You may not be able to walk in a hung alpha’s shoes, but you can at least jerk your dick while you look through their eyes. I’m talking about kinky POV action. It’s a hot genre where you’re thrown right into the action. Few other genres can even come close to the fap-worthy immersion that this porn brings. Well, unless you want to spend thousands on a self-warming fuck doll, a VR headset, and a massive door lock to hide away your shame. I’ll take the POV porn over that shit any day.

I know what you cucks are thinking. Where the hell do you get POV porn worth jerking your dick to? There are thousands of sites out there that offer sub-par content that’s not even worth blowing a load to. Don’t worry; I’ve got you betas covered with a brilliant free site that doesn’t compromise on selection or quality. You’ve likely fapped to the quality content on before. This kinky site launched in 2017 and brings in well over 10 million sex-starved porn-lovers every single month.

The Best POV Content Pulled from Sites & Popular Subreddits
It makes sense that they’re so goddamn successful. This is a site with a unique endless content format that people love. But I’m not here to do a deep dive on the entire catalog. I’ve been there and done that. This time around, I’m taking a look at their exclusive selection of amateur, professional, and homemade POV porn videos. You can find this sexy selection of content by scrolling through the 18+ categories and clicking on, you guessed it, “POV.” Alternatively, you can navigate the page directly by clicking the image link above or typing in
It’s pretty damn easy to know when you’re in the right place. You’ll see dozens of auto-playing previews of sluts getting fucked from the dude’s perspective. Finally, a fetish where you don’t have to risk seeing some guy’s sweat sack as he plows pussy. Anyway, this site is sleek as fuck, and the POV section is no exception. You get a nice dark theme that makes browsing in the dead of night in your crusty fap den easy. You won’t have to worry about getting blinded by a bright white theme.

A Sleek Site with Minimal Ad Clutter makes Browsing a Breeze
From there, you can sort the catalog by videos or pictures. And, well, that’s it. This isn’t the site you go to for narrowing your search and finding particular videos of your favorite whores or amateur stats. Every single time you refresh the page, you’ll be getting a brand-new, random selection of POV clips to fap to. But, hey, I know you betas can’t afford to be that picky. I’m sure some of you are creaming your pants at the mere thought of some slut going down on you.
Now, I was crushed to see an announcement plague on the front page of Scrolller. They’ve started using ads to cover costs. I was ready. I braced myself for thousands of pop-ups, redirects, and all of that awful shit. But it never came. Yeah, there were maybe one or two banners in the catalog. And that’s it. It’s like some JAV slut expecting a bukkake and getting away with a couple of tiny squirts of cum. It was nothing. So, you don’t have to worry about a bunch of ads ruining your experience here.

Amateur, Professional, and Homemade POV Videos
I’ll gladly take a few ads for this great content. If you’re not familiar with this site, then you might not know that every piece of content here has a source link attached to it. It’s half porn directory and half porn tube. You get the best mix of both worlds since the content is hosted on this site, and you can access the whole scene or gallery on the linked site. It’ll most often link to Reddit and all of the different NSFW subreddits on there, so it’s easy to find similar content once you end up over there. It gives you all of the hot content from Reddit without you having to deal with the masses of annoying neckbeards.
Hovering your cursor over any of the previews will give you a few important details. Oh, and you can turn the audio on without even having to go to the full-video or gallery page. It makes browsing all of this fap-worthy content at a glance a fucking breeze. But you’ll get the name of the uploader, a title, a button for adding that uploader to your custom content feed, and a direct link to the source site. If you like what you see, you can click on the uploader name to get a full selection of everything they’ve shared to the site. And, of course, you can click on the preview to get a full-screen version of it.

Download and Save as much Content as You want for Free!
On Scrolller, you can flip through the next video or image on the page using your arrow keys on the full page. You can then right-click and save any piece of fap-worthy content here right to your device with no required account or subscription. Now, the quality might not be quite as good as what you’ll find on the source page. It’s always worth popping over there to see if you can get some more content or download a more HD version of the file.
It shouldn’t come as any big surprise that the mobile version of Scrolller is kickass. You can endlessly scroll through the slew of content in the POV category with no issues. The previews take up the entire screen, and the ad clutter is still kept to a bare minimum. You can even easily sign-in to your account and jerk your cock to your curated list of favorite POV porn uploaders. It’s that easy!

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
There aren’t any sites that are quite like this one. Scrolller is built differently, and it fucking shows. The unique concept with good execution will take you a long fucking way. You get thousands of kinky videos of babes getting railed from the dude’s perspective without any required account, subscription, or cost. Hell, you can even download as much of this fap-worthy HD content as you want for the low, low price of entirely fucking free. What’s not to love about that? You horny betas will be blowing loads to this massive catalog of POV content in no time at all.
Plus, you get the exact source for every clip, gallery, and image uploaded to this fantastic site. That’s some next-level shit right there. You’ll never have to beg other cucks for the “sauce” in the comments or hunt for hours for some obscure amateur clip that nobody else has ever heard of. You get the immediate source with the full content available at the click of a button. That aspect alone makes this kinky POV section a must-visit in my book.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
So, the filter tools are weird on this site. You can only access sorting options when you’re looking at specific subreddit sections. But then, some categories don’t link to a particular subreddit and instead sample from a whole fuck ton of them. Case in point, the POV section. I wish they’d add filter options across the board. It can’t be that much of a pain in the ass to let fappers find the hottest, fastest trending, and most viewed posts across multiple subreddits. Other than that, I didn’t have any big issues or complaints about this page. This site goes above and beyond in nearly every aspect that I’d expect. And even some that I didn’t.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall,’s POV category is brimming with thousands of amateur, professional, and homemade videos and galleries from popular subreddits and sites. The whole treasure trove of nut-busting good content is available to all of you horny cucks for the low price of completely free. Browse random selections of the best POV porn you’ll find on this sleek, almost ad-free site. Find prolific uploaders and curate a pinned board of your favorite POV content! I highly recommend all of you fucks visit this fantastic porn site right now.

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