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Iwank.tv’s selection of kinky POV videos is second to none. This porn directory boasts well over 500,000 video links to pick and choose from. Browse content from all of……


Aren’t you betas tired of having a dozen porn tubes open while you’re jerking your dick? It’s a pain in the ass to find that perfect POV video to blow your load when you have to deal with a bunch of different interfaces and shit. And don’t even get me started on all of the ads. One porn site is bad enough. You open up a few in different tabs, and you’ll feel like a JAV whore at a bukkake. Ads will be flinging everywhere and coating your screen until you can’t see a goddamn thing. But how else are you supposed to get sweet POV content from all of the best porn sites without dealing with all of their shitty user experiences?

There’s a better way. If you haven’t heard of porn directories before, then you should start your journey off with Iwank.tv. It will change how you fappers use porn sites forever. Seriously, it’s that game-changing. You won’t want to go back to clunkily browsing a single site after this. This directory site has been around since 2014. It has amassed millions of videos from all of the hottest porn tubes and sites out there. And their traffic backs that shit up. This site brings in well over 16 million horny fappers every single month.

A Porn Directory with over 500,000 Fap-Worthy POV Videos
Now, none of the fantastic, nut-busting good content you see on here is going to be hosted on the site. A directory porn site links out to dozens of other popular porn tubes instead of hosting content themselves. Really, it’s a win-win scenario. They get traffic. You get an ad-free experience. And, of course, I’m not focusing on the entire site this go around. I only want hot videos where I’m looking through the dude’s eyes as he plows these eager bitches. I don’t want to see a guy’s face, ass, balls, or any of that dumb shit. I want to feel like I’m right there in the action, and I’m sure you cucks feel the same way.
Nothing hits the same way as a quality POV video of an absolute dime piece getting fucked. You’ll be greeted by a simple but clean site layout and design. It’s a nice dark theme, with previews taking up the entirety of the main page. You’re not going to run into any ad clutter like pop-ups, redirects, or banners. Well, unless you count the fact that every video links you off the site, but that’s the fucking point. That’d be like complaining about a horny slut getting spit on your cock while she’s deepthroating it.

Minimal Sorting Options can make Browsing this Section Frustrating
I know what some of you skeptical bastards are thinking. Does this site really have that much more content than my favorite porn site? Yes. Yes, it does, you dumb fuck. Let me put this shit in perspective, this section for POV porn alone has half a million videos. I’ve seen entire tube sites that don’t even have half that number spread across their entire catalog, let alone jam-packed into a single fetish category.
Don’t worry; you’re not being sent to muddle through this vast catalog of POV content with no help. Okay, maybe you should worry a little bit. You get the bare minimum when it comes to sorting options. You can sort by popular, latest, and duration. And, well, that’s all she wrote. Come on! Iwank.tv, what the fuck is going on with this shit? With this much content, you need to give options for sorting by site, view count, upload date, video quality, pornstar, and shit like that. As it is, it’s impossible to find super-niche videos without knowing the exact title or the name of the whore who stars in it.

Content from Big-Name Sites like Xhamster, Pornhub, and PornHD
I was really banking on the video previews being much more helpful, but I’m afraid you cucks will be stuck clicking images entirely at random. Why? Get this; there aren’t any titles. I wish I were fucking joking. But, nope, you don’t get a title for any of these videos. You get a static preview image, some fetish tags, the upload date, the video length, and a tag for whatever site you’ll be directed to. I don’t get it. It’s like Iwank is actively trying to make browsing their catalog of porn links as annoying as possible.
You’ll be exposed to quite some porn sites you may have heard of with this page. They’ve got content from big names like Pornhub, PornHD, and Xhamster. But they’ve also got POV content from pages like xTits, Upornia, and Analdin. All of the sites seem legit, and I had no issue loading up videos on any of them. Some have shitty ads, but at least it’s still fewer ads than if you were browsing all of these hot sites on your own. It’s really going to come down to the luck of the draw. Some sites are fucking awesome and let you download content, while others will block that off completely.

Decent Mobile Site Lets You Take Kinky POV Videos on the Go
The mobile experience on Iwank is just as solid as the desktop version of the site. You get access to the whole catalog of POV videos. Previews run down the screen in tandem. I’d say the text is easy to read, but it’s not like you have any titles to sort through. So, yeah, it ends up being just as easy to pick videos at random on mobile and desktop. You still won’t have to deal with any ads or frustrating menus. All options are tucked away beneath handy drop-down menus and sidebars.
ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
This site boasts a massive directory of POV videos. It’s pretty impressive just how many sites and tubes they’ve managed to secure links from. Hell, I’ve seen other directory sites that pale in comparison to what this page has to offer, at least in terms of quantity. And the quality was fairly good across the board. Most sites I was shunted over to had 1080p HD options, and a few sites even let you download videos for free. This site does what it should. It makes it easier to find and discover fap-worthy POV videos without having to cycle through dozens of tabs and websites just to bust a nut.
ThePornDude’s Suggestions
Man, it’s not very often that I’ve seen a site shoot themselves in the foot this badly. I mean, how the fuck are you not going to include something as basic as a title? How are users supposed to find anything on this site? I might as well load a random porn site up and click on a video with my eyes closed. That’s about as accurate as browsing this directory is. The whole point is to make browsing easier, not more difficult. Damn. Iwank is so fucking close to being a must-visit site too.
It’s got all the makings of a high-quality directory that cuts out all of the annoying bullshit of browsing tube sites. But they had to be weird and take away titles and any useful filter options. Give me similar fetish tag suggestions. Let me sort by website or pornstar. Nearly every other directory site out there does it. It can’t be that hard to figure out. I guess it’s a good site if you don’t mind searching hundreds of thousands of videos almost entirely random.

ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Iwank.tv’s selection of POV videos is bound to impress. They whip out their dick and slap it on the table with their hulking selection of 500,000+ links to free HD POV videos. They help cut out the middle-man by giving you an ad-free site experience that allows you to browse content from all of the big-name porn sites and tubes without having to visit those pages individually. But that service comes at some drawbacks on this site. The filter options are lackluster, and none of the videos will have a title to go by. You can still make this site work if you don’t care much about finding something too specific. I recommend popping over and seeing their massive catalog for yourself!

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