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Sex is better messy. It’s simply a fact of life. You should be sliding around on top of eachother from the massive amounts of lube you’re using. It’s wet, sticky, and so much hotter than just fucking regularly. Plus, everyone looks better with a nice sheen of oil. You’ve seen the glistening bodies of pornstars covered in that shit. It’s fucking awesome. But, like all good fetishes, wet and messy content can be hard to come by, especially if you’re looking for that high-quality good shit. Luckily for you, your search ends today. I have an awesome, messy massage porn site for you to check out. is a premium massage-themed porn site that is part of the bigger Fantasy Massage network. They use the word massage here pretty loosely. In the same kind of way that the dimly lit “Oriental Massage” downtown uses the word. It’s more about oiled up babes getting down and dirty than it is about actual massages. Though there are some videos where that’s the focus. Usually, it’s just something they do for two minutes before fucking though.

Being part of a network makes exact views a little tough to pin down, but the member site brings in somewhere around 25 thousand visitors in every month, while the free site with limited previews brings in around 7-800 thousand. And these guys have been around for a good while. They’ve been pumping out premium massage porn since 2009.

Reasonable Membership Price Includes All the Other Sites in the Network
As far as premium porn memberships go, this one is actually pretty reasonable. It’s only 9 or so bucks per month if you pay for an entire year. And that nets you access to all of the other following sites in the network: “All Girl Massage,” “Soapy Massage,” “Milking Table,” “Massage Parlor,” “Tricky Spa,” and “Fantasy Massage Pilots.” If you like jerking off to sexy babes getting and giving massages, then I don’t think I’ve come across a better network for you.
But, of course, I’ll be focusing on the oiled up sluts in the Nuru Massage section, but feel free to go explore the other sites. If you’re on the fence about the whole membership deal, then head over to the site anyway and see if the content is your thing. You can check out 5 1-2 minute clips from any of their videos. It’s a great way to see if the subscription is for you or not.

Sleek Site Design With Easy to Use Menus
Once you’ve gone through the hurdles of getting your account set up, you’ll be taken to the members' section of Fantasy Massage. The main page is broken up into two main sections. The area on the left lists all of the sites in the network. From there you can click on any of the sites to load the content up. You don’t have to worry about fucking around with other tabs here. It’s all in one handy place for you.
The other section on the right is full of video previews. You can organize by most viewed, upcoming, highest rating, and all that usual shit. Or you can filter out the videos by specific pornstar or category. Finally! I wish all sites let you do that shit. It’s so much easier than having to piddle around and flip through countless pages looking for the pornstar or type of fetish I want.

Surprisingly Large Selection of Categories to Choose From
Before we dive into the videos, it’s worth mentioning the header they have up top. They have buttons for “Explore, Categories, Pornstars, Community, Store, Nuru Live, and Specials.” The explore tab is neat. You can check out photo galleries and a few extras like interviews or short scenes there. Categories has a metric fuck ton of options. You click the plus sign next to the category to add it to your search like a tag. Very helpful for narrowing things down. There are options for shit like “Open Mouth Facial,” “Cock Milking,” “Tribbing,” and “Pussy Licking.”
The pornstar page works like most other ones. Picture of the model with all of their videos and bio information on their personal page. Not bad, just nothing super special going on there. The community tab houses a pretty active forum, regularly updated blog, and a place where you can submit your own ideas for scenes. That’s pretty cool. Imagine seeing your own suggested scene live. Talk about a new favorite video to fap to. The other tabs are what you’d expect. Specials tab for site deals. Nuru live has cam girls. And the store has DVDs.

Stream or Download Videos in Full 1080p HD!
All of that could be fucking awesome, but the real test is the video and preview quality. Spoiler alert, it is fucking awesome. Animated previews with video times, titles, model names, tags, and ratings make sure you know exactly what you’re diving into before you even click on the video. If all sites did this shit then I would be in porn heaven. Or would it be hell? I don’t fucking know.
When you go to the video page a few options open up to you. You can add the video to a playlist of your favorite massage porn videos, check out the related photo galleries, read a surprisingly in-depth paragraph about the video, rate it, comment on it, view related videos, or download the whole video. Lots and lots of options here! Fuck, the video quality does not disappoint. You can stream or download every video in up to 1080p. And I barely experienced any annoying buffering or anything during these videos. Though your mileage may vary depending on your internet connection.

These videos aren’t just short clips or anything either. You get the full experience. 20-40 minute videos of these girls going at it. And these aren’t random girls on here. They have most of the best, hottest pornstars in the industry doing scene. Sluts like Dillion Harper, Brandi Love, and Mia Malkova just to name a few. They have hundreds more on here just waiting to be watched. And, with so many pornstars, it should come as no surprise that they have thousands of videos here for you to get off to. If that doesn’t sell you on this awesome site, then I don’t know what the fuck will. I’m not even that into massage porn and this place is reeling me in.

Awesome Mobile Experience!
And the mobile site fucking rocks, too. You really are getting the premium experience when you sign up for this site. The videos load quickly on mobile, you can download them easily, and the site is a breeze to navigate. No annoying small fonts or out of whack video previews. It all runs smoothly and without any sort of major issues. So, whip out your phone and enjoy some premium oiled up sluts giving kinky massages no matter where you are.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
My favorite feature about is really the general site design. A lot of thought obviously went into this place. The animated previews, dedicated pornstar page, search options, extensive list of categories, and ease of use of desktop and mobile made this a fucking awesome experience all around.
And that’s not even touching on the sexy content they have here. A whole site dedicated to wet and messy massages. What’s not to like there? Plus, being able to download or stream videos in full on 1080p makes this site an obvious winner in my book.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
My main suggestion for would be to simply keep making awesome content. I can’t even complain about the site colors or anything. They nail that too with a purple and black design that makes it easy to use at night. Even navigation is made easy by the search features they have on the site. Man, I always like these rare occasions when I have nothing negative to say. Keep it up.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, should be your go to site for premium massage porn. Watch slutty dimepieces get oiled up and fuck in glorious 1080p HD video. The site is so fucking nice to use. The content is to die for. You can download videos on desktop and mobile. Hell, even the fucking price is good. Head on over and buy yourself a membership to the site if you like massage porn. You won’t have any regrets, trust me.

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