Link Snappy doesn’t look like the kind of thing I review here at ThePornDude, at least not at first. Their landing page is clean, white, and professional as hell, with nary a drop of sperm, exposed snatch, or even a stray nipple making an appearance. Hell, there’s no mention of sex anywhere at all. With thousands of people visiting every day, I’d bet a good chunk of them are using the service for wholesome, non-masturbatory reasons. You ain’t among that chunk, though, are you, pervert? is a content-aggregator and file transfer system. You can also look at it as a premium link generator, debrid service and/or multihost service. I know that sounds pretty fucking fancy, but it ain’t half as complicated as it seems. At its heart, the main function is giving you quicker, faster access to all those dirty pictures, explicit movies and adult games hosted on filehosts like Uploaded, Keep2Share and Turbobit. They’ve also got a nice handful of bells and whistles to entice you over from the competing services, and you know what? I have a feeling these guys are legit. They’ve already been around for ten years strong, so let’s find out what the magic is.

WTF is LinkSnappy? WTF is a MultiHost Service?
If you’re into free porn, chances are you’ve run into a sex forum or smut blog full of full-length movies and amateur fuck flicks. You’ll see thumbnails galore, but instead of embedded video players like they’ve got on the tubes, these sites have download links instead. Click one and you’ll be shuffled along to a file locker like RapidGator, KatFile or Mega.
The trouble is, access usually ain’t so unlimited, is it? The file lockers restrict the fuck out of the free users, offering dial-up download speeds even though you’re paying Comcast out the ass for the fastest plan. Worse, they usually limit you to one file every few hours, meaning it’s going to take years to fill up that terabyte external HDD.

You could sign up for a premium account with, 1Fichier or WDupload. That’d earn you access to fast downloads, but only for that locker. If you want access to more files on more filehosts, your monthly bills are going to get higher and higher like a bunch of burned-out hippies.

Enter LinkSnappy. Their service allows you to download files from dozens of major filehosts at premium speeds. This service is alternately called a link generator, a debrid or multihost service. Whatever you want to call it, the whole idea is to save you a ton of money and a ton of time. That’s something any pervert can appreciate, even if you ain’t waiting on the next stimulus check to get the lights turned back on.

The current list has around 70 entries, including most of the big, recognizable file lockers like Uploaded, Mega, Keep2Share, Turbobit, RapidGator, etc. One thing I was surprised to see is that they also include video sites like PornHub, xHamster and YouTube. Remember those bells and whistles I mentioned?

Math Class with The Porn Dude
I wrote a sentence about how was free, highlighted it in bold, and then deleted it. The front page urges you to sign up by saying it’s free to create an account, but then goes on to say you get a 7-day money-back guarantee. That’s the part that should be in bold, but it still begs a big ol’ question: how much does it cost?
They’ve got different price packages, but I always look at the monthly rate as my main comparison point between other sites. Thirty days of LinkSnappy access will run you $13, though you get a better deal on the 90- and 180-day memberships. There’s also a 7-day rate for five bucks if you only plan on using it to download a collection of weird lactating tentacle fetish shit you found on some weeaboo forum. One thing I really like is that the memberships are non-recurring unless you opt-in, so you won’t end up paying for something you never use just because you’re too lazy or too stoned to cancel.

Let’s say you signed up for premium accounts on Keep2Share ($9.50 a month), MediaFire ($7.50), and Turbobit ($9.95). Right there, you’ve already spent $14 more than the LinkSnappy subscription, which includes support for those very sites add dozens more. It doesn’t take a math whiz to see what kind of value you’re getting with this multihost service.

Registration is pretty much instant. Just give them an email address and then click the link they send you. Free users do get 3 premium links to test out the debrid service. There are some limitations on the freebies, though. When I tried generating links for FileSpace or Keep2Share, it told me those were for Elite members only. I tried one for RapidGator and got a message saying all the free download slots were currently full, so I’d have to either wait or upgrade for full access. Well, shit.

Bells and Whistles on a Multihost Service
From a premium account, the process is a lot simpler. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL from the file you’re trying to download into the LinkSnappy dashboard. It’ll automatically generate a link, and then you can enjoy quick, premium access to the file. It’s like a trade: you give them a shitty, free, slow download link and they give you a kickass, premium, fast download link. Seems fair.
But who really wants to copy and paste a link every single time they want to download something? That’s like some tedious, early Internet shit you’d expect from the olden days of floppy discs and inconvenience. Fuck that shit, am I right? Do it the easy way and use one of the available plugins for your web browser or download manager. The Chrome or Firefox addon seems like a no-brainer for most Internet users, and the fancy pants nerds will appreciate the support for jDownloader, Mipony and Load!

Honestly, there’s not much more to explain about the basics of their debrid service, so let’s get into some of those other features that make LinkSnappy different from some of the other multihosts out there. One of the very first things I noticed in the dashboard was that they also have torrent support. Depending on how much you’re planning on downloading, you may need to spring for a bigger account, but the feature set is rich. This could save you a lot of time, bandwidth, and privacy.

Speaking of privacy, private downloads are included as part of the Elite membership. That means there’s no logging of IP addresses or downloads, giving you another level of security while you’re downloading felching movies and monster pregnancy hentai. Personally, I don’t care who knows if I watch cosplay bukkake orgies, but I know how some of you perverts are.

The last thing I wanted to mention was how LinkSnappy unlocks some video functionality that’s not generally available, at least not for free. Because of the way the service is structured, you’re able to stream filehosts and torrents without downloading them. That’s a big fucking deal, since one of my usual complaints about the porn downloading sites is that you pretty much have to plan your fap sessions ahead. LinkSnappy cuts the wait time out of the equation, meaning you can beat off now instead of waiting for your lesbian scissoring flicks to finish downloading.

All in all, it ain’t all that hard to see why has been around so long. Their main selling point is their debrid service, which gets you premium download speeds from a shit-ton of filehosts that would otherwise cost you hundreds of dollars a month. That alone is probably worth the entry price, but they spice up the whole package with support for video sites and torrents. Next time you’re browsing one of the porn download forums or full-movie blogs, check LinkSnappy to see if the filehosts are included on their list. You might save a shit ton of money and time.

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