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Who’s up for a Kemono Party? I know some of you are probably confused, and I can’t blame you. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this next site was all about when I saw t……


Who’s up for a Kemono Party? I know some of you are probably confused, and I can’t blame you. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what this next site was all about when I saw the name. This ain’t a TeensLoveHugeCocks or a Hentaigasm where’s it’s written on the tin what you’re getting inside. Then again, maybe you’re a weeaboo who’s spent the last decade studying Japanese culture while you masturbate, in which case you might know what I just learned on Wikipedia: Kemono basically means “beast,” and it’s often short of Kemonomimi, which is “the concept of depicting human and human-like characters with animal ears, and by extension, other features such as tails.”

I bet the wheels are spinning in your head now, huh? There are really only a few places you can go with a name like that, and since you’re reading this on ThePornDude, you already know it ain’t going to be wholesome. Kemono.Party is a free hentai site with an emphasis on premium content. The content isn’t all furry-related, but you’ll find tons of it. It’s got a wildly different setup from your typical doujinshi collection, which may be why it’s been wildly outperforming most of them these days. Nearly six million fur-loving deviates stopped by last month, and the traffic curve is only going up. Let’s find out what these dogs are shaking their tails and raging red hard-ons at.

Going Wild at the Kemono Party
I really had no fucking idea what Kemono was when I saw the name, and I still didn’t have any fucking idea when I clicked the link and saw the front page. There wasn’t a single stray titty or spread twat out front, no drawings of naked furry babes or auto-playing videos of famous pornstars. Most porn sites make it loud and fucking clear what kind of smut they’re peddling right from the jump, but here come these cats with the Fonzie-cool intro. Heeeey.
Between a call for developers who know Python and a row of announcements that don’t make sense to a newcomer, the all-text landing page laid out their setup in one thick sentence: “Welcome to Kemono, a scraper for Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar, Gumroad, Discord, DLsite and Fantia.” This may sound like gibberish to the uninitiated, but some of your ears perked up when you read this. Those are some of the biggest sources of paid hentai content, and the site’s promising free access to paywalled material.

It’s a user-contributed collection, so those growing traffic numbers make a lot of sense: the more members they’ve got, the more porn that will be posted. This is a thriving community of hentai-sharing enthusiasts. That big, active community is what’s driving the site. The bigger, the better, and it just keeps growing.

I mean that in a literal sense. That growing userbase coincides with a collection of porn comics that’s exploding on a daily basis. These magnanimous deviates are eager to share their secrets with the rest of the class, so you’ll see a steady influx of fresh content all the goddamn time. If you want to get involved, hit the Import link at the top of the screen. The Kemono.Party system can automatically scrape content from paysites like Patreon, DLsite and Fantia, which is pretty fucking cool.

Millions of Posts You Never Paid For
Every time I make my way back to the Kemono Recent Posts page or just hit the Refresh button, I’m treated to a big pile of fresh hentai to shake my dick at. Since I wrote that last paragraph, the page has been updated with nearly a dozen new entries. There’s an MP4 of an anime girl sucking dick and a gallery with the same theme, a Genshin Impact parody with bondage, an X-rated Witcher animation and a couple of catgirls getting tied up and raped by tentacles.
To date, there are over 2.2 million posts on Kemono.Party, each with its own pictures and/or animations. That’s an impressive size for any hentai collection, but I’m even more blown away that this is typically paywalled content. You’d have to be a fucking millionaire to afford all of this if you were paying!

There’s a killer mix of hentai content, too. I refreshed the page again and got some more bondage hentai, this time based on Disney’s The Little Mermaid, a chick from Final Fantasy getting double-fucked, and the giant vampire lady from Resident Evil sitting on some dude’s face. None of the stuff out on the front page is furry porn anymore, though I’d say the full collection still leans toward that human/animal hybrid stuff.

It’s a really nice variety of weird, kinky doujinshi and artwork, which leads me to my biggest problem with Kemono Party: there’s no Tags or Categories page to browse like you’d find on most hentai sites. In fact, it doesn’t look like they have the usual tagging system you find on most porn sites. If you use the search bar, it’s only running through the titles and (presumably) the included text. That’s going to make the site a little harder to search, especially if you’re not sure what you’re looking for.

I do feel like there’s a little bit of a learning curve to the site, and the hentai enthusiasts are going to have an easier time than the newcomers to the genre. They don’t have a list of hentai subgenres or parodies, but they do have a super deep index of artists with nearly 14,000 listed so far. If you already know your favorite artists, it’s easy as hell to find their leaks from Patreon, Pixiv Fanbox, SubscribeStar and the rest of those content platforms.

Fapping to Lady Dimitrescu’s Giant Tatas
I refreshed the Recent Posts again and got an entire page of fresh content, all added within the last few minutes. This time I got to see the redhaired chick from Horizon Zero Dawn without her top, more porn based on Lady Dimitrescu, bondage porn with Oh My Goddess characters, and some really sexy spinoffs of Batgirl, just to name a few.
I clicked on a topless image of Gwen Stacy from Spiderman. The full posts on Kemono Party serve up the content pretty much directly from the sources, so this one has a little note to the Patrons along with the small gallery of images. You know, I’d probably buy a lot more comic books if they included more tits. This artist is definitely up to par compared to the professionals, but that seems pretty standard on Kemono. People usually prefer to share the good stuff, the high-quality hentai that’s easy to jack off to, not the sloppy MS Paint throwaways.

Really, masturbatory ease is one of the main things you look for in any kind of porn site, whether they specialize in interracial anal videos or drawings of girls with rabbit ears getting nailed by futanari. Kemono Party is definitely easy to crank one off to, but there are things that could make it better. I’d like to see more ways of casually browsing the site. Kemono lacks some of the basics, like a menu of tags or parodies, or different ways of reshuffling the full collection. You find that stuff on most sites, so it’s a bummer not to find them here. They are currently looking for more developers, so hopefully, these features are in the works.

One thing that is apparent is that the folks who run Kemono clearly love what they’re doing. They’re into the content, and want to build a nice platform for sharing it. Maybe it’s because of that ground-up philosophy that they’re missing some of those features I was looking for, but it’s all in the name of creating a good experience for their users. The site is donation-supported, and they don’t even hit you with much spam. Free sites with premium content often hit you with the full force of the pop-up cannon, but these guys don’t do you like that.

Kemono.Party has a slightly different setup from your typical hentai site, but that’s why they’re so fucking popular right now. It’ll only take you a couple of minutes to adjust to figure out the presentation, and then you’ll be able to dig into a truly massive collection of premium sex art. The site’s been growing at a good pace recently, so I’m eager to see what the future holds in store for them.

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