Sex Doll Genie! It’s time to give up. You’re never going to get laid. And, really, it’s out of your hands at this point. With the whole global pandemic shit, you closeted incels are going to get even more stuck in your ways. And I’m here to help you cope. You can fap to camwhores and porn all you want. Hell, you might even have one of those interactive pocket pussies, but wouldn’t it be nice to have something more? You betas might be confused. What more could you get? Well, there’s a luxury option that only some of you fucks will have the balls or the money to dive into.

I’m talking about full-sized sex dolls. No, not those cheap blowup dolls that feel like you’re fucking a goddamn balloon. Fuck that. Wait, no, don’t fuck that. I’m talking about realistic silicone cunts that you can go balls deep in. It’s a doll that you can fuck day in and day out. Hell, you can throw this bitch in bed and cuddle up next to her at night if you want. Nobody is around to judge you right now. And you can get such a doll from the treasure trove of a site known as

Easily Sort through a Large Catalog of Customizable Dolls
They’ve only been around since 2018, but man, they made a name for themselves as one of the best luxury sex doll providers. And they’ve been on a steady upward trend with hundreds of thousands of horny cucks purchasing from their site every month. They even have photos of their factory on this site. It looks like they’re building a goddamn army of these fuckable silicon babes.
Speaking of the site, it’s sleek and easy to browse. All of the menus are laid out plainly in the header, and you can see some sexy previews of their top sellers or newest releases on the main page. If you scroll down, you can check out some unboxing videos as well as a few reviews. I loved that shit. It gives you a great idea of what you’re getting into, more so than static images. You wouldn’t want to spend a fat stack of cash on one of these babes only to be disappointed by the final quality.

100% Money-Back Guarantee for Unused Dolls
Though they do offer a 100% money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy, keep in mind that you need to return an unused doll to them. Trust me; they’ll be able to tell if you busted a nut in there and cleaned it out. So, make sure to examine that bitch before you go balls deep in her throat. Or whatever hole you decide to fuck. And this site has options. You can get babes with the standard pussy, ass, mouth, or whatever.
You can also buy dolls with fully fuckable nipples if you’re into that sort of thing. Though I was hoping to see some other more niche fuck holes available like feet, heads, or ears. I know you freaks love that kind of shit. Hell, they don’t even let you customize the asshole on these dolls. What a damn shame. At least they have plenty of other options to make up for it. You anal lovers might end up a little disappointed, though.

You can narrow your search for the perfect doll by a lot of helpful options. You can sort by cup size (all of the way up to P-Cup), body type, skin color, on sale, or by special categories like elves or fantasy dolls. I’m telling you fappers, Sexdollgenie has got you fucking covered when it comes to anything you could ever want. They also have bulk wholesale options if you’re a company or collector who wants a lot of these fuckdolls.

Fully Customizable Models Starting at 1.5k USD
But you standard fucks probably want to know how much these are going to run you. Well, I mentioned this was a high-quality, luxury item, right? Keep in mind that these are life-sized bitches with the softest, most supple fuck holes on the planet. They’re going to run you anywhere from 1.5k-5k. Yeah, a few thousand dollars. It’s a lot of money. It’s an investment. But I ask you this, how much money would you spend on a girlfriend? Yeah, exactly. You’d spend more on a slut that probably wouldn’t even let you shoot your load down her throat.
If you think about it that way, it’s a steal. Each doll has a full page with all of the images and details you need. Each one has a name, height, weight, and at least a dozen pictures you can browse. But you cucks just wait. I told you this was a premium service. You get customization options out the ass. You can customize their hair, breast size, eye color, feet, shoulders, labia color, areola size, nipples, and more. You can create a dream waifu specific to you. You’ll have the pleasure of having a one of a kind whore that nobody else in the world has.

Get Live Updates During Every Step of the Production Process
Scroll down from the doll customization menu to get a decent idea of your order timeline. It’s customized by date, so you’ll have a solid idea of when your doll will arrive ready to fuck at your doorstep. They’ll send you photos during every step of the process to make sure you’re happy with the results. You can request revisions and all of that good shit on the fly. They make it, so you know what’s going on every step of the way. You can expect your doll to arrive within 37-42 days of when you hit purchase.
That may sound like a long fucking time, but it’s not too bad when you consider they’re building this shit from the ground up for you. They take the most popular forms of online payment, and they will even price match with their competitors. Well, there are some pretty strict criteria for that match, but it’s still a solid offer. You can read loads of customer testimonials, and there are people raving about these dolls all over the goddamn internet. You’re guaranteed to get a quality doll that beats out the competition.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
These are some of the very best sex dolls that money can buy. If you’re looking to fuck your own customized waifu that meets all of your kinky needs, then this is the site to use. You can customize nearly every feature of your doll. Fuck, you can even buy a body warmer, so it doesn’t feel like you are plowing a corpse. Though I know, some of you degenerates might be into that. And, really, the prices are pretty fucking reasonable for how much work they put into making every single doll unique.
You get live updates every step of the way, price matching, and they’ll even refund you if you’re somehow not happy with the end result. That’s crazy. They really stand behind the quality of their products. And they offer so many options! BBWs, petite sluts, elf babes, and all of the standard sluts you could ever want. They’re one of the biggest up-and-coming sex doll sites in the market for good reasons.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
There were a few customization options that I expected but didn’t see. You can’t do anything about the asshole. Let me customize the color and tightness of that lovely forbidden hole. And I also expected more fuckable options like feet. I know you foot fetish fucks would go wild for that sort of shit. But, really, I don’t have any complaints aside from that. You have so many other customization options that it ends up making up for the lack of more niche options like that. It’s still a solid site with great options.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, you pathetic cucks should be saving up money for the quality dolls over at already. It’s a no-brainer. You can have a hot doll that you can do anything to, and she won’t complain or nag you about anything. It’s the perfect combination. They offer stellar customization options, customer service, and order tracking. And their prices are highly competitive when you look at other premium sex doll makers in the market. I highly recommend you horny fappers go and check this site out. You’ll be building a perfect, custom waifu in no time at all.

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