As one of the OGs, Rapid Gator has been offering a wide range of hosting and sharing options for their users, ever since 2010. Since this site is still alive, I think we can all agree that they must be doing something right, otherwise, they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. Their servers are strategically positioned to give you the best upload and download speed, or so they claim.

If you are looking for a good upload website, then you have just found it. To make things even better, offers fast, safe and secure hosting and they also allow all kinds of content to be uploaded… which means you are allowed to upload all kinds of nasty shit. Well, if you are interested in how this site functions continue reading, or simply check out the site yourself.

Dated design, and lots of good options.
I kind of understand why they did not really change their design that much, compared to how it was in the past, but then again, they could have improved it a bit. Sure, has changed a tiny bit, and a lot when it comes to their options, but overall, they have stayed the same. However, with a bit of touchup here and there, especially when talking about their layout, I think they could make a better fucking place.
For some reason, most hosting websites think that they do not even have to try to look good to score points, but just like you would rather stay on a site with good content and great aesthetics, the same applies to the sites that provide hosting options. The most important thing is that the site gives you the options you are searching for, but on the other hand, you would not mind if the site looked presentable.

Well, when you open the homepage for the first time, you will see what the fuck I mean when I say that looks dated. However, even with that shitty design, it still looks better than a lot of other upload places, so not like I could really complain that much. As you start to browse, you will understand how the site functions.

Their introduction is basically everything you need to read to learn what this site has to offer, and the intro is so fucking big on the homepage, you cannot miss it. From the very start, they will also tell you everything they have to offer, which is a good thing. At least you can immediately learn what is about.

Now, one thing I really did not like when talking about this place, is the fact that you can only use the privileges if you become a member of the site. I understand that they get value from people registering or whatever the fuck, but then again there are many other hosting sites that have been here for a long time, and they do not require you to do such crap.

I think that the registration should be an option given to the users who would like to register, since those who are here simply to upload one image, probably do not give a shit about the features you receive as a user. Oh well, at least the registration is free and pretty simple, thus if you would like to upload a shit ton of crap to, you better register now.

Now, if you would want to learn more about the site, how it began and all that crap, they do offer an ‘About’ page, but even that I think is pretty fucking unnecessary. There is a lot for me to tell you about this place, and if you are interested to know how it functions and some other crap, you are welcome to continue reading. Those who already know how works, the rest will just be bogus to you.

How does function?
As soon as you open the site, you will be allowed to upload your shit, but only when you are a registered member. The upload process is pretty self-explanatory, you choose the files you would like to upload, and you simply upload them. Since you will have an account, all the shit that is uploaded will be saved on your account, and do not worry about it, all those files are safe until you choose to share them.
On top of the site, you have a section for news, where you will basically get to learn anything that is new about, which is a nice touch. This way if the site is updated or has any bugs, you will already know ahead, as the site likes to keep their users updated. Now, that is not something I have seen with many other hosting places.

Besides that, you have another section for uploading, and when you hover over that button you will get to choose from web upload, FTP, and remote upload, which are again pretty self-explanatory. If you are interested in how that works, you can check it out yourself, since it is so straightforward, I am losing brain cells just thinking of explaining it.

Now, if there is anything else that you might not understand, you can simply visit their FAQ page, where you will also get to choose to give them feedback or contact them. For me, the FAQ page answered all the important questions, and I highly doubt you will need to contact them for any reason… this is just a host site, it should be obvious how the fuck it works.

There is a premium membership, and you can also earn some cash.
As you know, you can register and become a free user, but you also have an option to become a paying member, but I really do not know who the fuck would do that. Sure, the membership is not really that fucking expensive, but who the hell uploads so much shit to actually think about registering here? Unless you are earning money through his, I do not see the point.
Anyway, you will be given three different membership offers, and you get to choose whatever the fuck you want. Honestly, the prices are not that bad, considering that you will be getting lots of shit to explore… however, please read in detail what the membership shave to offer, before blindly giving your money away.

Briefly, with the premium membership, you will have better download speed with no limits, no ques for the downloads, and you can download files up to 5 GB. You will also have the ability to download simultaneously without any limits, there will be no ads, and they say that they offer easier user-experience, but honestly, it was the same.

Now, there is also an option to earn some greens through, which is something I think most of you will be interested in. Basically, each registered member has the right to be an affiliate and start earning, and to do this, all you have to do is read their page about the earning part, because I really cannot be bothered to explain everything to you.

I think their page explains all the shit you would be interested in, not to mention that it is quite intriguing knowing that you can earn with So, if that is something you are interested in, or if you just intend to use this place a lot, you might as well educate yourself about the shit they have to offer. I am pretty sure you will find at least something that interests you, and if not, you can always use this place as it was intended to be used.

Conclusion. is a very simple site that allows you to upload and download different kinds of images, both pornographic and family-friendly, however, it does require registration. You also have a premium section that is rather interesting, and a place where you can earn money as well, which is not something many other host sites have to offer. I guess that is what makes so fucking different from the rest of the sites.
This is a fast and secure place where you can upload all kinds of shit, and since you have to be a registered member, all of that will be stored on your profile, without anyone being able to access it unless that is what you want. You will be given the freedom to do whatever you want, with extra fast downloads and unlimited storage.

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