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Get ready for a Raw Attack! I’m talking sexy, slutty girls getting raw-dogged by big dicks in 4K hardcore movies. That arguably describes any modern paysite, but this joint I’m reviewing today promises “totally raw, unadulterated real sex!” They’re so insistent that I’m starting to question whether I know what’s real anymore when it comes to porn, so naturally, I have to know what makes their smut more raw or more pure than the competition. is a premium reality porn site from the fine folks at Spizoo. I’ve talked about the brand and reviewed a number of the paysites under their umbrella here at ThePornDude, and I tend to be impressed by the high production values and stellar talent. I already know around 5,000 visitors a day are tuning in to see babes feel the Raw Attack, so let’s find out what everyone’s shaking their dicks at.

WTF Is Amateur Porn, Anyway?
Raw Attack is a really fucking flashy site, hitting you right off the bat with a loud layout, screaming bold text and a big video montage of babes getting stuffed all full of cock. Despite the expensive-looking presentation, they’re promising HARDCORE 4K UHD AMATEUR SEX VIDEOS IN HIGH QUALITY. Further down the screen, a dozen thumbnails show off what they’re calling the LATEST 4K HARDCORE AMATEUR VIDEOS RELEASED.
They keep using the word “amateur,” but I honestly don’t know what the definition is here. The term is used fairly loosely in porno, referring alternately to homemade iPhone blowjob movies and professionally shot videos starring chicks you’ve never heard of. Neither description fits here; these look to be professionally shot films starring some big-name recognizable pornstars.

Come on, Joanna Angel’s getting drilled on the tour page, and she’s been in the business for a couple of decades now. Cherie DeVille and Carmen Caliente are just a couple of the more recognizable faces out front. Maybe when they say “amateur,” they’re talking about the less established starlets, though I’d classify them more as up-and-comers than true amateurs. Jenna Fireworks, for example, sure seemed professional as she was eating my sperm over on the PornDudeCasting couch!

Truthfully, I’m far more interested in what these hotties are getting up to than what labels are getting slapped on their videos. We can bicker about the amateur element, but there’s no mistaking that hardcore ingredient they’re talking about. These chicks are clearly pros when it comes to dirty sex. Blowjobs and doggystyle are always a given, but other thumbnails show women getting creampied, double-fisting dicks, and being eaten out by girlfriends while cock-speared down the throat.

The thumbnails are hot enough that I wasn’t the least bit surprised when I couldn’t find any free video samples besides that montage at the top of the tour page. Disappointed, yes; surprised, no. At least they didn’t pull that bait-and-switch with the fake Play button you find on so many other paysites. Instead, every video description page entices you to Unlock Raw by Getting Your Membership Now!

Raw Porn at Professional Prices
A month of full access to and everything they have to offer will cost you thirty bucks, or there’s a 90-day plan for $60. I’m writing this about a week before St. Paddy’s day, and the Spizoo sites like this one are currently offering a full year for $60 with a month of Analized thrown in on top. In case you haven’t guessed from the name and haven’t read my review of it here at ThePornDude, that’s a premium butt-fucking site starring girls like Abella Danger, Adriana Chechik and Riley Reid. You know, the kind of chicks they call “amateur” on RawAttack.
That ticket buys you into an archive that stretches back to the beginning of 2018, when they uploaded their first movie starring an amateur who nobody had ever heard of. (In RawAttack’s defense, the description says it’s not really a raw scene, but more of a practice thing as they got the site up and running. Damn, most people have to practice with their hands!)

To date, there have been around 170 movies released on Raw Attack. I had fun flipping through the pages, seeing how many of the girls I recognize. There are a fair number of new faces, as well as a handful of starlets who have already come and gone in the industry. Still, I saw so many big-name famous models that it just became even more laughable to call this an amateur site. You’re seriously going to slap an “Amateur” tag on a scene with Valentina Nappi? That’s what we refer to in the industry as crazy talk.

Do you know what else ain’t amateur? The release schedule. How many homebrew basement pornographers do you know that steadily release a new full-length movie every seven days? Once a week is my golden standard for paysites. While I prefer to have multiple updates per week, I feel like one is fair, especially when they’re as long as these Raw Attacks, typically clocking in at around 30 to 50 minutes each.

There’s a lot to be said about that clockwork regularity, too. Not only does it give you something to look forward to every week, but it lets you know the producers have all their shit lined up. This is the most professional “amateur” outfit I’ve ever heard of, by any measure.

Watching Pros Doing “Amateur” Sex
This week’s fresh RawAttack update stars the sexy little Charlotte Sins, a gorgeous, slutty blonde who lives up to her name with a half hour of blowjobs, doggystyle, handjobs, and missionary with a cumshot finale. The description and tags alone tell a fapworthy story, and the thumbnail preview has me harder than a rock just from looking at Charlotte’s blue-pantied ass.
I’ve always subscribed to the theory that the more, the merrier, though, so I decided to start my official fap test with last week’s scene. The title tells you a lot of what you need to know: Busty Duo Alyx and Skylar Tag Teams Tyler D. In case you were wondering, that’s Alyx Star and Skylar Snow, and this scene actually omits the “amateur” tag for once.

This is a nice, long scene, clocking in at around 50 minutes, so I railed a Viagra and got the silicone schoolgirl snatch all lubed up. The scene opens with the cameraman watching Alyx and Skylar taking topless selfies. Both chicks have incredible racks, distracting me from the friendly banter setting up the scene. The premise is that they’ve all just finished shooting a scene together, and are now just shooting the shit with their jugs hanging out.

There’s a fairly long interview segment before the girls start playing with each other’s titties. Despite the professional lighting, videography and scenario, it does manage to capture some of that raw, real feel you expect from good amateur flicks. There’s a very casual vibe, coupled with legitimate onscreen chemistry that you’ll notice even before the fucking starts.

Fifteen minutes in, Tyler sidles into the scene, banging Skylar from behind as she sucks on Alyx’s boobies. Meanwhile, Alyx is working herself with a vibrator, making some incredibly sexy oh-faces to go with the increasingly loud moans coming from both girls. Tyler covers Alyx’s mouth when she starts to scream, and then fills it with dick after letting her catch her breath. I know a lot of you will be taking advantage of the downloads included with membership, because this is some great fucking.

The sex and the women are top-tier, and the whole thing is shot and presented in a gonzo style. I guess that’s probably what they mean when they call Raw Attack an amateur site, though the handheld shots are far more crisp, well-framed and steady than the truly homemade stuff. If I have any minor complaint about the site, it’s that this isn’t really amateur smut, instead falling pretty squarely into the reality porn box. It’s great pornography, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not what you’re looking for if you want unknown, non-professional girls and bedroom production values.

For most porn fans, though, it ain’t a dealbreaker to see famous professional hump-artists doing their thing. While it ain’t exactly amateur, does manage to infuse their very professional films with the kind of raw immediacy you expect from good DIY stuff. The basic setups may be scripted or planned ahead, but they’re used as a jumping point for reality porn that really does feel like hot, dirty impromptu sex, minus the ugly girls, short runtimes and bad videography associated with real homebrew porn.

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