Sex Dolls is a sprawling online sex doll superstore with a vast number of options for doll customization. You can construct yourself the perfect woman on this websit……


With a name like SexDolls, you have to wonder whether there’s even a point in reviewing this website. The title does a great enough job on its own. There’s really no need for a second pair of eyes on this bad boy. It’s a website where you can purchase sex dolls. That much is obvious. But I guess you need me to do a second pass around the whole thing to see just how good of a job they’re doing at staying relevant and at providing you with quality sex dolls.

From the get-go, it should be clear that this website isn’t marketing the old-school blow-up dolls that we used to buy as gag gifts back when we were in college. We’ve come a long way since then. Remember that Ryan Gosling movie in which he falls in love with a sex doll? You know the one where he brings an actual fuck toy to the dining table and introduces her to his family. Yeah, we’re talking about those kinds of sex dolls.

The ones that could just about pass for human beings if they weren’t so goddamn stiff. You could probably get away with having one of these dolls in your passenger seat so you can drive in the carpool lane, but don’t do that. I don’t want you going out there breaking the law and saying that I made you do it. Carpooling with a sex toy is absolutely not cool, you guys. I’m just saying, in theory, these dolls could pass as human if you only got to glance at them through a car window while the car was in motion.

The Best Sex Dolls
So, they’re much more realistic than blow-up dolls. But that’s not enough of a selling point. You want to know more about these sex dolls. Besides, you most likely won’t be driving them around or dressing them up in cute outfits so you can introduce them to your parents. Instead, you’re going to be sticking your cock inside these things. So, you want to know how it’s going to feel. You want to know how fucking one of these dolls compares to fucking a real woman. I have just the inside scoop for you. I’ve fucked live women; I’ve fucked blow-up women, and I’ve fucked high-grade latex women as well. So, let’s dive into the comparison. Along the way, I also have to mention SexDolls.Com and their specific take on the matter with the customization options unique to their site specifically.
The first thing you’ll notice from the home page is a huge variety and distinct differences between the various head types. There are faces on here that range from realistic to flat-out abominable. There’s a good reason for that. You might think that the uglier faces are cheaper and the more realistic ones are worth a bullion. Nope. The prices are pretty much the same if beauty is the comparison. So you can have the most beautiful, most realistic babe on the site if you’d like for the same price as the other bitches. The whole point to having such varied faces is that you’re not limited to the same constraints as to when you’re choosing a woman in real life on this website.

Elves and Vampires and Demons Oh My
Take fantasy creatures as an example. There are no such beings in our world. There are no elves, demons, or vampires in our world. But you’re not constrained by real life in such a way here. You can have any kind of woman you can imagine, including fantastical women who straight up defy the laws of nature. That’s why you see this crazy-ass variety across the faces. Besides, you’re not supposed to like all of the bitches on the site. You’re supposed to find your favorite. Granted, if you’re some super-rich crazy person who can afford a million sex dolls, you’re free to purchase an entire harem, but I mostly write my reviews for the average shmuck who has to save up to buy just one of these babes. They’re not cheap.
Anyways, you should start by choosing a face. That much should be clear by now. Once you’ve figured out the ultimate pair of kissable lips and you’ve chosen your favorite eye color and lip types, that’s when shit starts popping off. You can dead-ass choose the internals of her mouth for a preferable feel. If you want, you can just get a simple little hole that is bendy like the inside of a fleshlight. Not too shabby. Again, if you want, you can also pay extra to get an actual human-shaped mouth internal so that the blowjobs feel real. You can dead-ass feel like you’re choking a bitch out with your cock if you want to. It’s fucking amazing.

Hair, Nails, But Most of All Pussy
If you thought that was all the head customization, you’re dead wrong. Don’t forget the hair. You can get a single set of hair that comes with the head that you’ve chosen, or you could swap it out for literally any other hair option on the site. You could also get a set of different wigs that are completely interchangeable. That way, you can dress up your sex doll for different occasions. But, let’s get off the head for now. The head is all well and good, but it’s hardly the best part of the woman. Let’s get to the pussy, shall we?
Well, the pussies, like the mouths, are also interchangeable. You can get one fixed pussy with the insides of a fleshlight for realistic vaginal fucking, or you can get a slotted vagina that can be pulled out entirely and washed in the sink. SexDolls.Com is clearly pushing the envelope with these ingenious contraptions they call dolls. We’re way past dolls at this point. Give it another ten to twenty years, and these things will come pre-packaged with AI and a working skeleton. I’m willing to bet money on it. For now, they’re stationary, though. You can pick the custom vagina options and be on your way, but not before choosing options for nail and toenail colors and styles.

Skeleton Options
On top of that, or I should say, on the bottom, you can also opt for a special foot option that lets the dolls stand in the upright position. They say that this is mainly done to allow you to stand them up in your closet for easy storage, though I suppose you could also use it for sexual purposes. The same kind of functionality is built into the shoulders, though with a bit of a different purpose. They offer you a sort of specialized skeleton for the shoulders that allows for realistic arm movements. Again, this is great for certain sexual positions where you want the doll’s arms to lock into a given position instead of flailing around at random.
All of the skeleton options boil down to the same thing, really, and it’s realistic body positioning. So you have the option of a floppy sex doll versus one that rigidly holds itself into position as a real person might. That’s the major difference. I should note that while a regular doll without any customization costs roughly around $2000, all the customizations on top of that will only run you around $300 for a grand total under $2500 for all the features built into one. Of course, that is if you’re not getting an extra wig or two.

Either way, the customization screen comes with a ton of options that automatically calculate the price for you, kind of like ordering food from a menu. So, you’ll always know exactly how much you’re spending in advance. It’s worth noting that, like every other good sex doll site, they have some dolls on sale, notably the antiquated dolls that aren’t in high demand right now. These are great if you’re in a pinch, but I’d recommend that you hold out and save up for the real thing. But of course, that’s just my opinion.

Human Sized Dolls
Keep in mind that these dolls are all human-sized, though. Some dolls are taller than others, but most of them are about as large as you’re, not counting your beer belly, of course. A few dolls are marketed as being smaller, and they straight up don’t look like full-sized adults, even though they have giant tits and fuckable pussies just the same.
SexDolls.Com are going out of their way to accommodate people with any taste and any price preference, so by all means, dive into the site, find your favorite gal and make an order when you’re feeling comfortable with your choice. This is the promised future we’ve been waiting for - a realistic-looking sex doll who doesn’t have all the annoying parts of a real woman like a brain or the ability to have a headache.

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