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Mr Play 🇬🇧 is the ideal online casino to have a fun time playing casino games such as slots, roulette and blackjack while enjoying huge bonuses and more.


MrPlay! It’s time to have a little bit of fun. Believe it or not, you can use the internet for more than guilt-ridden fap seshes, online doujinshi shops, and doom scrolling on some nerdy social media site. Yeah, I know, it’s fucking wild. But it’s time to stop with all of that boring shit that’s not even getting you any pussy. Do you know what horny sluts like most? No, it’s not a big dick, godly body, or a kind personality. It’s what makes the world go round. I’m talking about greenbacks, dosh, cash, money, and fat stacks. Nothing makes a babe’s inhibitions vanish faster than you showing her a massive balance in your account.

Hey, I don’t blame these bitches. People are attracted to cash like moths to the fucking flame. is here to give you a chance at winning big. It’s an online casino and sports betting site where you can risk it all at the prospect of taking home massive winnings and jackpots. I know that I’m hyping this shit up, but you cucks have to remember to be at least semi-responsible. Don’t come crying to me if you blow all of your savings on a single game of blackjack and lose it all. Anyway, this popular gambling site is big for you fucks over in the UK. It’s been around since 2008 and brings in well over 300,000 brits every month.

Get a 100% Deposit Match Up to €200 when You Sign-Up Today
The site has a clean white design with some blonde chick wearing a fake mustache as the site’s mascot. No, really, that’s what they went with. Apparently, the mustache gives bonuses and good luck or whatever. Hey, I won’t argue too much. This site’s design is a few steps above many of the shittier online casino sites out there. The first thing that you’ll see is a massive advertisement for’s sign-up bonus. It’s pretty good. You get 100 free spins to do with what you will, and a 100% deposit match up to €200 on your first deposit.
You’ve got quite a few options at your disposal here. You can fuck around with casino titles, scratch cards, slots, and sports betting. The only thing that they don’t have is live casino games. You won’t be able to sit down with a real dealer or play with other chumps on here. You’ll have to fly solo this time around. First, you need to make your account even to play demos of the titles on here. But that’s pretty standard procedure. Just plug your personal information in and connect a bank account or some other payment method to get started.

A Surprisingly Slim Catalog of Casino Games
Sorry nerds, you’ll have to use real-world dollars. This site doesn’t take cryptocurrency or anything like that. But they take a wide range of payment options, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue getting funds deposited fast. Once you’ve got that all sorted and done, you can browse the site and start trying your luck with some games. The main page organizes titles by featured, new, video slots, classic, casino games, scratch cards, and all games. However, you don’t need to use any filter options, not even the long list in the sidebar. Why? Well, there are only 21 games in total on this damn site. Talk about slim pickings, fuck.
And around half of those games are slots. There’s only one standard casino game, and it’s called Jacks or Better. Come on, at least throw some blackjack, poker, or roulette into the action. Fuck this Jacks or better nonsense. So, yeah, you’re stuck with either scratch cards or slots for the most part. That’s not a bad thing, but folks looking for something more exciting or who wanted loads of standard casino options will want to go and play somewhere else.

Try any Game out for Free Before You Place Real Bets
At least you can click on any game to fuck around with it for free. You won’t have to worry about blowing your cash just because you don’t quite understand how to play a particular game. Play demo round after demo round if that’s what it takes. But, again, most of these games are as simple as spinning a slot machine and seeing if you win. From there, you can load any game up in a full-screen window and go to fucking town. Most games have decent jackpots, and you can bet as little or as much as you feel comfortable.
The sports section is a bit more robust. You risk-takers can scroll through lists of games in sports like football, horse racing, tennis, darts, and US politics. This site is already taking bets on the candidate for the next 2024 presidential election. Holy shit, that just makes this site a slam dunk in my book. Fucking US politics. Incredible. Anyway, you can see the odds and how to wager when you click on any game. Most sports will have multiple betting options and all of that good shit. It’s easy to get started and place as many bets as you want on your favorite teams or events.

Great Mobile Site for Taking Gambling on the Go!
Those of you cucks looking to take the curated selection of games and sports betting options that Mrplay has will be pleased to know that the mobile site is great. It’s formatted well for mobile devices, and you won’t have to painstakingly zoom in and out on text as you would on other sites. The games are accessible, and you can still access the sports section of the site. All in all, the mobile site was solid, and you on the go fucks should have no issue gambling your paychecks away, no matter where you are.
BestLoveList’s Favorite Features
Well, you get a lot of sports to bet on. And I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the global politics shit again. You can place bets on elections all around the world. How fucking wild is that? But you have a ton of regular sporting options at your disposal if those are more your speed. I liked that each game would have varied odds and a few different betting options. Some sites only let you bet on a winner or loser. This site had options for score thresholds, player stats, and all of that good shit.
I was also a fan of the mobile site. It’s nothing too crazy, but at least you can access all of the same games and desktop features while you’re on the go. The games played well, which should be expected since they only have 20 or so to fucking work with. The sports page was actually a little easier to navigate on mobile. The desktop page can feel a bit cluttered.

BestLoveList’s Suggestions
Add more games! Fuck, this is like going to an arcade and there only being a handful of off-brand machines that nobody gives a shit about. This site needs to cover its bases and have a boatload of more casino titles, at the very least. I want to see dice, card, and roulette games out the ass. After all, those games are usually what most cucks want to play aside from slots and jackpots. Build a community of gamblers who want to play your games and keep coming back for more. Having a few additional deposit bonuses would help with that as well.
BestLoveList’s Final Thoughts
Overall, is a gambling site with a ton of potential. The sports section is great. If you’re just looking to bet on global events and games, it’s a must-visit site if that’s your prerogative. Otherwise, you might want to skip this one. You don’t get many games to play at all, and the ones you do get are lackluster. I want to see a massive catalog of titles with everything I’d see at a typical casino. This site just doesn’t quite make that happen. Still, it’s a fine enough website if you just plan on fucking around with slots or scratch cards. I recommend checking it out and seeing if they’ve got wager options for your favorite teams or sports.

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