Rule34 is a sacred rule that has been around as long as there has been porn on the internet. If it exists, then there is porn of it somewhere. Don’t believe me? Well, j……


Rule34 is a sacred rule that has been around as long as there has been porn on the internet. If it exists, then there is porn of it somewhere. Don’t believe me? Well, just try that shit out for yourself. Look up your favorite character, turn safe search off, and you’ll be inundated with thousands of images of them getting fucked in all sorts of obscene and kinky styles. Plus, it’s not limited to characters. You can find fap-worthy content of all kinds of dumb shit like famous places, buildings, objects, and so much more. Well, I wanted to treat you fappers to a haven where you can find all of that sweet, sweet Rule34 content without having to scour the back alleys of the internet for it.

That’s how I stumbled across Rule34.us. This site is dedicated to all sorts of parody and fan content. The image-based site houses tens if not hundreds of thousands of images of your favorite waifus from popular shows, cartoons, and anime getting railed. If it can at all be sexualized, then the odds are in your favor that you’ll find some hot content of it here. And, well, you will not be alone visiting this site – horny bastards flock here by the millions. Specifically, over 10 million sex-starved betas jerk their dicks to the content on this site every month.

An Image-Sharing Board with Millions of Kinky Pictures to Jerk off to
This is a booru-style site of the lives of Danbooru and Gelbooru. If you don’t know what that means, then you’re probably not a huge weeaboo. Basically, this style of imageboard is made in the fashion of these booru sites built around sharing hentai and shit like that. Each booru site has similar features and such, with each one having its own genre of porn. In this case, this site is built around housing heaps of hot R34 content.
The landing page simply gives you a search bar and a bunch of cute cat girls down below holding number cards that showcase the total number of posts that you can explore, and I can tell you it’s no small figure. This site has over 4.5 million images to scroll through and jerk off too. That’s a fuck ton of content that even you veteran fappers could ever hope to work through in a single lifetime. And if you don’t have a particular character or franchise in mind, you can click on “All Images” to get ferried over to a homepage with more filter options and all of that good shit.

All Sorts of Hot Fetish Content like Furries, Hentai, Blowjobs, and Parodies
Rule34’s homepage will have a sizable collection of image previews that you can scroll through with ease. These are simply the newest uploads to the site, so it’ll be a massively mixed bag. You’ll see furry, futa, hentai, demons, characters, farting, blowjobs, parodies, and all sorts of kinky and weird shit. However, I imagine most of you fappers will want a more curated experience. Luckily, there’s a handy tag list on the left side of the site where you can scroll through a wide range of fetish options. All you have to do is click the little plus sign next to any category to mix and match search results to narrow down the options.
There are tags for stuff like “3D, large tits, looking at viewer, pussy, solo, and much more.” In addition, every fetish option will have a tag next to it for the impressive number of uploads that include that tag. And, man, you fucks sure as hell won’t be starved for content with this site. You can expect thousands of uploads in every category, with most having well over 50 thousand images to jerk off to. Now, that’s the kind of quantity that I like to see from a porn site. Besides, they don’t skimp on quality either, but we’ll get to that here in a little bit.

Save Images for Free or Even Upload Your Own for the Horny Masses
No matter what degenerate search terms you plug into this site, you’ll be greeted by a long list of large image previews that show you what to expect from the full picture. You don’t get any real details on the preview, but that is about par for the course when it comes to a booru site. You just get a borderless image preview and a title with a brief tag list when you hover your cursor over an image for a second.
You’ll need to take the leap and click on a preview to see the full resolution picture. These pages are pretty straightforward. You get a large image to rub yourself raw to. For each one, you can see a tag list for the image. This will usually include the name of the character or series, so you can always click on that to check out more content of whatever waifu you’re enjoying. Of course, you can right-click and save anything you see here with a couple of clicks. It’s easy to lose stuff here in the mountains of content, so make sure to keep your favorites, or they’ll be gone forever.

But maybe you’re the kind of horny fuck who makes art and wants to share it with the masses. You’re in luck. All that you need to do is create an account and start uploading. It’s easy as fuck, and you can add your favorite comics, images, or original pieces to this site for everyone else to enjoy.

A Great Mobile Experience!
It’s easy to take Rule34’s content catalog on the go. It’s a well-formatted site where you can flip through all of the same hot images as you could on the desktop site. The same tag list is easily accessible, and you can access your account and all of the features associated with it. In addition, each image loads up in a full mobile window viewer, so you won’t have to worry about zooming in and out on the image just to get the whole experience.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
Of course, my favorite feature is the heaps of free R34 porn that this site spoons out to you like it’s going out of fucking style. This site features kinky content that you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll find content from the smallest indie porn artists out there and stuff from the bigger names in the scene. It’s a goddamn treasure trove of content, and you can browse it all for free. I love these booru-style sites. They are easy to browse, and you know exactly what you will get from one website to the next. This one is no exception.
The ad clutter is practically non-existent, and for a free site with this much content, I have to say that’s pretty great. Besides, the mobile site kicks ass and makes it easy to jerk your dick to R34 content no matter where life takes you. And if that wasn’t enough for you, it’s easy to upload and share your own content or art with horny fucks who will genuinely appreciate it.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
Fucking keep the good content coming. I just want this site to keep on doing exactly what it’s doing. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s rare that I don’t have anything negative to say. But, hey, that’s all the more reason for you sex-starved bastards to get your asses over to this site and check it out right away. Seriously, it’s one of the few sites out there that doesn’t have any apparent bad features or anything along those lines. So get in and get fapping before they fuck that up.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Rule34.us is easily a must-visit if you’re into parody content of your favorite characters from video games, anime, cartoons, and shows. This site has it all. And it’s all available for the low, low price of entirely fucking free. You don’t even have to deal with a lot of ads or any bullshit like that. No subscriptions are necessary. You can browse and download as many images as you want without running into any issues or wonky features. Check this site out and jerk off to over 4.5 million R34 posts from artists all around the world. I highly recommend that you horny cucks give this site a visit.

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