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Montreal & Maritime Review Board! Finding escorts and associated erotic services is one thing, but knowing about the quality of such services is an entirely different affair. Whether you are the asshole that wants to seek a sexual thrill away from your wife or you simply want to get adventurous with your sexual tastes and experiences (because why the fuck not? life is short), you need to be sure that you are not being ripped off. Escort review boards allow you to connect with fellow punters, exchange information and discuss escort experiences. You know there is a lot to know before you spend a dime on a whore who won’t dress for the occasion, has bad breath, is an awful performer, or wants to get drunk before delivering the services you fucking paid for. Sure, it may take your time and effort, but it's way better than a blind date with a mediocre, blacklisted companion, don’t you agree?

Exactly why you should totally hook up with, a Canadian adult site that allows you to exchange ideas and information regarding Canadian escorts and erotic massage services with other perverts. With plenty of sections and forums, you can look forward to information regarding the terminators you would like to fuck and where to get the steamiest massage services with prospects of a happy ending very much on the cards. There is also a probability of finding a good call girl that plays by the rules and doesn’t mess around.

What the site promises
It is not like the site is shouting about the services on offer from a mountain top. As a matter of fact, I was initially confused as to the nature of the site I just visited before I saw a green-colored link asking me to confirm that I’m overage before proceeding to the main page. These fucks should know people. Do they think I’m a fucking toddler? Anyway, once you enter the main page, you are welcomed by a well-structured bulletin board with a list of categories and forums that will leave you in no doubt that it’s all about escorts and erotic massage services.
Plain, minimalistic outlook looks like a typical forum in terms of outlook and content organization. The entire main page is lined up with forums and categories and picking out your forum of interest is pretty straightforward. The plain white background is probably the site’s idea of providing a distraction-free experience, and while I would have preferred a bit of color, I must admit that the trick has worked wonders. It is simple, plain, and goes direct to business without wasting a lot of your time.
Navigation is a fucking breeze
The site’s simplicity means you can easily pick a forum or whatever it is that brought you here and get on with it without breaking a sweat. If you are looking for a faster way to access the forums, the basic search feature at the top right corner should come in handy. The advanced search option will prove an even better option as you get to search for content by type, keyword, tags, date, and relevance among other options. The pagination is limited to a few pages, but that’s should only be a blip in what is largely a smooth navigation process.
Plenty of adult-oriented forums presents quite a few forums to pick from, most of which are teeming with adult discussions including escorts, erotic massages, and other fetish-themed entertainment. Some of my favorites include;
The lounge; this one is a general discussion area where pretty much any topic goes. There are independent call girls talking about why they don’t work with agencies, discussions on how to properly eat a pussy, laser hair removal ‘down there’, safety and benefits for incalls and outcalls services and more.

Independent escorts; this forum is for Montreal Independent Escort incall/outcall advertisers. Click here to find the hottest escorts sluts in Montreal ready to offer you pleasure, fun, perfect girlfriend experience, and intimacy. The whores’ pages are well detailed and tell you all you need to know about the girl complete with a bunch of mouthwatering snaps and her availability.

Escort agencies; check out this forum for Montreal Escort Agencies incall/outcall advertisers where agencies are falling over themselves to present their lineup of girls as sexier and their services kinkier. You have over 1600 pages to browse which can only mean endless possibilities.

Selfie forum; this is a new forum where you post your awesome selfies just to show members how naughty you feel. See naughty girls soaking themselves in bathtubs, sumptuous nude selfies, and basically hundreds of girls capturing their naughty moments on camera.

Massage parlors; looking for the best erotic massage parlors in Montreal? This is where your ass wannabe. There are prospects of a happy ending in each of the ads which should be music to your ears. Shit, some of these massage parlors here feature girls from exotic places like Thailand, Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Colombia, Mexico and a host of other places.

A quick look at the review pages
Let’s look at the feature that makes different from other sites out there; the reviews. This is where punters share the details of the girl and the quality of services offered just to give you a heads up. I know some escorts think their services should not be subjected to consumer scrutiny, but I personally think these are the sub-par whores who offer mediocre services. Ultimately, the most basic concept of economics dictates that the consumer should be informed. There are multiple forums where guys basically talk about the experiences they’ve had with particular girls, some of whom have listed their services on the site (for what is the purpose of going through the trouble if you don’t want a piece of the cookie?). All the dirty details are here, but there is a catch: you will have to get yourself an account if you are keen on taking a look. There are multiple forums focusing on reviews of escort girls and massage parlors in cities all over Canada and a host of other places. If you are serious about knowing the details of the potential experience that lies in wait, is the spot for you.
What impressed me most about the site;
Interactivity; has close to 100k registered users who together have contributed over 114,057 threads and 780, 096 posts. The site is also full of activity with new threads and posts popping up every few minutes. You can check out the Currently Active Users and those currently celebrating their birthdays at the bottom of the home page.
Lots of adult-focused forums; it’s all about the escort and erotic massage services, and the site has lined up plenty of adult forums where thrill-seekers can converge and engage in adult discussions.

User reviews; you understand how it feels to have a hot girl cover herself in oil to rub you down and jerk you off, right? Now imagine being armed with sufficient details on what you should expect from that particular call girl or massage parlors.

Ads free; the site makes sure that you only have eyes for the adult services by providing users with an ad-free experience. The site is probably making enough from the service providers advertising their services on the forums to bother you with annoying ads.

Possible concerns;
Not entirely adult-focused; some of the forums here are simply out of place in an adult site. Who the fuck wants to know about politics and religion anyways?
Some features need an account; you won’t be able to use some of the features unless you are a registered user. For instance, you can’t contribute to the discussions or view the user reviews.

What I think should be done
Get rid of those non-adult forums. This one is a no brainer, to be honest. I’m pretty certain no one visits an escort site to discuss sports and politics. The number of posts and threads in such forums says it all.
If you are looking for a high-growth online forum with user reviews, escort advertising, erotic massage, and related services, there is no going wrong with The site has thousands of active users who make the adult-focused forums lively and informative, more so the escort reviews. Some of the features might require a user account, but the site is free, which is an awesome selling feature. Visit today and be impressed by what you discover.

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