The Erotic Review 🇺🇸

The Erotic Review 🇺🇸

There are many hot adult entertainers in the industry, and whether they are worth the money is up to you. However, before you just blindly hire an adult entertainer to ……


TheEroticReview aka TER Escort! Hiring an adult entertainer without knowing much about them can either lead to a wonderful surprise or a horrible night. This all depends on the service they provide, which is why you should first learn more about the person you will be hiring. In case you are interested, you have plenty of great reviews on, so you do not have to hire ‘blind’.

Their design is very simple and elegant, and on top of their homepage, you have a simple explanation of what "the erotic review" aka "ter review" is. In the video, you can learn that this place is actually recognized by other known pornographic sites, such as Playboy. There are many good articles describing their experience here, but we all know that some of those articles are bogus.

If you really want to know what has to offer, and if it is worth all the hype or whatnot, just leave it to me. I shall explain all the details, pros and cons, and in the end, it is up to you to decide if you want to visit this place or not. One thing I will say is that I really enjoyed my stay here, since they offer a variety, and that is what I can respect.

Below that video, you will be given a box where you can search for providers by their ID, name, age or location. Even if you do not have a specific adult entertainer in mind, you can just fill this form out and you will be given all the entertainers who have a review on this site, and they suit the description you have given. Because of that system, this place does not only offer great reviews, it can also help you find the entertainer who will make your night perfect.

Since the registration is free and it does not take long, I suggest you create an account and then start browsing. Some privileges are given to the free members, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. Of course, there is the VIP membership that I will mention a bit later in this review, as first I want to tell you what you get with a free membership.

You will be able to see the overall details about the adult entertainers, but there are no images or any of that shit included. What you get are their name and details, if you are interested in how they look you should visit the links that will be suggested, and those often lead to good personal websites or places where the entertainers have placed their ads.

The first chick I checked out was a petite teen beauty with long brunette hair and slim figure. Her name was Greta, and just from the looks of her images, I’d definitely want to hire her for something a bit naughtier. Her review was very detailed but less detailed for those who only have the free membership. When you register and do not upgrade your account, you will only get general details about the chick, her performance and all of that.

Honestly, even if you do not upgrade your account, that small review can be enough to tell you if the chick is worth the hire on not. However, if you want the juicy details on her cock pleasing skills and all that crap, then you should become a VIP member. With that membership, you will also be given other privileges, so in my opinion that membership is totally worth it.

One thing I really disliked is that they do not have the usual “membership offers” page. On top of your free account, you will have a fall menu from which you can choose the monthly, quarterly, and yearly memberships; however, you cannot see their prices until you open every membership tab separately. After opening each membership separately, I realized that their prices do not change, they are $21/month, which is a bit pricey for a review site if you ask me.

However, they do offer a ton of privileges, such as the ability to view the full review, save favorites or add notes, use of an alias, view the average ratings, read reviews from other members, not just providers, view the top 100 list and a lot of other crap. One thing that is quite dope when you are a VIP member is that their search options expand and you will be able to find the beauty of your dreams even faster this way.

In addition, you are able to trade any gift card to the VIP membership, which I honestly find so fucking weird. For example, you can trade the $40 Starbucks gift card for 34 days of access, the GameStop’s gift card of $75 for 72 days of access, or $200 gift card for Best Buy and you get 229 days of access. Of course, these can be any gift cards but the amount will always change, depending on the worth of your gift card.

You can also write a review as a member of the site, but make sure to follow their guidelines, because you might get your account or review banned, depends just how much you fucked up. As you can see this is a very serious site, in a sense that they only want to post honest reviews. Other than that you have the ‘discussion boards’, which acts as a forum where people talk about different issues, ideas, and all that crap.

If there is anything you do not understand about, you can contact the admin or ask other members for help. I forgot to mention that you can chat with other members as well. Basically, if there is a hot adult entertainer you wanted to hire, but you were not sure if they provide legit services you can find that specific entertainer on and read their review.

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