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Scat.Gold! If you share the love of scat porn, then you must visit a site called ScatGold. Scat Gold is filled with scat videos, and the best thing is that you can watc……


ScatGold? When it comes to the different types of pornography and all that crap, I am actually very open-minded, and while I might not enjoy the site I am about to suggest, that does not mean that some of you weirdoes will share that opinion. This is a site called, and honestly, that should be enough to tell you what the fuck you can expect to see on the site, right?

For those who never heard about the genre 'scat' or get easily disgusted should probably stay away from this place. The word 'scat' represents a genre of porn where people share the love of poop and everything connected to shit, basically. Why this became a fascination is still a question everyone wants an answer to, but then again this is not the only weird fetish out there. Everyone has their own dirty fantasies, so let's just leave it at that.

Once you visit ScatGold you will immediately be introduced to loads of gorgeous chicks who love to smear shit all over themselves. If you scroll down, there will be a bunch of clips presented, and you can watch any of them for free. There were quite a bunch of different scenarios when I first visited, so if you are into scat porn, I am pretty sure you will love the shit presented here.

One thing that you will surely appreciate is that the site currently has over 2640 videos, and they are still updating! This just means that you will never run out of new content to watch, since I am pretty sure that while some of you lads might be crazy and watch loads of porn a day, 2640 is still a high fucking number.

The design of Scat Gold is quite simple since for a fetish like this there is no need to do anything special I guess. I mean, they could have made the design a bit darker, since browsing for such naughty content at night is probably what we all do... then again there are some weirdoes out there who prefer to browse such dirty fetish clips during the day, in which case, the design will not bother you.

Now, as for the type of clips you can watch here, as I already mentioned there is quite a variety but they are all connected to scat. Some of the first clips I've seen where quite simple, where two chicks share the love of shit by putting it in each other's mouth, but lesbian scat porn is not the only shit here. You have plenty of men who love to eat it fresh as they make their women sit on their faces and so on.

Basically, what I am trying to say is that you have plenty of different types of clips because let's be honest, you can get quite creative with scat porn. There are plenty of solo chicks who prefer to shit in their pants and smear it all over their body, and even the older MILFs who will use a big toy to spread their ass and make the poop come out clean.

One of the best features on this site is the fact that all of this can be watched for free, and most of the clips were available in 720p, which is not something you can get often, especially on a free porn website. However, there are some annoying fucking aspects as well, such as the ads.

For me to open one of the videos, I had to close 3 fucking pop-up windows, not to mention the overall ads that they placed on the site. That shit is so fucking annoying if you ask me since there is no need to have that many pop-up windows, not to mention that the Ad-block does not really block shit, which was even more agitating. In addition, some of the clips could not be viewed with Ad-block at all, but seeing that that app does such a bad job, just fucking disable it.

The longitude of the clips will vary as much as I explored, and they are usually about 15 minutes long, give or take, depending on the person in the clip. I did find some videos that were about 40 minutes long as well. Just explore for yourself if you are interested, what else do you want me to fucking tell you.

While this site has a ton of videos for you to watch for free, they can also be seen as a Network site, because on top, in the usual menu you have a lot of other site suggestions that you should check out. The first tab, however, will display even more videos, but the other three will suggest other sites where you have a good amount of scat porn offered. One very confusing thing is that one of those two tabs is called 'ScatShop' yet it suggests other scat sites and it is not a shop at all.

One of the tabs, that is also a bit fucking confusing, is called 'Request a Video' and when you open it you can suggest a video title and a site or the producer, and after confirming that you are not a robot you basically send that to somebody. They explained literally nothing about this shit, which is quite fucking stupid. I mean if you will frequent this site, then test that shit around, because I do not know what it is supposed to do.

That is all I have to say about the site. I mean, with such a straight-forward name, you should already know if this is the crap that pleases you or not even before reading my shit. There are plenty of great scat HD videos for you to check out, and you can watch all of this for free. In case you do not like this site, check out other websites within their network.

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