SexArt specializes in high-class, hardcore erotica for the discerning adult. Watch hundreds of the hottest little Euro whores get banged in arty XXX movies full of ……


Sex Art! As a lifetime pervert with an advanced case of sexaholism, I would argue that sex is always art. I’d also argue that art is better with sex in it, and that pornography is the highest art form known to man. It celebrates and excites our most primal desires while providing the ultimate canvas for expression. When I see a porn site with a title like SexArt, I think, “These fuckers really get me!”

It ain’t just me, though. gets more than 3,000 visitors a day. The tagline on the front page calls it Erotica For Discerning Adults. I am probably one of the most discerning when it comes to adult material, or you wouldn’t be reading this review on ThePornDude! With that in mind, let’s see if they live up to the motto.

Erotica vs Filthy Hardcore Porno
When they call it “erotica” instead of “filthy hardcore porno”, I sometimes get a little worried. What’s the word mean to you? It usually conjures up something that’s a lot like porno; only you won’t feel as weird bringing it up around your mom. It’s got boobs, sure, but it’s like fine literature or that nude painting Grandpa insists isn’t Grandma. As soon as I hear the word, I assume it’s going to be arty and softcore.
I was pleasantly surprised to see a dude shoving a girl’s twat full of cock right at the top of the landing page. Call it what you want to, but Sex Art is hardcore! My fears of soft sex and unexplicit camera angles were unfounded. I wish more erotica was like this.

The ramped-up artistic element associated with erotica can be seen in the movie posters on Sex Art’s preview page. I feel like I’m about to get kicked out of another art theater for beating off to the sex scenes in foreign films. They put that talent in sensual but not terribly explicit poses, highlighting the intimacy in soft lighting. Instead of titles like Schoolgirl Gets Reamed And Hella Pregnant, these classy pics have names like Burning Up, Intimacy, and Why Don’t We Fall In Love?

I don’t see any of the really big-name pornstars, but a lineup out front shows off some of SexArt’s top sluts. They’re listed as “Global Top Models”, but really, it’s a huge menu featuring hundreds of hot Euro sluts. A 25-year-old named Georgia from Russia is showcased out front, and she’s a prime example of the type of babe you’ll find in abundance here. They skew young with slim body types. Almost all of them are white girls, though I did see a couple more exotic treats buried in the pile.

I guess I should have guessed it from the name, but SexArt is part of the MetArt network. I must have been distracted by all the hot girls with their tits out. I’ve reviewed the site here before at ThePornDude and gave it high marks.

Fresh Updates by the Day and by the Week
I’m writing this from my fortified masturbation bunker as the coronavirus turns anyone who goes outside into plague-ridden zombies instantly. SexArt is doing its part to save humanity by offering a Stay Home, Stay Safe special. As I write this, you can get a month of full access for just ten bucks, rebilling at $25. The regular price is $30, same as anywhere else, or $39 if you don’t want the auto-bill. The cheapest deal is a full year for a hundred bones.
You get a pretty big bang for your buck around here. Even as half the world is stuck inside on coronavirus lockdown, these guys are still adding multiple new movies per week, and fresh photo galleries every day. If you’ve signed up for a few paysites in your life, you can already see what kind of value this is. My neighbors stocked up on toilet paper. Me? I’m down to using old t-shirts formerly reserved as jizz rags, but I ain’t about to run out of porno!

It’s worth noting that the galleries here aren’t the throwaway loads of screengrabs a lot of sites use to make their collections look bigger. This is legitimate erotic photography meant to showcase the full physical beauty of these little sluts, and it lives up to its description as Sex Art. They always start off in tantalizing, skimpy outfits that slowly come off to reveal the whole prize within.

The nude photo galleries are an entirely separate product from the dirty movies over at SexArt. Most premium sites have a gallery for every video, but that’s not the case here. In fact, none of the newer photo galleries have an associated movie. They stand on their own as high-class fap material. I found this out the hard when I looked for videos of my favorite gallery girl, Dionisia. She’s done a few photoshoots, but I hope she comes back for a real bang on video.

That’s a Lot of Fucking Art Porn!
Speaking of real bangs on video, has over 1300 films listed in their catalog. I love the number, but I wish they were a little bit easier to sort through. They don’t use tags, and there are very little filtering options for how you view the stash. By default, you’ll see the latest, but you can also sort by rating, views, or favorites. Since 4K was added to the site recently, you can also filter them down to the Ultra-HD flicks.
Going from the front page, there’s about an even mix of lesbian and straight couples getting it on, with a couple of behind-the-scenes shorts thrown in. I love watching girl-on-girl scenes, but I’m in the mood to see a cunt get filled up with dick. I aimed my dick and my browser at the newest MF scene, Burning Up, added today.

After a intro, we see raven-haired Allatra dancing in an attic studio. When the singer says, “Touch me,” she rubs her hand over her pussy through her jeans. The dancing montage is interspersed with shots of Allatra kissing her dude, and then jerking him off. The shot lingers on the stroking, then abruptly cuts back to the dancing when she goes down to suck his dick.

It’s an arty tease, but thankfully we cut back to the beej a few seconds later. The music dies down, and it’s time for the real movie to really begin. Allatra slides a hand up his shirt as she bobs her mouth on his member.

Smooth HD and Classy, Talented Whores
The flick plays smoothly in HD, and there’s only a second of buffering as I skip ahead a few minutes to see the dude eating her out from behind. My complaint about MetArt doesn’t apply to SexArt; there’s plenty of explicit sex here. It’s not long before he slips his cock in. He reaches around to rub her clit and squeeze her tits as he pounds.
What sets these movies apart from normal pornos? Well, besides the obvious dancing chick spliced into the fuck sequences, the shots are framed differently. There’s a lot of emphasis on the chemistry between the partners, and their mutual pursuit of pleasure. They’ve also got a certain cleanliness, with less fluids flying all over the place than in other hardcore movies. They’re quieter, too, giving in to more natural moans, pants, and groans of pleasure versus the all-screaming, all-the-time format of many flicks.

If you’re curious about that feel Sex Art is offering but don’t want to take your wallet out just for a taste, check out the samples. You only get about a minute of each flick, but they represent the flicks well. You’ll get a taste of how they combine the artiness and passion of erotica with the dirty sex of hardcore.

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