Ruby Fortune Casino 🇨🇦

Ruby Fortune Casino 🇨🇦

Let luxurious gaming add shine, sparkle and sumptuous winning chances to your life. Discover the casino games and other quality offers of Ruby Fortune.


Are you looking to secure the fortune of your dreams finally? Of course, you are. Fuck hard work, long hours, and begging for cash. That’s no way to make fat stacks of dosh quickly and easily. There’s a simple solution, and it’s called gambling. Sure, sure, you’re more likely to end up without a penny to your name as you beg people on the streets to let you wash their windshields for a cigarette and a slap on the ass, but it’s a better chance than what you’ve got working whatever bullshit job you’re currently at. And you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your cum-crusted mattress or gaming battle station to try your luck and see if you can win big.

If that sounds appealing to you and you’ve got some money set aside to blow that, you know, won’t ruin you, then you should check out It’s a fully-fledged online casino that does it all. We’re talking about slots, table games, live dealers, and so much more. And this is a site that you can trust to handle your money. It launched way back in 2003 and has since amassed a monthly following of right around 650 thousand eager gamblers. Now, I shouldn’t have to remind you fucks to be responsible. You’re adults. But, for the love of god, don’t come complaining to me if you sink your life savings into this and lose it all. That shit is on you, not me.

Modern Site Design & Very Generous Deposit Matches
This is one sleek site; I expected a dated, shitty design since the site has been around for so long. You fucks know what I’m talking about. Some big websites made their design in a single night 20 years ago and, for some reason, don’t care enough to change it. Forums, I’m looking at you. Fuck, I swear that every other forum I visit looks like it was pulled out of a stack of forgotten AOL programs from 1998. But we’re not talking about those shitty sites. We’re going on about Rubyfortune’s premium site design and layout. Phew, it does not disappoint whatsoever.
They boast over 450 casino games and a solid sign-up bonus for new users. Oh, did I say bonus? No, I meant bonuses. You can deposit upwards of $250 three times in a row and get a 100% match from the site each time. Fuck yeah. That’s the kind of shit that I like to see. Don’t just give me some paltry single-time bonus. The multiple deposit bonuses will keep users coming back for more; it’s basically free dosh. Sure, you’ll probably lose it all. But at least this site gives you a little bit to work with as a gift. It’s more than nothing, which you get from most of the crappy sites out there.

Fun Loyalty Program Rewards Users for Playing
It’s easy enough to create an account. Just plug your information in, link an email, and connect some payment method to get started. This site takes most standard forms of payment, but you won’t be able to fuck around with cryptocurrency here. But, yeah, sign-up and start playing! The more that you cucks play, the more bonuses you’ll earn through this site’s loyalty program. You earn credits that can be exchanged for free spins and other nice little rewards. You’ll even get 2,500 bonus credits just for making your first deposit.
If you’re not convinced that you can win big on this site, you should check out the “winners” tab in the header. The site showcases a steady stream of every fuck who wins big and cashes out. But enough beating around the bush. You can click over to the games page to get a full list of every single title on this site. As promised, there are nearly 500 games to choose from. And, no, you’re not stuck with all of them being slots. There are games on here like blackjack, roulette, poker, keno, and baccarat. They’ve got all of the classics covered. If you could find it at a regular casino, then the odds are in your favor that they’ll have multiple versions of it here.

Try out Any Game for Free without Risk
Of course, Ruby fortune lets you try before you buy. Every game has a demo mode that you can play with before you wager your hard-earned dosh. If that wasn’t enough, then you hard-to-please fucks will be happy to know that you can read short descriptions that detail exactly how a particular game works and how you can win. None of these games will leave you feeling cheated or any bullshit like that. This site makes efforts to ensure that you gamblers know what you’re getting into. And the games are great. This site houses premium games that feel sleek and modern. It’ll feel like you’re stepping right into a modern casino and sitting down at a game.
Amazing Mobile Site with Custom Features and Games
Now, most gambling sites have mobile versions. After all, mobile users are an ever-growing market that these sites want to cash in on. However, few websites go as hard with making a fully-featured mobile site as Rubyfortune did. Hot damn. They didn’t just copy and paste their site over to mobile and made a few minor tweaks. It’s an entirely different experience. There is a whole new selection of games that are specially formatted and made for mobile use. The site is streamlined and easy to use. Fuck, it’s one of the best mobile versions of a gambling site that I’ve stumbled across, period.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
You sure as hell won’t be left wanting more games. This site has all of the classics plus more! You can play penny slots all day, every day, or you can get serious and hop into a live game with a real dealer and higher stakes. It’s the kind of gambling site that lets you take everything at your own pace. There are big bet games that make money disappear faster than a gold-digging whore with a grudge.
Meanwhile, you can sit down and play games for hours and hours and only lose or gain a couple of bucks. It’s all up to you and what you feel comfortable putting on the line.

And then there’s the mobile site. I can’t stress enough just how dope this mobile site is. The nerds behind this site went the extra mile when designing this shit. It’s easy to use. It’s full of great games that are playable on a small screen. Sure, some sites let you play their games on the go. But the interface is usually so fucking small that you end up miss clicking and making bets you didn’t want to. That’s not the case here! Each game present on the mobile site is well-designed for mobile use.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
Man, it’s not often that I come across a gambling site that impresses me as much as this one did. It’s got a great design, and the promotions are solid. The payouts are quick. The games are great. I’m scouring this site for something significant to complain about, and I’m coming up empty-handed. My only slight gripe is that there’s no dark theme. You won’t be able to roll over in bed and stealthily play this shit while your wife sleeps without making it look like the room had been flash-banged. Other than that minor issue, this site genuinely kicks ass.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a must-visit online casino for those looking to play standard casino titles, slots, or fuck around with live dealers. The only thing they don’t have is sports betting, but there are plenty of dedicated sites that you cucks can visit for that sort of thing. This site offers a premium experience with generous promotions, deposit matches, and a loyalty program for active users. The games are fun as fuck, and this site is safe and trustworthy. That’s a damn good combination that you don’t see from online casinos that often. I highly recommend every one of you gamblers check this site out and have some fun!

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