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My Bookie lets me place bets on the Internet, but does yours? The Internet has made gambling so fucking easy that it’s rare these days for anybody to go meeting some sketchy bookie dude in a dimly lit diner, risking their kneecaps for a piece of the pie. In its place, you can just place your bets from the comfort of your own home and use the same site to play casino games while you wait for your team to deliver the ball to the right side of the playing area. Welcome to the future, motherfuckers! is one of the more popular gambling sites on the web, with around 12 million visitors streaming in every month, trying to multiply their meager paychecks through the magic of odds. They’ve got a sportsbook, live betting, race betting, and a casino. Honestly, the only thing missing is the hookers, the cigarette smoke, and scammy drug dealers. Some may see that as a drawback, but hey, at least you aren’t going to catch herpes here, and nobody’s going to complain about you hitting the slots in your underwear. Take that, Vegas!

Put Your Money Where Your Click Finger Is
Given the name, it’s no surprise MyBookie drops new visitors off in their sportsbook area first. Beneath some sliding banners for promos and featured events, there’s a big-ass chart of Spreads and Moneylines for games going on today. You can bet on damn near any sport here. Well, NFL’s at the top because it’s the most popular, followed by college football odds, MLB, UFC, and Nascar. The list stretches on and on. It looks like the Emmys are in a couple of days, so go ahead and place a bet on who’s going to win Best Lead Actor in a Drama Series.
I could genuinely fill up this whole review by listing the different sports and leagues you can gamble on here. But, honestly, it’s probably easier just to point out the oddball bets you can make here. For example, there’s an eSports area where you can bet on Counter-Strike or Overwatch, which isn’t too unusual, but check out that Current Events section or the US Politics tag (which also includes International Politics under the same header).

The Internet has really revolutionized sports betting, as well as Emmy betting, race betting, or gambling on the predetermined theatrics of WWE—all options at MyBookie. Not only do they make it really fucking easy to place bets and collect money without getting out of bed, but the live nature of the Internet ensures you aren’t putting down cash based on even slightly outdated intel.

But the live nature of the web isn’t the only way modernizes the process of gambling. They also keep it up-to-date by accepting a wide variety of modern payments. You can do all your casino banking with VISA, Mastercard, or a variety of cryptocurrency. The crypto options include bitcoin, obviously, as well as Litecoin, Ethererum, and BitcoinCash. Sorry, Shiba Inu fans, but they don’t want your Dogecoin. Maybe you should put in a call to old Uncle Elon and have him Tweet about it.

Tell Me About the Perks
Unless this is your first time fucking around with an online casino, you’re probably less concerned about what kinds of currency they accept and more concerned about what kind of bonuses My Bookie is offering. But, of course, there’s a lot of competition for your business among the different online gambling dens, so they’re always offering up some fresh incentives to get you to come drop quarters in their machines.
One of the very first things I saw when I hit the landing page was a big banner saying they’ll double your first deposit and throw in a $10 casino chip. It’s a common perk on gambling sites, and as per usual, you will have to spin that cash through a minimum number of bets before you’re allowed to cash out.

Under the Bonus section, you’ll find the double-deposit thing listed among a whole page of regular and rotating bonuses. There are casino bonuses of 150% up to $750, 25% sports reloads, and 8% horse rebates for existing customers, plus a solid 250% referral bonus for those of you with friends. The weekly bonuses will appeal to the regular gamblers, including Rebate Special Mondays, Free Spin Wednesdays, Raffle Thursdays, and Pick ‘Em Bonus Fridays. Weekends are all about the Casino Bonus.

Well, I know some of you are probably reading this and wondering if you’re eligible for those bonuses or even allowed to gamble on MyBookie at all. I’ve got some great news for all the Yankees out there: accepts bettors from the United States. The only exceptions are for the poor saps living in Nevada, New York, and New Jersey, presumably because the local joints in your area don’t want the competition. So if you’re tired of fucking around with a VPN just to play some goddamn fruit machines, this is one of the better options.

They have a section about Mobile Betting Info on the website, so I got a little excited, hoping they had a convenient app to play with. It’s actually just another signup page, though, because there’s no app. Rather, they’ve basically dedicated a whole page to let you know their website is mobile-friendly, just like nearly every other website in 2021. Whatever, though, as long as I can gamble while taking a dump, they can fluff the site as much they want.

Spinning Wheels and Fruit Machines
The joint is called My Bookie, which definitely conjures up certain images, but they’ve got a lot more to offer than the menacing, trenchcoated goon who used to take your bets. There’s also a shit ton of live and automated casino games. For instance, when I clicked the Casino tab at the top, I got transported to their Featured Games selection, which mainly consists of dozens of slots, plus classics like blackjack, baccarat, keno, roulette, and video poker. They also remind you that your initial deposit bonus goes up to $750, which can easily add up to days of spinning those digital wheels, depending on how you play it.
If you’re a regular at online casinos, there’s a decent chance you’ll recognize some of the games even if you’ve never used this particular site. This is because the games aren’t actually created by MyBookie, but by the same major developers from which all the online casinos get their games. On the one hand, that means there isn’t as much variety from casino to casino as you might expect. But, on the other hand, I trust the established game developers more than some random little outfits that may or may not be run by the Russian or Chinese mobs.

One of the significant drawbacks to gambling online versus hitting up the brick-and-mortar casinos is that weird disconnected feeling. It can seem more like fucking around the Internet because that’s what it is than the full-on interactive casino experience. If you feel that way, I bet you’ll appreciate My Bookie’s selection of about a dozen live casino games. It’s admittedly a smaller live area than some of the other options out there, with under a dozen options, but they hit most of the expected notes, like blackjack, baccarat, and roulette.

The big, notable exception is poker. There are some automated poker machines available, but they don’t currently offer live poker. So if that’s your game, you’re obviously going to want to try a different site. BetOnline’s one option that I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude, and my entire list of Betting Sites has even more places to risk your cash on a game.

At the end of the day, though, the lack of live poker will only be a dealbreaker for a certain subset of gamblers. People often end up gravitating toward their favorite casinos for personal reasons, like a winning streak or a particular bonus that works well with their play style. My Bookie has carved its own space in the online casino world by giving gamblers nearly all the options they could ask for, with enough bonuses and perks thrown in on top to win you over from the competition. So even if you’re just a drifter among these places and not looking for a new main casino, would be worth it just for that initial double-up bonus. Just don’t be too surprised if you get hooked.

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