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Nord VPN? Alright guys, I think it’s safe to say that none of us here are idiots, right? We’re smart dudes who know what we are getting ourselves into in the age of the internet… right? Well, if that’s the case, then why the fuck are we still traversing the porn landscape completely unprotected. That’s like fucking a hooker without a condom. And not the good kind of hooker, we’re talking about the aids ridden chick on the corner of your block that overdoses on meth every once in a while. It’s time we started browsing all our porn like smart individuals and that’s what I’m here to talk about today. Let’s check out and talk about what the fuck a VPN even is in the first place.

The one tool you need for safe internet browsing
To put it bluntly, a VPN is your gateway to safe internet browsing. Now, before you lynch me for sounding like an advertisement, that’s actually exactly what it is. The VPN you use is going to make you safer on the internet because of a multitude of reasons and has plenty of them checked right out of the box. There are some other security features that you can buy additionally, but the main package is more than enough to shield you from all sorts of unwanted activity. Let’s talk about how all of this works and see whether or not you truly need a VPN, huh? I think that this is a fair thing to do and you can’t really talk shit until you check it out for yourself.
Essentially, the VPN you use such as acts as a tube between you and the webserver where the website is stored. This allows you to check out everything on the website without anyone interfering with your connection in any way. That means several things. First of all, it means that nobody can spy on what you’re doing, and when you’re watching some questionable porn then you better admit that you’re going to need a to watch your back. There are countries out there that outright ban porn altogether even so that is even trickier then. In these cases, such as China, for example, you absolutely NEED a VPN if you ever hope to watch porn in your lifetime.

Bypass restrictions by changing your device location
A VPN will bounce your connection off of any server in any country where they have a server in the first place. This is really useful not only for connection but also for checking out content that’s blocked in your country. For example, I already mentioned China, but the UK is coming down hard on porn as well, so you might want to check out all those porn sites as if you were browsing from America, or even Germany while we’re at it. I mean Germany is as free as it gets when it comes to porn, and I’m pretty sure that they have prostitution legalized as well. Not really anything to do with porn but I’m saying that they’re pretty sexually open and all that. Also, it doesn’t have to be porn, some youtube videos are blocked in certain countries but you can avoid this by using
Protect your information on public connections
There are some other benefits to using a VPN such as as well. For example, if you’re on a public WiFi then a hacker could easily get a hold of all your data provided that they’re on the same WiFi as you. This can be really bad if you decide to pay for something online while you’re in a coffee store or something. Say bye-bye to that credit card information cause that hacker is about to use it to buy a million pairs of cheap Chinese headphones on AliExpress and sell them off as high-end products in your country. Not only did you lose money because of the hacker, but you also hurt your economy by importing millions of cheap Chinese plastic shit products to your country you dumbass.
Alright, I’m not being completely serious with that one, but I AM being serious when I say that you absolutely need a VPN. is one of those sites that offers all sorts of features that you’re more than likely going to enjoy. Of course, all of this costs money and you can’t expect to have this sort of service for absolutely free. Let’s talk about the price points for the regular services and then we’ll talk about some extra services that you can also get on which might make your browsing experience that much more enjoyable. Stick around cause some of these are incredibly important if you’re someone who frequently visits porn tube sites which are riddled with malware and ads.

Hilariously low price for such an important service
The main one-month subscription will cost you just over $10. Of course, this seems like a small price to pay for such an important feature, but you can bump that price to even lower. There’s a one-year, two-year, and even a three-year membership plan that you can get where you can save heaps. Of course, this means that you have to pay in bulk for that time period, but in the long run, you’re saving hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. By getting the longer subscriptions to the service, you can bump that price down all the way to just over $2. That’s a MINISCULE price to pay for some proper internet protection. You can say what you want, but that’s a deal that you just don’t miss out on.
Enjoy data security with a military-grade encryption
When it comes to the extra paid-for features, there are some more cool things that you can get with You can get military-grade encryption which would make all your connections so encrypted that not even Russia will be able to read what you’re doing. It’s really that good. Only will be able to allow you this level of protection so you better think about how much this is something that you need in your life. I mean, honestly, this is something that we all need, and especially us porn connoisseurs who love visiting risky sites who have all sorts of malware on them and who knows what else.
Block pesky advertisements and malicious websites
Then you have CyberSec which has to be my favorite service that they have. This one is so amazing for people who visit porn tube sites because of how many ads there usually are on free porn tube sites. This service basically blocks all ads both pop-up and banner. It even blocks video ads from playing so that you never have to deal with them. And it works on both your PC, mobile, and any other device that you might own. Absolutely essential if you ask me if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like getting invaded by ads every time that they want to enjoy porn (and I think everyone falls within that category).
It also blocks malware, so it’s not just ads that you’re getting protected against, but it’s also all the malware that usually gets stored on these sites and you always download it when you go to the website. will prevent you from going to dangerous sites by blocking them so that you’re always having a safe browsing experience. Whatever y our experience may be as a person who uses the internet, even a digital nomad could use a bit of extra protection when fucking the metaphorical cheap prostitute that is the free porn tube industry. Not even the biggest porn tube sites are safe from malware and all that other junk.

So, as you can see, would probably count as one of the most essential tools for your internet browsing experience, and if you think that you can go on without it, then sure, be my guest. But if you have more than two brain cells, then you immediately see how paying just a bit more than $2 a month for ultimate internet security can be insanely beneficial to you, to your private information, to your devices, as well as everything else that you can imagine in between. All in all, it’s time that you stopped fucking around and got yourself some proper internet protection in the form of

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