I’ve always wanted to be a Thai Swinger, but kind of assumed my status as an American disqualified me from making the team. After spending some time perusing the Thai Swinger Network, I’m starting to consider the dream even more seriously. Their shelves are stocked full with some of the finest Thai poon ever captured on video, and it looks like a bunch of white tourist dudes are the ones doing the smashing. Fuck, now I’m really wondering what the COVID quarantine rules are if I book a flight right now.

ThaiSwinger.com is the online home of the aforementioned porn network, incorporating a handful of amateur Asian paysites like BargirlPOV, PornoTravel, DirtyThaiMasage and more. Their content is exclusive to the network, with a steadily growing collection of Thai smut to shake your dick at during your lunch break. Well, or whenever the boss dips out of the office for a few minutes. It may be a silver medal compared to visiting The Land of Smiles for yourself, but it’ll keep you from getting blue balls before you get that vaccine stamp for your passport.

Legit Amateur Sluts from the Land of Smiles
The first thing I notice about Thai Swinger, besides the porno, is the overall feel of the site. A couple of decades ago, all the big, professional porn sites looked like this, but nowadays, it’s more of a polished amateur vibe. It’s not super flashy, but it isn’t crusty, either. The presentation is clean and efficient, with unanimated video stills from recent flicks lining the page.
Despite a technical status as an “amateur” site, ThaiSwinger doesn’t come off cheap. On the contrary, they’ve been putting out 4K movies for a while now. Ultra-HD is fairly unremarkable on a big-name porn site, but I still see a lot of smaller sites putting out last-gen HD maxing out at 720p. Homemade or not, these movies are crisp, clear and sexy as fuck.

And goddamn, they’re banging them out. Even some of the bigger porn outfits are struggling with the new demands of social distancing, and I’ve seen a lot of paysites slowing down their release schedules as they try to adapt. The Thai Swinger network is currently putting out a fresh Asian movie every 5 days, giving them a slight edge over porn sites doing weekly updates.

There’s a movie count at the top of the front page, putting the total number of Thai Swinger pornos at 257. With new shit coming out every 5 days, that number is probably going to be bigger by the time you lube up and get ready to beat off to the site. Not bad for a bunch of so-called amateurs!

Cheaper Than a Budget Trip to Bangkok
A 30-day membership for ThaiSwinger.com will run you thirty bucks, which is pretty standard in the world of premium porn. What is less standard is the weak-ass discount they give you on a 90-day subscription. At $80 for the 3-month pass, you aren’t saving much. Most sites give you a bigger break on the longer memberships, but at least Thai Swinger lets you download all their movies. Too many sites are ditching the MP4s in a blatant cash grab, so I’m always pleased to see downloads available without a surcharge.
One of the big selling points of the membership is that this is a porn network, not just a single site. You get access to 8 different paysites, and I’ve been in this business long enough to know that number will probably increase as they come out with new brands, themes and imprints.

The current lineup includes Thai Swinger originals, which contains exactly the type of real swinger-made amateur porn you’d expect under the banner: foreign swinger husbands share their Thai wives with other dudes and ladies. Bargirl POV is pretty self-explanatory, shooting Asian creampies in the first-person gonzo style that puts you right in the cockpit of the amateur porn studs making this stuff.

Dirty Thai Massage gives you a glimpse into what goes on in the back parlors of those massage joints all over town. Spoiler alert: happy endings abound! There’s also Porno Travel, which chronicles the pornographic adventures of a European/Asian interracial couple as they fuck their way across Southeast Asia and beyond. Two Week Millionaire follows a similar formula with a rotating cast of sex tourists on holiday.

I feel like the sites I’ve described stick to the expected theme for a network called Thai Swinger, but they do mix it up with plenty of variety. Hunk Hands offers informative masturbatory content that teaches you to make girls squirt as you rub out some sticky loads of your own personal juice. I wasn’t expecting a site called Latina Raw included in the package, but I sure as fuck ain’t complaining about the sexy mamacitas getting fucked in the dozen flicks released so far.

Long Movies, Freaky Asian Girls
Once you get into the ThaiSwinger.com members area, you can browse the full list of latest releases across all their sites, or you can zero in on your favorite. When I reviewed it, their latest flick was a HunkHands episode with a stunning Chilean Latina who gets really into her rough massage before squirting. It’s an hour-long movie, so make sure you’ve got some time on your hands before you get some of your own cum on your hands.
It looks like long videos are standard at Thai Swinger. I hate when I review these niche sites and they really skimp on the video lengths, charging you 30 bucks for 10-minute movies that make you hurry the fuck up as you jack off. While they occasionally put out pornos as short as 20 minutes, most of them are at least 45 minutes long, with a fair amount clocking in at over an hour. A few months ago, they put out an episode of PornoTravel with a 121-minute runtime.

Sometimes with amateur porn, you have to settle for girls who really ain’t all that great at humping compared to the video whores you watch over at Pornhub. ThaiSwinger gets some really sexy, really freaky girls to star in their films. Part of it may be because they hire so many sex-work professionals, but damn, these chicks seem willing to do near anything on camera. There’s a ton of cocksucking, creampies all over the place, bareback fucking, outdoor sex, deep anal penetration, and even some heavier fetish stuff like bondage, CFNM and pissing.

The only question with that kind of variety is where to start. Some of those travel episodes look like amazing deep dives into the world of Thai sex tourism, but as a porn reviewer, I was eager to skip to ThaiSwinger’s porniest porno. That’s why I started with a movie called Eager Skinny Bargirl Breeding 4k, thumbnailed with a hairy muff all covered in hot splooge.

Real Amateur Sex, Raw Animal Passion
The video player baked into ThaiSwinger.com is a little outdated, lacking modern features like playback speed control, timestamped sex acts or even resolution control (as far as I can tell). Different video resolutions are available for download, but I was more than willing to settle for streaming in the highest quality ultra-HD. Even at 4K, playback is smooth as hell, opening with a quick video intro that immediately gives way to a gorgeous Thai chick with her ass in the air.
Running nearly 50 minutes, Eager Skinny Bargirl Breeding 4k tells the story of, you guessed it, a bargirl who’s into ball worship and getting fucked without a condom. After some fingering, she starts slurping on the dude’s junk, working it with her hands and mouth like a real pro. The camera work is simple but effective, alternating between handheld and stationary cams where necessary. It’s DIY, but practiced; we get great angles during the doggystyle, blowjob and reverse cowgirl segments, ensuring we don’t miss any action behind someone’s elbow or shoulder.

ThaiSwinger.com does an excellent job filling that space between professional Asian porno and amateur smut. Their hundreds of videos feature the kind of raw animal fucking you expect from a good DIY flick, but with slightly polished production values so you never settle for grainy footage, poorly lit shitholes or ugly girls who can’t suck a dick. You get a handful of solid porn brands with your membership, tons of dirty movies, and an up-close insider’s look into Asian sex tourism. Their tour page has thumbnails from all their updates going back a year or so, so there’s no secret about what you’re actually paying for. Give them a look if you’re into Thai chicks and great amateur porn.

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