

And to be clear, I’m not saying they add four new videos every day. It’s way better than that. I’m reviewing this site on a Friday morning, and they’ve already added so much material today - I’ve got to click my way through to page 9 to find the videos from yesterday. That’s nearly 200 Tube Asian Cams movies added to the collection since the clock struck midnight. Christ, my dudes, you better get fapping if you want to make your way through the whole collection before you die or your balls dry up.

Tens of Thousands of Tube Asian Cams
While paysites usually update every week or so unless they completely suck with the updates, free tubes tend to grow at a much faster rate. That’s usually because they let people upload anything you can jerk off to. I’m honestly pretty fucking impressed by how quickly is growing even with such a tight focus on Asian cam shows.
As of this writing, the full collection has well over 62,000 prerecorded cam shows available. And while you miss out on the immediacy and the interactive elements of cam shows, there are definitely some major upsides, like the ridiculous number of choices you have at any given moment.

Just for shits and giggles, and maybe some boners, I checked out the current selection at AsianTubeCam’s source, Chaturbate. Since they’re one of the very biggest cam sites, I’ve got a pretty good selection of nearly 200 women performing this morning with a #Asian tag in their description. Still, a couple of hundo is a teeny tiny drop in the hat when compared to 62,000.

This, ironically, brings me to my biggest complaint about Tube Asian Cams. While the Chaturbate shows have a diverse range of tags to go with #Asian—like #feet, #18, #anal, and #creampie—there’s considerably less organization on TubeAsianCams. Every video has a “Chaturbate Profile” section that lists a few tags, but it’s obviously not grabbing the complete list from Chaturbate. All you really get is a username and a date.

That’s going to make the site a lot more challenging to search if you’re after particular content, like buttplugs, cosplay, or ASMR. You can search for Chaturbate usernames easily enough, but you’ll have to sift through the pile to find anything else. Hopefully, they start including more tags at some point. It’s arguably more and more important as that massive collection continues to grow since masturbators appreciate being able to skip to their favorite stuff.

Getting Off to (Previously) Live Asians
Tube Asian Cams added even more content as I was typing up this review, so I felt like I had to get in there and conduct my official fap test before I drowned myself in a deluge of prerecorded cam shows. These aren’t short clips, either. The shortest one I noticed on the front page is a little over twenty minutes, but I also see a bunch of them that clock in at over two hours. You aren’t going to be hurting for crank material around here.
I figured I’d start with the very latest addition to the site, a nearly two-hour video starring a chick who calls herself Beauty_Muse on Chaturbate. According to the scene description, it was literally just recorded today. (TubeAsianCams also has number codes at the end of each description that I was unable to decipher. They look like dates, but digits like 13-51-39 and 11-50-55 don’t correspond to any moment in recent history.)

It took me a minute or so to get the movie playing. TubeAsianCam doesn’t actually host anything, instead, sourcing the job out to a few different video hosting sites. Some of the video players are a bit buggy, so you lose out on a little bit of the convenience of a traditional tube. It played smoothly once I got it working, though, and the player is advanced enough to include features like playback speed control.

Beauty_Muse is wearing a cute little outfit as the video opens, though I can’t tell if she’s trying to look like a loli or a maid or what. It definitely isn’t something you’d wear to lunch with grandma, and that’s precisely why my dick is so hard. Unfortunately, I can see from the thumbnails at the bottom that she doesn’t take it all off over the course of the video.

So I tried a different one, and this time I chose a more explicit thumbnail. Little_v1rgin_angel was already nice and naked except for her glasses as the video loaded up, and it only got better from there. This show was a lot kinkier, with up-close shots of her snatch as she played with herself, some dildo riding in the middle, and plenty of internet-connected action with that Lovense vibrator. Too bad it wasn’t live; I would have buzzed that bad boy.

It’s a good enough video that I considered saving it for later. Downloads are available for all the videos, though they’re hosted on file locker sites. You’ll have some wait times and dial-up-era download speeds unless you’ve got a premium account, but it’s a small price to pay for all this free smut.

Ultimately, it’s all that free smut that’s drawing all these horny perverts in. has a tight focus on prerecorded Asian cam shows, and their archive is growing at a fucking insane rate. If you appreciate the format but worry about missing the good stuff if you’re not tuned into Chaturbate 24-7, these guys have exactly what you need.

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