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If you asked people to describe porno, most folks will talk about movies where people fuck, or flicks about sucking dick. “Some hot chick gets a dick up her butthole, and somebody else aims a camera at the penetration.” Not many people will use words like cinema to describe a good anal sex movie, but then again, most perverts ain’t cranking it to the kind of smut they’re peddling over at LustCinema. has been putting out some really high-class erotica over the years. They call themselves “the porn studio for lovers of cinema and sex,” offering up plot-driven series and female-directed feature films. The premise revolves heavily around realistic sex situations, cinematic quality, and sex positivity. It sounds a little different from your typical teen cherry-popping extravaganza, but hey, I’m a guy who likes a little variety in his masturbatory routine. I ain’t alone; the site gets nearly 2,000 visitors every day.

Top Pornstars in High-Class Smut
A lot of the bigger premium adult sites have a similar feel these days. They’ve got flashy-ass websites covered in automatically playing HD video montages of squirting, titty-fucking, and MILFs getting banged by four dicks at once in airtight orgies. The sexual ambience at LustCinema is just a tad bit more understated.
Some may argue it’s even a little more erotic the way the dirtiest parts aren’t immediately splayed all over the landing page. As much as I like an explicit depiction of a spread twat and all the pink goodness inside, my brain can’t help filling in all the missing pieces here with details that might be even dirtier than the actual movies. I won’t know until I watch it.

The title cards sliding across the top of the screen are remarkably clean, almost all suitable for Netflix, with the exception of a few stray titties. I’m looking at you, Cherie DeVille. Those of you who recognize pornstars will realize what kind of site you’re looking at immediately. The classy still previews may look like they’re setting you up for a Lifetime made-for-TV romance, but there are some really dirty whores in the cast.

There’s a row of thumbnailed popular categories out on the landing page. LustCinema fans are into Lesbian movies, Anal films, and mature cinematography. They appreciate BDSM films with excellent direction, and group sex scenes with a trained eye for eroticism. I joke, but the pics are more highbrow than most.

They don’t even have video thumbnails on the landing page, but more of those cleanish, professional title cards. Instead of scene titles like Asian MILF Gets Cunt Pounded, these movies have names like Natural Beauty, Girl Friday, All About Hope, and Confessions of a Sinful Nun. The pics are sexy and vague enough to intrigue me; are these full-on hardcore pornos, softcore flicks, or some kind of arty erotica? There’s only one way to find out.

There are some free previews out front, and even a free film for anyone willing to give up an email address. I watched the trailer for Girl Friday, which showed a cute girl touching herself under a sheet while talking some sad, find-yourself shit in the voiceover. It’s definitely more cinematic than your typical porno, but there’s full-frontal nudity, pussy-eating, and fingering. Maybe this ain’t a bunch of boring chick flicks after all.

Progressive Pricing for Progressive Porno
LustCinema is a pretty fucking progressive porn site. Not only are the movies directed by broads, but as I write this, they’re offering a free week-long membership to celebrate International Women’s Day. I appreciate that even as a dude, they let me get in on that action.
The regular price is $35 a month, which is admittedly a few bucks more than your typical paysite in 2021. They do include downloads, a dying perk on a lot of premium sites, and new releases every week. Right now, they’ve got about 150 movies in the archive. It ain’t as much as some of the big porn networks, but it ain’t bad for a highbrow erotica site.

Sorting for the movies could be better. Most sites let you rearrange shit by release date, popularity, or duration. I think these show the newest first, and that’s the only option you get. There is a nice Categories page, if you’d like to skip right to the Bisexual films, Outdoor movies, and tasteful Threesome scenes.

Porn with Stories and Dirty Whores
The film at the top of the member’s page, The Girls Next Door, features MILFs Silvia Sage and Mona Wales, but it’s Danni Rivers’ cute face in the title card that makes me click through to the movie’s info page. The two-hour flick is about a reckless mother-daughter duo of con artists who take advantage of men, but are about to get the tables turned on them. Sordid!
There’s an intro montage with a voiceover. Danni talks about how she and her mom have become world-class scam artists. It’s lucrative, but hard to make lasting connections, leading to a lonely existence. It’s only deep at a teen drama level, which is admittedly deeper than your typical hardcore fuck flick.

The movie plays fucking beautifully at full 1080p, though lower resolutions are available for the hillbillies still on dialup. The mom and daughter were just talking in the beginning, so I jumped ahead a few minutes. Now, I found the hot blonde MILF stripping down and sitting down in a dude’s lap before they start kissing passionately.

It looks like dude has his fingers in her snatch, but the camera isn’t really focused on the penetration. The build-up is slow, focusing instead on the building passion between the onscreen pair. They keep kissing, and she pulls out his dick for a taste.

Story-Based and Passionate, but Still Hardcore
I skipped ahead for about ten minutes. Now both were naked, having a slow missionary fuck on the couch. There’s a lot of moaning and romantic eye contact, even as dude speeds up and starts hitting it harder. I may recognize this whore, and they may fuck more athletically than your average couple, but there’s something distinctly real about this hookup. Maybe it’s the lack of music, maybe it’s the simple camera work that doesn’t focus exclusively on the penetration, or maybe it’s something else entirely.
Next, I skipped to the halfway point of the movie. Danni was on her back, still in her bra and cutoff shorts, with a dude passionately kissing all the exposed flesh he can find. It’s a good thing this movie is so long because the scenes build up really slowly compared to your typical flick where there’s a cock in a girl’s face within 30 seconds of the opening.

The difference between erotica and pornography is sometimes easy to spot. XConfessions, another paysite in the same network, is full of flicks that fall squarely into the former. They’re ridiculously arty and fairly softcore. I was expecting something similar here, but these movies have plenty of onscreen HD pussy-eating and cock-licking, threesomes, and general perversion.

It looks like LustCinema really comes through on their promise of porn for “lovers of cinema and sex”. The big difference between this site and your typical premium site is the ramped-up realism through advanced film-making technique. They’re genuinely telling sex stories here, not just putting some hot pornstars in a room with a bucket of lube.

Being a female-direction site, it’s easy to recommend this site to broads. I’d say most perverts could whack off to this material, though, and it will really be appreciated by anybody who likes a realistic setup and a heightened level of romance and passion in their spank fodder.’s brand of pornographic cinema takes the dirty sex you love about hardcore porn and classes it the fuck up. These are cinematic fuck flicks with solid, realistic storylines and more romance than your typical X-rated scenes. These dirty movies will appeal to those who appreciate good filmmaking or just like an added dose of eroticism in their smut.

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