Ever been Plumperd? Well, if not, better grab a bucket of lube and one of those ten-foot sub sandwiches, because it’s time to get up close and personal with a bunch of ……


Ever been Plumperd? Well, if not, better grab a bucket of lube and one of those ten-foot sub sandwiches, because it’s time to get up close and personal with a bunch of really big broads. This is a freaky one, so I bet the really depraved chubby chasers who haven’t been satisfied elsewhere may find some extra kinky fat-girl porn that’s right up their alley. Get ready for BBW movies with a handful of fetishy twists. is a premium BBW porn studio with its own little network, meaning you get a bigger bang for your buck than if you’re signing up for just one paysite. Honestly, big girls always give you more bang for your buck just based on size alone, but these perverts might just have an edge on the competition. Then again, I haven’t jerked off to it yet, so let’s take a look and see what it’s all about.

Who Wants to Get Plumperd?
I’ve been making the rounds on the fat girl sites lately, building up my list of Premium BBW Sites here at ThePornDude. I knew Plumperd was something different as soon as I hit the tour page. Most BBW sites resemble their traditional-porn counterparts in most respects, only the pretty girls have a hell of a lot more meat on their bones. Besides all the jiggly flesh, you usually just get a pretty standard mix of blowjobs, threesomes, lesbian and anal.
I’m not saying the typical BBW sex formula is bad, but I am saying that ain’t what you find here. Sure, Plumperd’s got fat chicks getting pounded in group sex and eating big-ass mouthfuls of human sausage, but it’s also got some much kinkier shit.

Plumperd includes 4 BBW sites, each with a freaky fat-porn theme. FatMams is all about horny BBW mothers, and it’s the most vanilla thing on the list. There’s also BBWSandwich, for those who want to see massive dominatrixes double-teaming on lucky/poor dudes, and FatSitting for those who just want one big fat lady to sit naked on their faces. Finally, there’s BBW Fight Club, which is pretty much what you expect. Tubby chicks get all oiled up, wrestle around, and then sex happens.

I don’t see any of the popular BBW pornstars I see making the rounds on the other premium sites, but I do see a mix of professional and obvious amateur chunky babes getting fucked and dominating dudes. Some of the FatMams ain’t at all what you’d call conventionally attractive, or even by chubby chaser standards, which is why I think some of you real deviates are going to fucking love them.

I wish there were more freebies out front, but all you get are those animated GIFs. They aren’t bad, and in fact, they give you a really nice sampler platter of the content on offer. The only problem is they ain’t half as easy to jerk off to as a full-length HD video with sound. If you want that, you’re going to have to sign up for a membership.

Cheap Thrills with Big Girls
I clicked my way to the signup page, expecting it to cost thirty bones a month, just like every other paysite in 2021. It turns out I was wrong. Holy shit, this site is fucking cheap as hell. A month is going for ten bucks right now, though it says that’s a 50% rate and I’m not sure how long it’s running. Usually, you have to shell out for a yearly plan to get that price, but Plumperd’s 365-day breaks down to about $8 a month.
I didn’t realize this until I was checking out the signup terms, but the membership includes access to AdultPrime. They’re a big-ass porn network with 17,000 videos across 72 different paysites. It’s a lot like AdultTime, only less popular, a third of the size and a bit cheaper.

One of the problems with these networks setups is sometimes you get a huge mountain of videos, but only a few you’re actually interested in. I reviewed ShapeOfBeauty earlier today, a premium BBW site you get with the AdultTime package. AdultTime has 52,000 videos, but barely more than a dozen ShapeOfBeauty flicks.

The odds are a bit better for the chubby chasers at AdultPrime, because their Plumperd collection includes around 80 movies. That’s a lot fewer than the hundreds you’d get on a site like JeffsModels or Pure-BBW, but Plumperd is carrying freakier fare with all that BBW face-sitting, domination and wrestling action.

Now for some bad news. My golden standard for paysite updates is once per week; you hit that and I’m happy. Ultimately, you’re going to get a shit-ton of updates when you’re looking at AdultPrime as a whole, but is a different story. It looks like the studio hasn’t been busy in a fucking while. The most recent update was nearly three years ago, and that was after a dry spell of over a year.

Getting Sandwiched by Two Aggressive BBWs
I have to admit, that stale content was a real buzzkill. I know the AdultPrime access sweetens the deal, but if you’re only into the freaky fat stuff, isn’t really one you’re going to need a long-term membership for. If anything, this one’s a good candidate for signing up once and saving everything. Downloads are included, so go ahead and fill up that hard drive.
I usually start my fap test portion of these reviews by checking out some of the newest material, but what should I do when nothing is new? I could start with the “latest”, that 2018 flick with the black-haired Fat Mam fucking a young guy out in public. (Spoiler alert: he looks around for bystanders before eating her asshole, the sound of cars driving by interjected by her moans.)

The couple vids before that were threesomes, and there’s some ebony BBW porn, interracial, face-sitting and domination. I found a scene where a fat chick is using a penis pump on a guy before smothering him in her coochie, double doms defeating dudes, and some slippery-looking wrestling scenes that all take an overtly sexual turn somewhere along the line.

There’s a lot of outdoor stuff on Plumperd, which I like, so I decided to start with one of those. Outdoor Sandwich is kind of an oldie at this point, coming out in 2016 as part of the BBW Sandwich series. They were releasing in 1080p, so it looks and feels modern enough.

The film opens with a dude fucking an inflatable anime doll in a park, which I’m sure you Reddit nerds can relate to. He gets busted by a couple of fat chicks who happen to be strolling around in their lingerie, carrying a paddle and a cat-o-nine tails whip. They laugh as they beat him and step on him, and the next thing you know, they’re sucking his dick while choking him.

The forced blowjob goes on for a while, the girls switching off between choking and sucking. They both hit him with the paddle, but the dark-haired girl really seems to enjoy dominating the dude, including smacking his nuts repeatedly as she sucks his dick. She’s always got a big, genuine smile on her face as she chokes him and spanks him.

I think the movie’s in German, so I’m not sure what’s being said as the victim/hero starts banging the blonde doggystyle. She screams while he pounds away, and the other chick is grinning while she pinches his nipples, grabs his face and hits him.

It ain’t the usual bit of smut I review here at ThePornDude, so it ain’t going to appeal to the usual audience. This isn’t even necessarily the same target audience as some of the other BBW sites, the ones that just put pretty fat chicks into the standard set of porno scenarios. You will find a lot of good amateur fatty porn here, but the real value comes from that kinky shit you’re going to have a hard time finding elsewhere. As the film fades out, it’s replaced by a Plumperd montage that reminds you what they’re all about: faces smashed between fat asses, face-sitting BBWs, tit-smothering and a lot of sex.

I’d recommend a look at if you’re a BBW lover who appreciates when dirty movies have an extra element of kink and fetishism. There’s tons of femdom and fun domination here, so you subby chubby chasers are going to be in heaven.

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