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Let's watch some granny sex videos at LustyGrandmas! Let me guess: you’re the type of pervert who really respects your elders. While other folks your age my look upon the older generation for leadership and wisdom, you’re the type of deviate who looks at grandma and thanks, goddamn, I’d love to stick my dick up her ass. Well, I’ve got good news for you, because that’s exactly the shit you’re going to find at LustyGrandmas. has been churning out GILF porn since 2003. They’re currently part of the 21Sextreme Network, known around the world for their exclusive, top-shelf endeavors in the world of premium pornography. They get about a million visits every month, so maybe it’s doesn’t matter all that much what I’ve got to say. These guys are doing alright for themselves, which makes me all the more eager to get in and take a closer look.

Old Ladies with Crazy Libidos
You know, with a name like LustyGrandmas, you have a pretty fucking good idea of what to expect even before you type the URL into the box. When I found a wrinkly old lady staring at the camera with a young dude’s cock in her mouth, I wasn’t all that surprised. The thumbnails all over the landing page tell a lot of the stories you’ll end up seeing here. Granny has a secret date and gets her twat stuffed, or maybe she gets fingered by a younger guy at her birthday party. There are stepmoms acting naughty and cougar landladies accepting alternate forms of payment.
Scroll down the page, and you’ll find a “Why should I join a LustyGrandmas?” section. Beside a photograph of a smiling GILF and her younger boyfriend, a blurb introduces you to Orhidea, a 67-year-old who wants to eat your cock with her nimble tongue before letting you bang her in her old pussy. It might all be bullshit, but it certainly sounds like an intimate introduction to a real-life grandma you want to bang.

A thumbnail selection of Most Popular LustyGrandmas is displayed toward the bottom of the front page, giving you a damn good idea of who you’ll find inside. These ladies are older than your typical cougar or MILF, with plenty of wrinkles on these mature bodies. They’ve held up remarkably well, though, and very few of them sport their natural gray hair. If I had to guess, the younger chicks here start in their sixties.

Ask Grandma for an Early Birthday Present
It’s definitely worth noting that a membership to LustyGrandmas actually includes full access to over 30 sites on the 21Sextreme Network. They claim to have some of the web’s hardest porn, and their network consists of all kinds of smut for when you get tired of the old bitches. It’s generally a good deal when a premium porn site offers 30 times as much material as you were initially looking for, so keep that in mind as you consider signing up. Sites include such perversion as Baby Got Balls, Creampie Reality, Speculum Plays, and Teach Me Fisting.
If you don’t need to download anything, they’ve got monthly membership starting at just 20 bucks. If you’re willing to shell out for a full year, you can get streaming and downloading for only 10 dollars a month, which is easily the best value. For those of you who are unsure or just prefer to buy your porn via the crackhead model, there’s also a three-day trial for only three dollars.

The insanely huge wealth of porn you will be accessing is almost a distraction. I got signed up and logged in, and they dropped me off in the 21Sextreme Network area of AdultTime. I found the link to LustyGrandmas in the sidebar and clicked it, narrowing my catalog to the material I’m trying to review here. You know, the old ladies getting boned by youthful dingdong.

I’m pretty fucking shocked by how many movies I find in the LustyGrandmas section alone. There are nearly 5000 movies listed here, which I guess is the kind of thing that happens when you’ve been banging out grandma porn for the better part of two decades. Still, it’s a little bit overwhelming, and I wish I’d called my Viagra dealer earlier.

Your Hot Grandma Has a Secret
I pulled up the very most recent LustyGrandmas movie, a little something called Granny’s Secret Date. It opens with a muscled stud drinking champagne in a hotel room. A mature broad in sunglasses sneaks into the room, dropping her robe to reveal white lingerie. Her white roots are peeking out from her dark dye job, but it’s the wrinkles on her face and body that give away her age. Still, she’s got a great shape and a seductive smile.
There’s not much in the way of setup dialogue here. The two don’t say shit before they’re in bed together, the old babe wearing nothing but panties as the guy kisses her and starts rubbing her clit. There is a range of resolution options to choose from, but I don’t have any buffering issues watching the movie in full HD.

A few minutes in and the young dude starts licking her shaved twat. She may be an older babe, but she doesn’t have the roast beef pussy lips you see in some of her nastier contemporaries. The camera cuts to her face as she’s getting licked down, and you can see the delight in her eyes and her lips.

The video player is very responsive, letting me skip ahead to the backward cowgirl scene without slowing me down for buffering. This chick clearly knows how to ride, having spent decades bouncing on cocks from what I can see. The dude hammers away from underneath, filling her up and make her drip a little bit.

The camera work is simple but effective, with multiple angles taking in the scene from different directions. There are close-ups on the pussy penetration, which looks spectacular during the doggystyle sequence when we can see her puckered asshole as he slams her cooter. You know, just based on the moans alone, I would’ve guessed she’s a teenager getting her pussy plowed for the very first time.

Downloads are available in the same range of resolutions as the streaming versions. The 4K ultra-HD version of the 20-minute flick takes up over two gigs, so you should probably delete all those vacation shots your wife took on that cruise you didn’t get laid on. I bet you’ve got a few snapshots saved of the older broads sunbathing on the ship, don’t you?

Old Sluts + Young Studs = Good Porn
The formula at LustyGrandmas is pretty fucking simple, and I saw it repeated time and time again in movies like Horny Rookie, Slutty Master, the Panties Thief, Housekeeping at Its Best, and My Private Gigolo. They find a gorgeous, experienced older broad like Mary Rider, Tiffany Rousso, or Alexa Si, and they throw some youthful big cock at it. Simple!
There’s no real subtext that we’re viewing highbrow erotica here. This is nasty, dirty hardcore starring grandmas you’d like to fuck. They get right down to business in most of these movies, with minimal setup or bullshit dialogue to guide the action. The scenarios have the flimsiness and cheesiness you expect from classic hardcore pornography, as well as the hardcore, explicit sex you expect from vintage hardcore pornography.

At the typical price you’d expect to pay for any kind of premium smut on the Internet, LustyGrandmas represents an excellent value in the world of grandma pornography. They’ve got thousands of movies on hand, with a lot more coming out every month. The fact that LustyGrandmas is just a tiny part of the 21Sextury Network membership makes this a really fucking kick-ass deal on hardcore pornography. Even if you manage to fap your way through all the GILF movies, there’s still a lot more on the menu to get you all riled up. You’d better get started if you want to finish this century.

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