Not My Grandpa is an original and impressive mainstream porn site that offers you a premium subscription with a regular supply of grandpa-centric porn videos featurin……


I know I review a lot of ridiculous websites with silly names and even sillier premises, but this one easily takes the cake. It’s been a while since a website really put a smile on my face with originality and a quirky backstory. NotMyGrandpa is one of those websites that really catches me off guard and has me breaking out in chuckles. It’s a website that specializes in delivering a ton of, well, grandpa porn to your computer, but not in the way you might be expecting. It’s actually a good thing. I swear. Stick around; it actually gets a lot better than the name might imply.

You know how lately there’s been a bit of a step-sister, step-mother kind of trend among triple-A pornography? Well, this is the natural evolution of that trend, taken to the extreme but wrapped in the package of standard run-of-the-mill hardcore pornography. This stuff is all perfectly vanilla. The porn on NotMyGrandpa is actually among the most typical types of porn you could possibly get your hands on. No jokes. It’s all perfectly vanilla cock in vagina between two consenting adults kind of normal. This website is the polar opposite of wacky, but the presentation will have you believing otherwise.

Old Dudes, Young Chicks
So, what’s the actual catch? Well, they’ve got male pornstars who are a bit on the older side, say 35 and up, and they’re matching them with young nubile pornstars who are over but as close to 18 years old as possible. They really want to shine a light on the age difference. They also dress them accordingly. The girls look like schoolgirls, for the most part, and the dudes look like they’re, well, college professors, I guess you could say. The shtick is that they want it to look like a grandpa on granddaughter scenario, without explicitly stating that the two are related.
In fact, they’re not related. This is professionally produced pornography. Of course, the actors aren’t related, what are you, stupid? They’re professional pornstars playing a part in a porn flick. None of this is real. The stories are just thrown in as a gimmick. That’s all you have to worry about. The gimmick works pretty damn well if I do say so myself. The whole framing of the scene is centered on the age gap between the older gentleman and the younger lady. By lady, I, of course, mean cock hungry whore who takes it up the ass for money. I like this setup; I’m not going to lie. The dudes looking like grandfathers do kill my immersion a bit, though, because I look like a young Chad, but that’s neither here nor there.

The Fetish is Not Taken Too Seriously
This is a lightly fetish-themed website with videos that could easily fit on other websites. That’s how you know that the fetish isn’t getting in the way of the way that you perceive the smut. It’s just a gimmick that helps the owners sell the porn in a simple and packaged way. And sure, there is some acting thrown at the beginning of every scene to convey the situation and sell you on the grandpa story. But once the acting is over, the sex kicks in, and there’s no acting there anymore. It just turns into a typical sex scene. It would be a lot more believable and truer to life if the actors said something in character midway through the fucking, but they don’t. For the most part, they just suck and fuck, and that’s the end of it.
Still, there’s not much to complain about when you realize that most of the babes in these videos are ultra-hot triple-A starlets who’ve got years of experience in sucking cock. Some of them are newcomers to the scene as well, so they’re just getting around to gaining experience in the field, and they’re all damn good at what they do. These are some of the hottest women in pornography, and you’ve got them all under one website, sucking off dudes who are old enough to be their fathers. It’s damn exciting stuff. I think that this concept has a lot of potential if you ask me. I definitely enjoyed watching these videos for this review, and you know that I whacked off several times during that time. These are great videos for jerking off.

There are a lot of money shots and good camera angles that really show off the girls, though you should note that, unlike standard triple-A porn, the old dudes get a lot of camera time, especially around their faces in these videos. I think they did this to drive home the point that these are indeed older dudes who could be grandfathers. So, to really point that out, the dudes end up on camera a bit too often for my taste.

I Don’t Like Dudes
I know we have to have dudes in porn to have cocks so that the girls have something to bounce on, but I usually prefer my porn with a bit less of a focus on the actual dudes. I’m not big on dudes, ok? I’m not ashamed to admit it. Seeing an old man booty in my porn really throws me off, which brings me to my next point. If you don’t like old man booty, you should definitely give this website a hard pass since there’s a lot of old man booty across these videos. It’s pretty damn inevitable, considering the genre and everything. I wish there were a way to watch these videos without all the geriatric bodies, but it’s impossible. They’re a pivotal part of the pitch.
Team Skeet Membership
And speaking of the pitch, this website seems to be trying really hard to sell you membership so that you can watch these videos regularly. There’s nothing wrong with that per se, but the whole damn site comes off as a white label for another studio. And sure enough, once I tried to sign up, I got redirected to Team Skeet. So, this entire website is actually just Team Skeet videos in disguise. Yes, you do, in fact, get the videos that are marketed here, but only through a full Team Skeet subscription. If you’d like to sign up to NotMyGrandpa directly, without any other sites involved in the price, you can’t. You have to buy the whole damn cow if you want the milk. I don’t know if I can call this practice shady or just mildly annoying, but it is what it is. NotMyGrandpa is a part of a larger network, and there doesn’t seem to be any way around it.
The most affordable Team Skeet subscription, which will give you access to NotMyGrandpa, among other things, is the 6-month plan that costs $100. And if you really want to pinch pennies for the long run, you can get a monthly subscription for $30, which isn’t worth it considering the possible discounts. There’s also something called “premium,” which costs $450 a year, and I’m not sure how it differs from a regular subscription. If I were covering Team Skeet in general, I’d bother to look into it, but I really just wanted to look at NotMyGrandpa specifically and only talk about that site. So, let’s say that these are your options for now. There’s also a three-month membership that costs $60 if you’d prefer the middle ground between these offers.

A Decent Website
All in all, NotMyGrandpa offers you a ton of high-quality, high-resolution videos that feature older dudes fucking younger chicks in various combinations and permutations. Sometimes there are several chicks at a time; other times, it’s just the one, but there’s always exactly one old dude per video. Luckily, they don’t go above that number. I’d hate a porn video that features several old dudes at a time. There I said it. I don’t particularly appreciate fapping to old dudes.
That being said, if old dude on young girl smut sounds like your thing, try out NotMyGrandpa and decide for yourself whether a subscription is in order. There’s no trial tier, but all of the videos on the site are available for a short preview. The previews are hot, too. They don’t blue ball you. Instead, they show you the actual smut so that you can see exactly what you’d be getting more of with a subscription. I like this approach. The free previews help pull this site together. I have nothing much to say about the design because it’s, literally, just Team Skeet’s design across another white-label site. It’s a bit annoying when you get bounced back to the network, but beyond that, the site is top-notch and about as vanilla as they come.

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