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Sports Betting has been a popular pastime ever since the invention of sports. The cavemen bet shiny pebbles their dudes would win at rock-chucking, and I used to gamble my lunch money on the outcome of afterschool dodgeball games. These days, thanks to the magic of the Internet, it’s easier than ever to risk some money for a chance at big-time rewards. I know I usually spend my time here convincing you to check out all my favorite masturbatory hangouts, but even ThePornDude likes to keep some extra vices off to the side. has been around longer than most of the other places online where you can gamble, and they’ve expanded beyond their original focus of that titular Sports Betting. These days, they’re a full-fledged Internet casino, with sports betting, esports, and assorted casino games. The pandemic is supposedly winding down, but I’m not sure I’m ready to go get coughed on by the tweakers at the local gambling den, so this seems like a good alternative. They get nearly 20,000 visits a day, which tells me many folks like the odds around here.

Bet on Sports and Hit Some Slots
One of the immediate appeals of is that Americans can use it, no VPN necessary. The rules and regulations on online gambling vary all over the world, and that often leads to a situation where potential customers are locked out of some of the different gambling sites. I reviewed the other day, and while I liked what they had to offer, it was a pain in the ass to use a VPN to hide my location. Loading up Sports Betting is as simple as using any other website; no special services, apps or plugins are required.
The very first thing I noticed when I pulled up SportsBetting is that it looks nothing like the joints I usually review. There are a couple of pretty blonde chicks in the thumbnail for their Live Dealer Casino games, but their titties are covered up and there’s nothing suggesting you’ll see anybody get boned. In fact, the whole thing has a clean, professional, SFW vibe that feels more like a video game site than something aimed squarely at grown-ups.

One of their selling points is their row of AS SEEN ON icons, solidifying their legitimacy with mentions on such mainstream outlets as CNBC, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports and National Football Post. Now they’re being mentioned on ThePornDude, which frankly should earn them some cred with the pervert crowd. Come on, who are you really going to trust when it comes to adult entertainment, me or Terry Bradshaw?

Personally, I’m more interested in the broad range of gambling options than the occasional mention on TV. You can bet on just about any sport at, from North American standards like NFL and NCAA football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball and MLB baseball to more international endeavors like Aussie rules football, soccer, darts, cricket and even snooker. One of the big thumbnail images out front features a screaming soccer dude and an offer for a $25 free live in-game bet.

If Sports Betting isn’t your bag, no worries, because they’ve got all kinds of other shit to help you either waste or earn money. That includes a bunch of casino games with live dealers, and an absolute shit-ton of automated casino games. The featured live games right now include American Blackjack, American Roulette, and Caribbean Poker. I like the international flavor because it makes me feel like a globetrotting motherfucker even as I game from home with my pants around my ankles, lube drying to a thick crust on my genitals.

Scoring Bonuses Before I Even Place a Bet
You’re free to look around without signing up for anything, but you’re going to need an account if you want to actually play anything or gamble. Registration is really fucking quick and simple. You’ll fill out some basic info like your name, birthday and preferred password, and then they’ll shuffle you right along to the deposit page.
You’ve got a ton of deposit options, including bitcoin, credit card, echeck, altcoins, Moneygram, money order, wire transfer, QB-Direct or Ria. They take more types of crypto than their competition, accepting ethereum, litcoin, bitcoin cash, ripple and stellar in addition to the typical BTC. SportsBetting boasts that they have the highest credit card acceptance in the industry, a stat that’s hard to back up but hinted at by their popularity. They definitely make it very easy to part with your money in the quest for more.

They also make it easy to get your payouts. offers 48-hour payouts, which they claim is the fastest in the industry. Their payout system is pretty all-inclusive, so you can even get paid in those wonky off-brand cryptocurrencies that nobody else seems to be using.

The vast majority of Sports Betting users, a whopping 87%, prefer to work with bitcoin. Besides the anonymity you get from crypto, it also cuts out the middleman as far as a lot of those fees go, meaning you can stretch bitcoin further than actual dollars. Right now, they’re offering a 5% boost on bitcoin deposits. There are some terms and conditions involved, but nothing that feels unreasonable or scammy.

Likewise, there are terms and conditions for the free $25 bet they’re offering new users, but hey, who else is giving you a freebie like that? It only works for the live in-game betting, and you only cash in if your first bet using the platform is a dud. That sounds like risk-free Sports Betting, if you ask me, even if you only get one. You’ll see live odds on the screen, so it’s not like you’re feeling around in the dark.

You’ll also get an email when you sign up, spelling out other bonuses that are available to newcomers. I got offers for a 50% sports bonus, and 100% bonuses for casino, poker and crypto. Nice!

The minimum deposit on SportsBetting is twenty bucks, so don’t go in expecting to just blow a few bucks on penny slots. The minimum is one of my main beefs with the site, because some of us like to gamble away our paychecks a few bucks at a time. It makes sense when you factor in the transaction fees they’ll have to carry on their end, but it makes less sense when you consider the no-middleman nature of those BTC deposits.

Flashing Lights and Money at Stake
I put a few bucks on tonight’s Pacers versus Bulls game, but it’s still early here in the states. I decided to blow some time and money in the site’s casino section.
Personally, I’ve always been a sucker for the flashing lights and instant gratification of slot machines. I’m in luck, because has literally hundreds of virtual slot machines to light up the gambling part of my brain. I set a pack of cigarettes on fire in my sink to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino and went to town on a fruit machine with a Dragon Ball theme. My power level’s over 9000, so let’s see if I can get my balance to a similar place.

It’s hard to find real fault with SportsBetting, a site that 100% lives up to its name and then exceeded my expectations. I figured it was the kind of place you can bet on MMA fights and football, and yeah, they’re definitely equipped to take all kinds of bets on all kinds of sports. Sports Betting itself is a fairly passive method of gambling, even if you’re one of those intense stat-studying motherfuckers. To balance out the passive betting, you’ve also got plenty of more active casino games to keep you occupied while you’re waiting for the match to start.

As with any good casino, the biggest problems are going to be your own. How’s your self-control? offers a ton of fun and potentially profitable ways to risk your money, so the rules of responsible gaming absolutely apply here. Be careful out there!

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