Mr. Lucky POV has a name that tells you pretty much exactly what you’re going to get inside. As a guy named The Porn Dude who runs a website called ThePornDude, I can certainly relate! This lucky fellow actually sounds a little more humble than myself, because instead of covering the front page in pics of his own face, the site puts all its emphasis on the girls right from the jump. Just wait until you see these kinky broads! uploaded their first POV movie back at the beginning of 2019, showing first-hand what it’s like to have the beautiful Latina MILF Sheena Ryder serving you mouth, hands, titties and ass cheeks. The site has steadily grown in terms of content and viewership, and these days they’re getting around 4,000 visitors every day. They’re arguably one of the fastest-growing premium POV porn sites on the web, which is more than enough reason for me to get inside, take a look around and shake my dick all over the place.

See What the Porn Studs See
First things first: MrLuckyPOV is flashy as fuck. The joint’s a couple of years old, but it feels even newer. Once you hit the tour page, you’ll see a big-ass video montage of first-person doggystyle, blowjobs, tittyfucks, threesomes, and even some squirting. “Experience what it’s like to get lucky!” the flashing text reads, implying you’re a loser who can’t even pull fat girls on Tinder. Hey, even if you’re a fucking certified pimp, I doubt you’re banging such consistently gorgeous sluts.
Speaking of, Mr. Lucky POV is banging some big-name regulation hotties. On the front page alone, I see Kendra Spade taking it from behind, Kenzie Reeves seemingly fucking herself with a baseball bat, and Carmen Caliente backing that succulent ass on a big cock, POV style. Further down the page, I see Jane Wilde bringing a friend along for a threesome. Moving to the Girls menu, I see even more babes who’ve been living in my fap fantasies for a while. I’m definitely going to be watching their Brooklyn Gray update later.

The site’s got a sleek look that reminds me of Vegas or some other adult playground. It’s overall dark, but with bright blue highlights all over like neon lights illuminating the meat market. That aesthetic extends to the thumbnails, where the light-on-dark visuals really highlight the babes, their bodies, and the filthy things they’re doing. has free video previews out front, so naturally, I helped myself before making my way inside. The minute-long trailer for Busty MILF From Down Under Takes A Facial opens with Nina Milano in front of a glittery curtain, talking about all the cocks she’s sucked since she got to the states. (“I think one a day.) She’s got a sexy, breathy voice with a heavy vocal-fry accent that makes me think Los Angeles, but the chick’s Australian. Then again, the talking quickly segues to lots of moaning as Nina slurps, strokes, rides and gets her face jizzed on.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Lucky?
The previews got me all raging hard and dripping, but I wanted to settle in for a real fap to a full-length porno. Making my way to the sign-up page, I found no real surprises about the price. The regular rate is thirty bucks a month, dropping with longer subscriptions. Right now, they’re running a countdown special offering a year for $60 with bonus access to Analized, a butt-fucking site I’ve given high marks to here at ThePornDude. Even if you just spring for the monthly plan, they offer members some solid discounts on paysites like Spizoo, Evil Angel and Tushy.
I ain’t here for the discounts, though. I’m here to watch pretty girls taking the cameraman’s cock, dropping me right into the scene. There are currently around 120 full-length POV scenes on MrLuckyPOV, so I hope you’re working from home or the boss ain’t ever in the office.

While it ain’t the sprawling, thousands-deep porno library you’ll find on some of the big reality porn networks; it’s still a respectable amount of smut. These guys haven’t even been around all that long, but they’re steadily putting out a new movie every seven days. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on production schedules around the world, so it’s always nice to see sites whose updates don’t seem to have taken a hit.

One of the biggest problems, when you’ve got a collection this big, is just knowing where to start. It’s bad enough flipping through Netflix for an hour without being able to decide, but around here, you’ll end up with blue balls. There’s no Categories index to peruse, but they’ve done a good job tagging all the videos, so you should be able to quickly find whatever you’re looking for. Searches for Anal, Orgy, Cumshot and Feet all turned up fap fodder that’s going to ruin today’s productivity.

Did You Ever Want to Be a Pornstar?
New updates come out every Friday. It’s Thursday, so I’m a day early, but there’s obviously still plenty Mr. Lucky POV films to choose from. I figured I’d start with last week’s update, starring the legendary punk-rock MILF Joanna Angel. She founded Burning Angel nearly two decades ago and still looks every bit as gorgeous. This chick has aged like the finest wine in a tatted-up bottle.
The movies here display a beautiful range of hardcore depravity. In this half-hour flick alone, Joanna gets fucked in her mouth, face and butthole before getting a big sloppy anal creampie. Goddamn, I feel like I’m going to cum soon and I’m still just reading the description.

I hit the Play button and the video started immediately, streaming smoothly at 720p without any noticeable buffering. Streaming resolution goes up to 1080p, but the included downloads go all the way up to 4K Ultra-HD. If you’re looking to build an offline porn stash and you like the POV format, this looks like a good place to stock up.

The movie opens with an interview, Joanna’s mouthwatering cleavage hanging out as she banters with the cameraman. I love this chick’s attitude: she’s intelligent and articulate, happy and fun, mature and sexy as hell. She likes the blue-lit mood, and I have to agree. MrLuckyPOV has a unique aesthetic that you’ll notice painted on all their scenes and the site in general. If you had higher hopes for Cyberpunk 2077, may help fill that void.

It’s hard to beat off to aesthetics, though, unless you’re talking about the curves and pretty faces on these gals. I was about to skip ahead to the action when Joanna got on her hands and knees to show her asshole and twat to the camera. She prods the tight holes with her inked fingers, smiling and saying, “We’ve got to get to know each other.” A few seconds later, she’s crawling toward the camera to show off her DDD rack.

Taking a Ride with Mr. Lucky POV
Joanna’s got such a pretty face, such a genuine smile and joy of sex, such a stunning body and such an incredible enthusiasm and talent for humping. The BJ starts about 6 minutes in, Joanna going deep with her mouth and using her hand to work the whole shaft up and down. Mr. Lucky POV has got a long motherfucking dick that pokes the back of her throat and makes her gag a few times. When he’s good and lubed up with her spit, she takes him between her jugs for a tit wank. “Yeah, fuck my fucking tits like that!” she gasps.
The camerawork is really fucking nice. Sometimes with gonzo sites, you get sloppy POV angles from untrained hands. I’ve been shooting some POV work for PornDudeCasting, and I don’t think people realize how difficult that sort of multitasking is. This dude manages to frame his shots beautifully even while he’s balls deep in Joanna, her legs in the air as she squeals and swears. There’s some wobbling, as you expect from handheld shots, but it seems like the right amount of wobbling: you feel like you’re really there without the seasick feeling you might get from bad POV work.

If first-person porn scenes are your main bag, is one of the better options out there. The unique vibe they set with the lighting is a nice touch, but the real selling point is the quality of the movies. These girls are fucking incredible, and you’ve probably beaten off to a lot of them before if you’re a regular porn consumer. They’ve got free previews out front, so take a look if you want that stud’s eye view of some hot, dirty sex.

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