Toon Pass! I want to see some hentai sluts getting fucked in every way imaginable. Yeah, there are plenty of sites with hot hentai babes getting what they deserve, but I want even more than just that. I like all kinds of animated porn. Comics, cartoons, hentai, and sometimes I’ll even jerk off to some quality 3D SFM shit if I’m feeling it. But I don’t want to have to go to half a dozen fucking sites to get my fix. I want one site where I can go and fap to all kinds of drawn porn. Fuck having to pay for all of those different memberships. I’m not about that life. So, I scoured the web in search of such a site, and I just might have found what I have been searching for. is a site that claims to house multiple different sites all in one place for one price. You get futa bitches, hentai, and cartoon porn all in one site. I will say that it’s aggravating that you can’t sample any of their videos before you sign up. At least throw in a free section. I’m not the biggest fan of paying for something without knowing what I’m getting. That’s how you end up on a blind date with some “babe” only to take her home and find that she’s sporting a wine bottle sized cock. No thank you.

Only $1 For a 1 Day Trial Membership
This site has been around since early 2013 and currently brings in somewhere between 200-300 thousand horny cucks every single month. I won’t lie to you. Those numbers aren’t great, but that’s still a lot of dosh for a paid site. And speaking of cash, the price for membership here varies widely depending on home long you pitch in for. A day will only cost you a buck. A month will be around 27 bucks. And a full year will run you 7ish dollars a month if you pay for the entire fucking year. Not a terrible price point if you’re getting those mountains of content that they are claiming.
It’s got a bright white theme and has the setup of an older flash games site. Not the nicest to look at. And come the fuck on. You have a dark theme on the teaser page. You need to at least include a toggle option to turn that shit on in the members' area. Ridiculous, really.

Annoying Ads and Links to Other Sites
Anyway, let’s talk about what we’ve got here. Off to the left, you can sort the main page by “Newest, Random…” and then you get links that take you offsite to a porn game site, flash game site, and a place to buy DVDs. I thought this was the members' area? I’m paying for this content. You don’t need to be throwing me off to other sites.
And there are ad banners here and there as well. It really grinds my gears when premium sites make you look at ads. Isn’t that the kind of shit I’m paying not to see? It’d be like buying a private show at a strip club only to have the cheap bitches walk in and out of the room while the dimepiece blond is grinding on my lap.

Further down that menu, you can sort the content by the “sites” that they have here. They aren’t really separate sites so much as genres. You can sort by “CrazyToonSex” which gives you cartoon porn and parodies, “FutanariSluts” which is full of videos with hung dick girls, and “HentaiTemple” which gives you quality hentai videos. From there you can further filter everything out by your standard options like “Top Rated, Most Viewed, and Longest.”

Small, Unorganized Catalog Left Me Wanting for More
You can also use the search bar up top, or browse through videos that you have added to your bookmarks. Now, despite my small complaints, this site isn’t half bad so far. But here comes my one major gripe. The content is lacking. Not severely lacking, but there should be more if you’re paying a premium price for the content. You get under 300 videos on here. And that includes all of the videos across all of their genres. It’s more than a little disappointing.
With a smaller catalog, I would expect a solid naming/organization system and full-length hentai movies. But you don’t really get that either. The names are vague like “Babe creampied by a beast” or “Gangbang in the warehouse.” You’ll get some videos that are 15-40 minutes long, but most fall right around the 5-10 minute range. It feels like a bait and switch compared to that free teaser page that makes the site look jam-packed full of hot hentai movies.

Download as Many Hot Videos as You Want!
I will say that the previews are decent. You get a thumbnail that flips through hot moments from the movie, along with a video length, title, rating, and view count. All of the important shit is there. They’re doing that right. Not all sites can say the same, that’s for sure.
Click on any of the previews to get taken over to the video player, which doesn’t hold up as well as the previews do. You can’t toggle quality, and most of these videos are on the lower side of things. I may have seen one or two that might be 720p. Though you can download any of these kinky videos straight to your computer without any extra payments or bullshit like that. Then you can rate it, add it to favorites, comment, or whatever else you want while you jerk your microdick to these hentai babes.

Solid Mobile Experience
The mobile site is great. You can access it using the same login information that you used on desktop. I preferred the look of the mobile site. It was like some 6/10 girls hotter, sluttier sister. The site feels like it’s put together better. There’s less negative space in general. It’s a solid mobile site. The videos load up in a decently sized video player, you can still access all of the same filter options and menus beneath a tucked away drop-down menu. Downloads still work, so you can take you slutty hentai porn on the go with you. Just don’t forget to disconnect from your speaker’s Bluetooth.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
The content they do have on the site great. The hentai is all uncensored, so you get to watch as some poor hentai sluts pussy is spread open and fucked by a demon. That one, in particular, was pretty nut worthy. And they have some other gems on here. There are some sexy SFM scenes of chicks getting bent over and fucked in the ass. If you like futa, then there’s quite a bit of that shit. There’s a little bit of everything here. And the uploads are frequent, so I hope to see their catalog become a little beefier as time goes on.
ThePornDude’s Suggestions
And that brings me to my suggestion. More videos! If I’m dishing out my hard-earned cash for some premium porn, then I want the whole red carpet experience. I want full-length movies and all of that good shit. Fix the titles, add tags/categories, bring in more content, and clean up the site design issues. Do that and you’ll be fucking golden. The site is already decent as is, but those small fixes would bring a lot more horny weebs in. Especially if the site allowed some free previews. It wouldn’t be such a big leap to buy the membership.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a decent premium porn site for finding some new hentai porn to fap to. You can fap to long porn videos from your favorite hentai, cartoons, or enjoy some SFM fuck fests of futa babes. Whatever your sick ass fetish is, has probably got a video or two of it in store. The site did have its issues. The catalog was small, the design was inconsistent, and the naming system was janky. But even with those issues, this site was a quality haven of hot hentai videos for you to fap to. Go check out their site with a $1 trial over at

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