I’ve talked about MultPorn a time or two here at ThePornDude, as they’ve been pretty fucking popular with masturbating nerds for the last few years. I’m going to be foc……


I’ve talked about MultPorn a time or two here at ThePornDude, as they’ve been pretty fucking popular with masturbating nerds for the last few years. I’m going to be focusing this review on their hentai/manga collection, but I’d be selling you fuckers short if I didn’t at least mention the other offerings on their menu. In short, they’re a one-stop-shop for horny motherfuckers who love comic books, video games, anime, dirty jokes and adult animation. You can check out my full review or just start digging through their archives yourself, but I’m guessing a freak like you would have a lot of fun there. I sure do.

Back to the topic at hand, the subject that helped MultPorn.net achieve such prominence among neckbeards, weeaboos and Redditors: their massive and ever-growing collection of hentai manga and doujinshi. Arguably, much of the content in other sections of the site hinge on the fun you’ll find here. You might spend some time cranking it to visual novels, beating off to schoolgirl animations or fapping to X-rated Sailor Moon GIFs, but you always end up back in the manga aisle that started it all, huh?

Uncensored Hentai? Fuck Yeah!
MultPorn.net has been around since 2017, which is a ripe old age for a hentai site. Seriously, websites full of doujinshi tend to have a particular online fame trajectory. They either pop up and fizzle out or get wildly popular really quickly, only to fail under the weight of bandwidth demands or DMCA takedowns.
Of course, if you’re a longtime sex manga fan, you already fucking know that. How many of your favorite sites have disappeared from the web, taking with them your beloved collection of Pokemon fisting comics and Naruto gender-swaps? MultPorn’s longevity alone is going to account for some of their wild popularity. As of this writing, they’re getting nearly 17,000 visitors every day. That’s a lot of fucking fedoras.

Are you wearing one, perhaps while sitting beside an anime princess body pillow waifu? I’m just fucking with you, but I am guessing you’ve beaten off to a hentai site or two before. This ain’t just a one-time thing for you or for me, either. With that hentai-trained eye, you’ll probably notice the same things I did immediately.

Let’s get the big question out of the way first: yes, MultPorn has plenty of uncensored hentai. The biggest problem with any kind of Japanese smut is the censorship, the hiding of cocks, pussies and buttholes from our innocent eyes. Doujinshi is technically any unsanctioned, unapproved, self-published manga, which is why you usually find more explicit smut on any hentai site offering doujins. Princess Jasmine is getting her pussy stuffed by a giant dildo right out front at MultPorn, so censorship clearly ain’t an issue.

Hentai, Manga and Doujinshi Only
You hentai purists are scratching your heads or already simmering with rage at the mention of a Disney princess. Strictly speaking, Disney ain’t manga, so it doesn’t count as hentai even if somebody’s getting their face fucked. I’m often one to argue that it doesn’t matter, but MultPorn is with you, splitting those hairs, so you don’t have to. The Aladdin parody in question is, in fact, a hentai-based unauthorized harem fantasy. Princess Jasmine’s got the big eyes you expect from any anime princess.
You’ll actually find a lot more of Princess Jasmine over in MultPorn.net’s comic section than in the hentai area. Most sites that have both hentai and Western porn comics tend to lump them all together, but MultPorn does an outstanding job keeping the peas from mixing with the carrots. You’re not going to accidentally cum to a Harry Potter parody where Hermione doesn’t have giant anime eyes.

One thing is pretty uniform throughout, though: all of the artwork is high quality and fapworthy. It’s obvious just from the setup that there’s some level of hand-curation going on here; they aren’t just accepting any bullshit comic any retard wants to upload. MultPorn doesn’t have the biggest hentai/manga collection I’ve ever seen, and that’s no doubt due in part to their high standards for inclusion. I’ve found that quality almost always trumps quality when it comes to porn manga, since who the fuck wants to beat off to stick figures and scribbles?

If you’re used to browsing those sprawling doujinshi collections that stretch for a million pages in every direction, you might be a little surprised by how tight they’ve kept the stash here. Part of that is their strict quarantine of the hentai from the comics, but it’s also connected to those high standards. MultPorn has about 150 different hentai series, with multiple issues of each.

Your Favorite Characters, Naked and Violated
By default, MultPorn.net displays its hentai in alphabetical order based on source material. They’ve got a beautiful selection of completely unauthorized parodies. Most are based on anime or non-porn manga, but there are some based on Western properties, like those Disney doujins I mentioned. I also read one where Chip and Dale finally double-teamed Gadget.
If you’re familiar with hentai, you’ve probably already got a good idea of what kind of parodies you’ll find. You can actually guestimate the relative age of doujinshi fans based on what they’re drawing and beating off to. Many of them grew up on Naruto, which explains why MultPorn’s got four pages of Naruto hentai. Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball and Soul Eaters are popular as hell, too, but you only get about half a dozen for Goblin Slayer or The Loud House.

I watched some Attack on Titan recently on Netflix, so I figured it would be a good place to begin my official fap-test of MultPorn’s hentai collection. It looks like I’m a little late to the party, because hentai fans have been going nuts over the series for a while. MultPorn’s got nearly 20 full-length doujinshis based on the series.

They do an excellent job tagging content on the site, so it’s easy to browse and find something that appeals to your specific set of turn-ons and fetishes. There are Attack on Titan stories here with Big Tits, Fingering, Bukkake, Anal Sex, Lolicon, and Rape, just to name a few of the perversions they touch on. I was in the mood to see some Double Penetration and chose accordingly.

Beating Off to Hentai in the Future
Of course, I’m sure I could enjoy the site even if I was fully illiterate and couldn’t read those tags. The cover’s a pretty strong enticement, too, featuring a creampied babe with used condoms splattered all over her big anime ass. The whole comic is actually in Japanese, so I’m not going to know what they’re saying anyway.
One of the things I really like about MultPorn’s setup is the built-in manga reader that makes it easier to read one-handed. It has a collapsible thumbnail view along the bottom and sizes the pages to your browser/window size, with page-turn buttons on either side. An AutoPlay mode will turn the pages for you, but I think even they recognize the limits of the feature--a “Good Luck” message pops up when you use it. I feel like I’m in a race to cum now.

Despite not reading Japanese, the comic is as freaky and hot as I was hoping. There’s an orgy by page 2, gaping by page 3, and the geysers of girlcum are blasting off by the midpoint. I don’t mean to spoil things for you, but the titans don’t even make an appearance in this one. I guess we’ll have to wait to see a babe get torn in half by a dick twice her size.

The comic reader has a Download button beside the fullscreen icon, but it only lets you download a single page jpeg at a time. My only real complaint about the site is that I couldn’t find any easy way to download a whole doujin in one click. You smart motherfuckers will be able to do the deed with one of those image-grabbing plugins for your browser, but zip files would be a nice touch.

MultPorn.net has been going strong for a few years now, and their collection of porn manga, hentai and doujinshi is a big part of their recipe for success. They’ve got unauthorized, X-rated parodies of some of your favorite anime and video games, with uncensored scenes of your favorite characters doing shit they’d never do on TV, no matter how many times you daydreamed about it while fapping. Well, daydream no longer my friends, because this stash has a ton of high-quality hentai pulled straight out of your fantasies.

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