Some folks love Ipon Sex, while others will only watch Iphone Sex on the free tubes of the world. It’s a funny little detail that people might consider a misspelling or……


Some folks love Ipon Sex, while others will only watch Iphone Sex on the free tubes of the world. It’s a funny little detail that people might consider a misspelling or just a regional variation. As a porn reviewer, I take the latter stance because when you see the word iPon, it usually means you’re going to be jerking off to some amateur African smut. And if that’s what you’re in the mood for today, I encourage you to read on. If you’re in a hurry, though, you could always skip the review and just hit the link. You certainly don’t need my permission! was registered at the very tail end of 2020, though you might not guess that from looking at their traffic graph. They’ve steadily been getting hundreds of thousands of visitors every month since they opened shop, and the last couple of months have been even more popular. What’s their secret? Well, it has to do with that DIY African porn I mentioned and the fact that this free tube is just giving it away for free. I’m a sucker for good fap fodder at any price, which is why I’m living off of fucking canned beans this month. Let’s see if these guys can save me a few bucks on my monthly masturbation bill.

Hardcore Porn from the Heart of Africa
IponSex may be a relatively young site, but you might not know that from the setup. They’ve got a truly bare-bones free tube design. There isn’t even a real site logo, just a blue box with Iponsex written in plain text. The links to different site sections are hidden in a dropdown menu accessible by clicking that house icon, with the vast majority of the landing page devoted to video thumbnails. Arguably, this is the way to do it, letting the porno do the talking instead of hitting us with a bunch of fucking text. With my adblocker running, it’s a very clean presentation, with not a single ad cluttering up the double handjobs, doggystyle scenes, and outdoor hookups.
The layout’s simple, so let’s get down to what really matters: those dirty movies. As I mentioned in the opening, this site is all about African amateur porn. They take user submissions, which means you end up with a wide variety of pornographic content. Besides the homemade black stuff, I see a couple of stray Asian movies and some big-name American interracial flicks thrown in the mix out front.

They do mostly stick with the theme, though. The most recent videos include an ebony babe twerking in a bikini before getting filled up with dick, a black MILF getting her twat stretched out on a couch, and an African teen with dyed blonde hair slobbing some lucky dude’s knob. I see Nigerian chicks getting the business, West African sluts taking cock, and a pornstar from Cameroon getting drilled.

I made my way to the Categories page, and I’ve got to say, it’s not at all what I expected. It’s got a few dozen thumbnailed subgenres of smut, and they’re mainly porn standards like Anal, Big Dick, and College. Weirdly, barely any of the thumbnails show African or ebony chicks. Another strange thing is that many categories have little or nothing to offer; there are thumbnails for Bondage, Bodybuilder, and Blonde, but not a single clip in any of those categories. Meanwhile, you can see that two categories contain almost all of the content on Ipon Sex: Ebony and African.

Growing Faster Than a Hard BBC
One of the great things about is how often they’re updating with fresh material. Everything I mentioned above has been added within the last few days. It looks like the new stuff comes in batches instead of the steady trickle you get on a lot of porn tubes, so I’m guessing there’s a queue of user uploads that somebody moderates and approves at some point. Whatever the case, you’re going to get plenty of fresh videos every week.
Like I said earlier, Ipon Sex has been pretty steadily popular ever since they launched. With so many users swinging by and sharing their content since the beginning, they’ve managed to grow pretty fucking quickly for a newer video tube with such a specific focus. As of this writing, there are around 7,000 videos already in the collection. I hope you’re really fucking horny because you’ve got a lot of jerking off to do.

Just for shits and giggles, I dug all the way down to the very last page, the very earliest content ever added to IponSex. Sure enough, it turns out they’ve had that same sharp focus the whole time, with the same random off-genre pornos thrown in from time to time. The very first few movies seem like somebody testing the system because it’s wildlife and nature scenes. Then, of course, some might apply the same labels to the Naija Orgy Porn added next, but that’s part of the fucking thrill.

I’ve said it before here on ThePornDude, and I’ll say it again: Africans love to fuck. I know that everybody in the world enjoys sex, but as a guy who spends his days touring sex sites from around the world, I always love the enthusiasm you can expect from the African porn tubes. Compare that to the Asian tubes, where you’ll find a ton of censorship and shy girls, or the Indian tubes, where they’re so conservative they call every husband/wife blowjob video a scandal.

From a cultural perspective, black porn tends to be unrestrained and unreserved in its joy and appreciation of hardcore sex. You’ll find that vibe in abundance on, where all the girls suck like they’re dying of thirst, and all the dudes do their best to knock them the fuck up. For real, though, I have to wonder how many of these creampie flicks end with a new bun in the oven. I hope they’ve got easy access to birth control pills and Plan B in Ghana.

Amateur African Porn by the Hour
If you’re a fan of African porn or amateur porn, you already know what I’m talking about when I point out that unrivaled passion you can expect from these flicks. That’s arguably part of the whole appeal of amateur porn versus the professional stuff; you’re seeing horny people fucking for fun, not for a paycheck. However, one of the biggest problems with the amateur stuff is that you often end up with videos under a minute long. It’s called Ipon Sex because it’s usually shot on iPhones, but who really wants to hold an iPhone the whole time they’re eating out a beautiful black queen’s pussy?
That’s why I was surprised and more than a little excited when I noticed the scene lengths stamped on the thumbnails. Sure, they’ve got a lot of those short clips I mentioned, but most of the videos are surprisingly lengthy. I’m talking about homebrew pornos that commonly run 10 or 20 minutes, no problem, with plenty of longer examples for you marathon wankers. Besides, you won’t have to do the usual porn scene shuffle you do on other amateur sites because most of the videos are long enough to rub one out.

I decided to start my official Ipon Sex fap test with a 13-minute affair called Homemade Naija Juicy Pussy Licking And Fucking Fat Booty Ebony Teen, uploaded just a few days ago. The movie starts playing as soon as I hit Play, but I think it’s an embedded video from a file host service. Well, that has some practical downsides, like the fact that you can’t adjust the resolution. But, on the other hand, you can download any movie on the site, so it definitely pays off in the end.

I don’t want to spoil this Ipon Sex video for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet, but it goes from handjobs and titty-sucking to cunnilingus to fellatio to cowgirl, missionary, doggystyle, and prone bone. Goddamn, this is some of the best amateur porn I’ve seen all week, and watching porn is my whole job.

I’d recommend to anybody who likes black girls and amateur porn. It lacks the polish you find on the big-budget porn sites, but they more than make up for that, in the quality of the sex itself. These flicks have that genuine passion you expect from good DIY smut combined with that aggressive sexual energy you expect from an African porn site. With over 7,000 movies to whack off to, you’re going to be busy for a while.

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