I had a real Perv Nana growing up. Holidays were weird, to say the least. We’d all gather around the dinner table for a big meal, and every year she’d have a young new ……


I had a real Perv Nana growing up. Holidays were weird, to say the least. We’d all gather around the dinner table for a big meal, and every year she’d have a young new boy toy who was clearly there for something more than just the stuffing—or just the stuffing, depending on how you look at it. There was always a race to cram the cranberry sauce into our faces and then get the fuck out of there before we had to hear nana getting her face crammed with something else entirely. Let’s call it the family recipe.

Maybe I made that all up, or maybe ThePornDude really has lived a freaky, filthy, and unbelievable life. Does it really matter? Whether I’m full of shit or not, is tapping into those very same old-lady fantasies I’m riffing on. This is a paysite where the ladies getting dicked down are old enough to be your mom’s mom. It’s a niche that isn’t exactly for everyone, but the traffic stats tell me it’s for a lot more people than some of you would have guessed. They’ve been getting more and more attention lately, to the tune of over half a million visitors a month, which told me I should give this one a test fap and see what the fuss is all about.

Tell Me About Your Perv Nana
Alright, first things first. When you hear the phrase “granny porn,” it often conjures mental images of wrinkly old hags with withered old bags hanging from their chests, liver spots covering their bodies, and loose roast beef pussy lips dangling down to their knees. Well, get that shit out of your head. I know there are some perverts out there who really love the nasty, decrepit old bitches, in which case you’d probably do better browsing for some of the amateur stuff the senior swingers are still making. The titular PervNanas around here are another breed entirely. is working with some of the sexiest old ladies in the business. Arguably, they’re some of the sexiest mature broads in the world, and you, regular porn consumers, will start recognizing the babes immediately. I’ve blown more than a few loads to older cougars like Joclyn Stone, Syren De Mer, and Sloan Rider, and I fully intend to blow even more loads to babes like Cyndi Sinclair, Andi James, Payton Hall, and Amanda Ryder.

I hit the Play button on one of the thumbnails out front and was surprised to get an actual video preview. (So many sites just send you to the signup page the moment you try to get a taste.) Before the trailer even started, the MYLF logo popped up on the screen. I hadn’t realized this was a MYLF production until that moment, at which point I knew I was in for a treat. If you’ve read my reviews of sites like MYLF, Shoplyfter MYLF, and MYLFdom or checked out the sites yourself, you already know it’s good stuff, and here they’ll be focusing on women with even more notches on their bedposts.

The two-minute trailer for Strict and Dicked stars Ainsley Adams as the PervNana. It’s shot POV, with the sexy old lady telling the dude to take off his shoes and spit out his gum and then telling him to clean his room. She’s kind of a bossy bitch, but with hard work comes hard rewards. The chores quickly turn to a blowjob, followed by dick riding, tit wanking, and some beautiful gaping.

Granny Porn and a Bunch of Bonuses
Needless to say, I was fucking sold before the trailer was even over. So I made my way to the signup page to check out the options. I was really hoping there was a cheap network package available that included the other MYLF sites, but for that, you’ll need the yearly MYLF Unlimited plan for four hundred bucks. Yikes! That’s a little rich for my blood, so I opted for the standard monthly membership, which is the same thirty bucks you’ll pay almost anywhere else. If you want to upgrade later, you’ll have plenty of opportunities, as well as discounts on their partner sites.
While you don’t get full access to everything on the network, you get a fair amount of bonus material. The MYLF X series, in particular, is actually going to account for much of the content you’re paying for because they’re adding a scene or two to the pile nearly every day. Besides, the bonus pile has included full-length scenes with top-shelf MILFs like Casey Calvert, Cherie Deville, Valentina Nappi, and Riley Reyes in the past week. So you aren’t going to be hurting for cougar porn to cure those achy balls.

One of the perks listed as they try to get you aboard is that they’re allegedly adding new movies every week. Well, that isn’t exactly true. The fresh PervNana updates have been hitting the site about once every two weeks. That’s slower than I like, but I do feel like that bonus material makes up for it because you get so fucking much.

I know I’m trying to review here, but it’s a little hard to avoid talking about that bonus material because it really does account for so much of the membership. The quicker releases of bonus content offset the relatively slow releases of the PervNana-branded scenes, and the same can be said about the full collections. There are only a couple dozen Perv Nana movies available so far, which is dwarfed by the total number of videos. Altogether, members get access to nearly 500 MYLF scenes. Now give grandma a kiss.

Give Gramma a Kiss and a Hug and a Hump
I decided to start my official fap test of with a video starring Joclyn Stone. I’ve been a fan of her cougar vibes for a while now; she’s got a pretty face, her body has held up well, and she’s got a really fun, sexy attitude. Joclyn seems like the kind of mature broad you’d pick up at a karaoke bar as she holds the fuck out of her liquor and shows off her cleavage.
Helpful Neighbor opens with Joclyn approaching the cameraman and asking for help moving some sexy boxes. Sure enough, that cleavage I mentioned is on full display in the very opening seconds of the film. Five minutes later, you get an even better view of the rack as she gets on her knees for a POV blowjob. She’s had decades of practice sucking cock, and always seems to love the opportunity to show off her moves for the camera.

It’s a 48-minute movie, so there’s lots of time to get down. After a lengthy beej, we get some upskirt shots of Joclyn’s hairy muff and nylons. If you’re into furry old pussy, you’re going to love the up-close shots that come with some dirty talk about how she wants you to put your cock all the way in after riding your face. There’s some more cocksucking before Joclyn hops on for a dick ride, and we haven’t even reached the halfway point of the movie.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the quality of the film because I knew Perv Nana was going to have some good shit as soon as I heard it was from MYLF. It lives up to my expectations with high production values, hot older babes, and killer camerawork. That was the case with each of the PervNana flicks I sampled.

My favorite part of Helpful Neighbor is probably the POV doggystyle sequence because I enjoy watching Joclyn back that ass up on a hard cock, spreading her cheeks wide so he can get in there really deep. It’s hot enough that I figured I’d save it for the permanent spank bank. Downloads are included with your membership, so go ahead and fill up your hard drive.

If you’re into older women, MYLF is one of the better premium joints out there. If you’re into much older women, Perv Nana is where it’s at. It’s got that MYLF formula with grannies instead of the usual MILFs, hitting all the right notes for fans of the genre. The actual PervNana collection is a little slim, and the branded updates roll out a little slowly. Still, most masturbators will find the ample bonus MYLF material rounds out the collection reasonably. If you’re looking for the hottest, horniest, and most mature pornstars in the industry, this may be your new addiction.

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