JAV Giga tells you exactly what kind of smut they’re peddling right there in the name: this site is going to have gigabyte upon gigabyte of Japanese Adult Video. In a world full of vague-ass porn site names like VideoBox, 3Movs, Nutaku and AEBN, it’s nice to find ones that don’t make you fucking guess. Of course, you’ve definitely come to the right place if you’re looking for somebody to find the best porn for you, whether it’s got a generic, wholesome-sounding name or some filthy shit that would raise eyebrows if your coworkers checked the browser history.

If you’ve come this far, I’m guessing you’re less concerned about raising eyebrows and more concerned about getting that boner up to full, raging hard mast, all veiny and throbbing and aching for release. You’re in good company, my friends, because JAVgiga.com has been pulling nearly 12 million visits a month lately, with a traffic graph steadily moving on up. In case you’re still confused about what we’ll be jacking off to today, this one’s a free tube with a focus on full-length JAV flicks. They’ve been around since 2019, which doesn’t sound like long but actually makes them one of the longer-lived JAV sites on the web. Let’s lube up the ol’ silicone bunghole and find out what the key to that longevity is.

What Makes JAV Giga So Damn Special?
JAV is some truly special shit, ain’t it? It’s arguably kind of a strange niche, because it’s simultaneously some of the kinkiest shit out there but also has some of the worst censorship you’re going to find out there in the world of dirty movies. That’s actually a Japanese tradition going back literally hundreds of years. They gave the world tentacle porn and then immediately started covering up the naughty bits.
When Western porn constantly pushes the limits on perversion, how can Japanese Adult Video maintain the kind of popularity it does, even with the pixelated pussies? Well, for one thing, the women are fucking gorgeous. If you’re into Asian women, you know what I’m talking about. JAVgiga features tons of the hottest AV idols, Asian amateurs and Japanese pornstars. If you’re a true fan of the genre, you’ll probably start recognizing babes on the front page. It’s a well-indexed site, too, so you’ll find thousands of chicks listed in their Actors section, with thumbnails so you can browse by photo.

Japanese chicks have a certain something, don’t they? Maybe it's their generally submissive nature that does it for you, or perhaps you like the way they squeal when they’re taking a ding-dong up the hoo-ha. There are also those porn outfits that bordered on cosplay years before white girls started putting on cat ears and fluffy tail butt plugs. Just looking at the front page of JAV Giga, I see some of the standard porn actress archetypes, like the innocent schoolgirl about to be corrupted, the stockinged office ladies boned firmly into their place in the corporate hierarchy, perverted nurses who know just the treatment you need, plus a couple of bad bitches in case you prefer some rough femdom to the usually placid Asian housewives.

A Whole Catalog of Japanese Perversion
Of course, it’d be kind of stupid to bring up those Japanese porn outfits and stock characters without bringing up another part of the JAV magic: the flicks are known for diving deep into perversions that a lot of the big American porn studios are afraid to touch.
JAVgiga.com has a wonderful range of JAV subgenres, sex acts and kinks. One of my only complaints about the setup here is that I couldn’t find a full list of the tags like you’ll find on most other JAV sites. Instead, you’ll find a couple of anemic dropdown menus for Categories and Fetishes with just a handful of options each. I know there’s a much longer list somewhere in there, because you can see the tags laid out beneath each movie.

There is an All Categories page on JAVgiga, but it doesn’t link to the different genres. Instead, it gives you quick access to hundreds of different Japanese porn studios and brands. Even the casual JAV fans will probably recognize some, like 10musume, 1Pondo, Caribbeancom and Akinori. A lot of the studios have a particular focus, so it’s worth digging in when you find a movie rip you really enjoy.

The organization isn’t perfect, but there are definitely some parts of the setup that I love. For one thing, JAV giga does have a ton of uncensored Japanese porno, and it’s easy as hell to get to just by clicking the Uncensored link in the front-page dropdown menu. The Uncensored section currently runs over 300 pages, so you’ll have plenty of real cunts and buttholes to shake your own uncensored dick at.

Now, the flip side of this is the usual complaint I have about any JAV site. Most of the content here is censored, with those obnoxious flesh-colored Tetris bricks covering up all the best stuff. The Censored section here is nearly 1200 pages, which is a bummer but pretty fucking typical. If you’re a regular Asian porn consumer or dedicated Otaku masturbator, you’re probably already used to it.

OMFG, That’s a Lot of JAV!
I’ve hinted at the full collection size of JAVgiga.com, but it’s always more impressive when I give a nice, round number. Well, folks, this free library of JAV has over 25,000 movies so far, with more being added all the time. They’re mainly full-length pictures, too, which means you’ve got a whole fucking lifetime’s worth of Asian fuck flicks to keep you going for a while. You weren’t planning on doing anything this decade, were you?
With a selection like that, I really wasn’t sure where to start my official fap test. I could have browsed all day, giving myself blue balls looking for the perfect piece of starter material, so I decided to make it easy. I clicked the first video among the Best JAV Videos section on the front page. Like many Japanese Adult Videos, it’s got a really fucking catchy title that just rolls off the tongue: Cowgirl Creampie Hiding From Husband! Married Woman Brings Man Home.

After a few seconds of buffering, the movie starts playing at 480p. I bumped it up to the max of 1080p and got a little more buffering for my effort, but the playing was smooth once it got going. It opens with some web browsing as the POV character checks out some local hotties on the Internet. There’s a short driving scene, the girl gets picked up and interviewed, and soon enough, she’s getting her titties sucked in the back of the car. It’s a Western-style reality porn setup, but with a hot Japanese chick.

The full flick runs well over three hours long, so they’ve got a lot of time for tomfoolery. This isn’t unusual at JAV Giga, since they’re mainly posting DVD rips. There’s a nice shower sex scene, and then fucking in the bedroom, and then another car scene with a fresh girl before we even hit the halfway mark. It’s a really fucking nice bit of smut, my only complaint being the usual issue of censorship. (In case you’ve been wondering, nobody is really sure if full nudity is legal or not in Japan, but there’s a lot more social stigma about pushing the boundaries there. Where’s the Japanese Larry Flynt when you need him?)

Even after filling up an old Pocky box with sperm, I hadn’t watched anywhere near the full runtime. JAVgiga has easy downloads built right into the video player, so I grabbed this one for later. It isn’t the usual file host setup you find on other sites, either. You’ll actually have your choice of video resolution and full-speed downloads without the wait times and other bullshit you get with websites like Keep2Share or Rapidgator.

Taken as a whole, there’s a lot to love about JAVgiga.com, namely their insanely deep collection of full-length, free JAV and the convenient setup they’ve built to deliver it. It really says a lot that my biggest complaint about the joint is about the censorship, which ain’t even specific to this site. What more can I say? If you’re looking for a new source of JAV, including the uncensored stuff, you may have found exactly what you’ve been searching for.

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