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If the thought of visiting a blog to beat off to POV videos sounds like a fucking terrible idea, I have news for you. Stop pretending to be a porn aficionado because, b……


If the thought of visiting a blog to beat off to POV videos sounds like a fucking terrible idea, I have news for you. Stop pretending to be a porn aficionado because, believe me, mother fucker, you’re not! The goddamn ThePornDude is, so cut that shit off! If I tell you a site is worth visiting, I fucking mean it!

NaughtyBlog.org/POV is such a site. If you love POV content, you’re going to find some hot shit here. It’s going to give you a hard-on. That goes doubly for if you cannot get enough POV content and you want another resource.

I can’t blame you for enjoying this kind of shit either. Nobody wants to see a dude’s asshole, cock, and balls throughout the entire clip. You want the star of the show to be the hot piece of ass doing the sucking and fucking. Oh, you mean you like balls and ass in your videos? Well, you do you, bro; I’m just here to give you the down-low on another POV porn site!

Over 26,000 POV videos
If you want a place to look at hot-as-hell POV videos, well, you have plenty of options. I won’t bullshit you there, my horny friend! It seems like all kinds of tube sites have POV categories these days. So what exactly sets NaughtyBlog.org/POV apart from the competition?
For starters, NaughtyBlog.org/POV does not lack in the POV content department. That’s because there are over 26,000 POV videos just waiting for you to fucking explore. That’s a lot of goddamn POV content! As I was looking around the blog, I noticed that POV content was getting uploaded on a regular basis.

As I looked at the newest POV content posted on the blog, I noticed new POV content posted that day. And it wasn’t just a couple of videos, either. There were over half a dozen videos that had already had been posted! Looking around through the newest content on NaughtyBlog.org/POV, I also discovered that this was pretty par for the course.

It looks like some days; there isn’t any POV content that is posted. Other days, there is a healthy portion of POV content that goes live. There really is no rhyme or reason to it all. But even so, know that you’re going to at least have hot and sexy POV content that will get you the fuck off!

Subscribe using your favorite RSS reader
NaughtyBlog.org/POV makes it so convenient to binge on POV content that you don’t even have to visit the site to know what has gone live! That’s right, you horny fucker! And it’s all thanks to some old-school technology that you probably aren’t even taking advantage of!
I’m talking about NaughtyBlog.org/POV’s RSS feed for their categories. The POV section of the blog allows you to subscribe to the section’s RSS feed, then get alerted to new POV content as it gets posted. It’s that fucking easy and a great way to learn about the latest videos as they arise.

If you have never used an RSS feed before, you may be fucking asking yourself, ‘wait, what the fuck are you talking about? RSS what?!’ That’s a fair question. You probably don’t even have an app or software that utilizes RSS feeds. But you can take advantage of them in a matter of a few moments when my giant cock points you in the right direction.

Did you feel that slap on your lips? That was my big dick slapping you and telling you that you should consider using Feedly to add NaughtyBlog.org/POV’s RSS feed to the reader. Feedly is also available on your mobile device as an app, so you can take it wherever you go.

The great thing about Feedly – and other RSS readers like them – is that once you add the RSS feed to the reader, you get instant notifications once new content goes live. From there, you can click on the link to watch the latest uploaded POV clip. It’s an easy way to keep track of literally every new fucking POV file that hits NaughtyBlog.com/POV. Because everyone knows – yes, your mother included – that you’re jerking off on other porn sites and have a difficult time keeping track of it all.

Too much porn that won’t play full clip
If you are getting excited about watching all of this hot as hell pornography, well, partner, I have some bad news for you. Chances are, you won’t be able to watch any of this shit. Did I just bust your nut – and not in the right way? I’m sorry about that; it’s the truth.
When I was trying to look at the content on NaughtyBlog.com/POV, I noticed that every video I tried to watch wouldn’t play the entire clip. It would play only the first few minutes of the clip. And if I attempted fast-forwarding through the video, it would stop playing altogether. After a few minutes, every time I would click the ‘Play’ button, the video would play, not even for a second. It would pause, alerting me that I needed to be a premium member.

Now, I cannot blame this on NaughtyBlog.com/POV. It isn’t exactly their fault. At least, not directly. They use almost exclusively Keep2Share (K2S) to host the videos you can watch on NaughtyBlog.com/POV. This is the fault of Keep2Share not allowing free users to watch the content in all of its glory. That’s fucking bullshit. But at the same time, NaughtyBlog.com/POV needs to find another video host seriously.

By keeping things the way they are, keeps NaughtyBlog.com/POV from allowing anyone to really watch their content. You almost have to have a premium membership to Keep2Share to watch the videos on NaughtyBlog.com/POV. That’s a fucking shame, too, because it should not be this way. To this end, NaughtyBlog.com/POV isn’t fucking free.

What would happen if you chose to get a premium membership to Keep2Share? Well, you could, for starters, stream all of the sexy goddamn content that’s here on NaughtyBlog.com/POV. In its glorious HD, just as NaughtyBlog.com/POV intended it to be.

Hot as hell clips
I know you are shaking your first at the thought of not being able to outright watch all of the full-length content on NaughtyBlog.com/POV without first signing up for a membership. I think it’s bullshit as well. NaughtyBlog.com/POV needs to fix its video hosting problems. But whether you decide to take the plunge and get a VIP membership just so you can watch all of the content or NaughtyBlog.com/POV fixes their video hosting problems, you are going to find POV content that is fucking hot as hell.
I don’t say that lightly, either. I watch a fuck load of porn every goddamn hour. I never stop. But what I can tell you with certainty is that once you get over that paywall, you will find HD POV content that’s full-length and amazing. You would have to sign up for a premium service at multiple porn studios to see everything you will find. It’s a sexy collection of POV content that will make you want to take your dick out and never, ever stop stroking.

Sure, you could probably find a lot of this content somewhere else. I’m sure it is scattered around everywhere. But the difference between a POV tube site and a blog layout like NaughtyBlog.com/POV is that the blog layout feels more intimate. It feels more like a curated place for hot POV content than a tube site where a shit load of content is posted all the time.

In that regard, NaughtyBlog.com/POV works. A blog isn’t the first place you would think of going to watch POV video clips. But because the blog comes across as more of a ‘best of’ than an info dump of POV videos, it ultimately works.

I think you will agree whenever you start browsing around at all of the videos that NaughtyBlog.com/POV has to offer. No, the site is not perfect. Sure, the blog layout will turn some people off. And absolutely, the video listings need to have more information to make finding POV content easier.

Despite its faults, NaughtyBlog.com/POV has an impressive collection of POV content. That is what ultimately counts. It may be rough around the edges, but if you can find the means to watch the entirety of the clips on NaughtyBlog.com/POV, you are going to be glad that you visited!

NaughtyBlog.org/POV has a ridiculous amount of sexy HD POV content. Unfortunately, you practically have to sign up for a VIP membership to Keep2Share (K2C) to watch any content. The video listings also need better information. These things need to be fixed for people to continue visiting NaughtyBlog.org/POV to get off to some of the hottest POV content!

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