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Reddit Legal Teens, aka r/LegalTeens! Teenage girls. To paraphrase the immortal words of Matthew McConaughey, I get older but they stay the same age. When you combine t……


Reddit Legal Teens, aka r/LegalTeens! Teenage girls. To paraphrase the immortal words of Matthew McConaughey, I get older but they stay the same age. When you combine this perpetual youth with the fact that they’re uneducated, unintelligent, and lack life experience, teenagers have made themselves a porn goldmine.

They’ve got tight bodies, uninhibited minds, and so little care for the future that they’ll willingly plaster their nudes all over the internet for future teachers, employers, and boyfriends to stumble upon. It’s best not to dwell on why they do it—the inner workings of the young female mind are an enigma, and any attempt to make sense of it will be a waste of time. Instead, we should sit back and enjoy it. If hot young pieces of ass want to let the world see their naked bodies, who am I to question that.

But the internet can be a scary place for perverts like you and I. In this day and age, with every young slut having a cell phone and an internet connection, it can be tough to stay on the right side of the law. We all love a nice young body, but you’ve got to be careful out there.

That’s where Reddit’s /r/LegalTeens comes in—it focuses on the young girls that we all love, but has strict moderation to ensure that none of the pictures are going to lead to the FBI busting down your door while you’ve got your dick in your hand. It’s the masturbation equivalent of using a condom—sure, taking precautions to avoid risk might not be as fun or exciting, but you’re not going to end up with the clap or a cock up your ass in the prison shower.

An Infinite Feed With One Hand
The layout of /r/Legal Teens couldn’t be better. Open up the site and you’ll be greeted immediately with a pair of eighteen- or nineteen-year-old tits staring you right in the face. Scroll down and find another—or a nice juicy ass, or maybe a tight pussy. There’s nothing else to distract you, and the infinite scrolling means the pics will keep on coming until you’re cumming.
Protip: the way /r/LegalTeens is set up allows you to scroll with one hand. If you’re righthanded, move your mouse over and use it like a lefty (or vice-versa), then see if you can find something else for your dominant hand to do while it’s free. You can thank me later.

If you’re a long-time Redditor you may be put off by the website’s recent redesign—sure, it’s got a focus on images so the good stuff will be front and center, but if you’re like me you sometimes want your jerk-off sessions to be like how they were years ago. If nostalgia overpowers your senses like it does mine, you can always switch back to the classic layout and masturbate just like you used to.

If you’re on the go and find yourself overcome by the desire to cum to some teenage girls, you’ve got tons of options. Reddit has a serviceable mobile website, though it does lack a bit of polish. The masturbation connoisseur should dedicate some time to installing one of the many available apps that allows you to access Reddit’s LegalTeens: some of the best are the official Reddit app, as well as third-party apps like Apollo or Narwhal for iPhones, or Relay, Sync, or Reddit is Fun on Android phones.

Finding The Good Stuff
No matter the platform, you have a few selections before you when it comes to the delivery of these barely legal babes. By default, the images on /r/LegalTeens will be sorted according to Reddit’s Hot algorithm. If you’re a new or casual user of /r/LegalTeens, this is probably the place to stay—it’s going to give you some of the newer nudes that are popular with Reddit’s community of pervs.
If you’ve scrolled so far down the Hot page and still haven’t busted, you could always try sorting by New. This will show you the most recent submissions, which haven’t yet been vetted by the public at large. You might stumble upon an absolute gem here, or if you’re less lucky you could find a turd—sometimes even young girls shouldn’t be showing off. At peak times you’ll see a new post every few minutes, but even in the dead of night, there will usually be a bit of new content coming through every once in a while if you’re that desperate.

If you’re looking for some classics, you can switch to sorting by Top posts. This shows you the most popular girls posted over a given time period—for a real treat, try setting it to show you the top posts of all time. Do so and you’ll be presented with countless girls so hot and so slutty that you wouldn’t believe they existed if they weren’t right in front of your eyes.

It’s hard to believe that tits this big can be this perky. In a few years, I’m sure that time will have its revenge on these girls, but that’s the beauty of /r/LegalTeens—not only will the pictures of these girls in their prime be usable much longer than the girls themselves, but more and more teenagers will step up to the plate to show off their bodies for years to come. It’s beautiful, really. Makes me want to shed a tear. Think I’ll blow my load instead.

Keeping Quality High
All of this would be meaningless if the pictures themselves weren’t high quality—all of the content is user submitted, and a quick look through some other subreddits will prove that a good website design and subreddit theme doesn’t necessarily lead to good porn.
Thankfully, that isn’t an issue here. /r/LegalTeens has a few things going for it that ensure that the tight bodies outweigh the less attractive ones in number as much as they do in weight.

First and foremost, they ban self-promotion. A lot of Reddit is infected with “entrepreneurs” who only post teases for free on the site, then ask you to send them money (a lot of money) to unlock the good stuff. Not so on /r/LegalTeens—all the girls posting here are doing it for the pleasure of being jacked off to, so do them a favor and get to it.

Not only that, but if you’re posting pictures of yourself, you have to verify yourself by posting an image of yourself next to your username. This ensures that the hot slut you’re chatting with is actually who she says she is, not some basement-dwelling fatass rubbing his microdick with his Cheeto-encrusted fingers while you tell him how much you want to fuck him in the ass.

They’ve also got rules against reposts, which means you’re not going to see the same pictures over and over again. If you’re a sad sack of shit who falls in love with one of the girls on /r/LegalTeens you’ll have to scroll back up, sorry, you’re not going to see that picture of her tits again if you keep scrolling down. Or, better yet, print the picture off, cover it in your cum, and mail it to her. Girls love that, I promise.

Two Strange Drawbacks
I have one major issue with /r/LegalTeens. For some inexplicable reason, they added one too many rules. There’s currently a rule against posting videos—why? Sure, looking at a still photo of a hot girl is still one of life’s simple pleasures, but come on. It’s not 1999. We’re not downloading porn at the rate of one pic per hour through Napster on dialup. I want to watch teen girls undress and finger themselves, and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. You don’t have to interrupt your jerk-off session when your mom needs to use the phone, so you shouldn’t be stuck beating off to still images anymore either.

I’m obviously not alone in this belief: if you sort by the top posts of all time, you’ll find that the first, second, AND third-ranked posts ever are videos of unbelievably hot teen girls flashing the camera, evidently from some bygone era when this was allowed. So the demand is there, what gives?

The only other problem I have is that there’s no way to filter posts. There is a search feature, but most of the titles aren’t very descriptive, so it’s hard to find what you need that way. Thankfully, the content is of a fairly universally high quality so this isn’t a major issue, but if you’re looking for something specific /r/LegalTeens could be better.

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