Indian Hidden Cams! I’ve learned a couple of really interesting things lately. The first is that you shouldn’t eat chana masala if you’re planning on hiding behind a wall in a women’s restroom. The second are the sections of the penal code dealing with public indecency and voyeurism. To make a long story short, my lawyer has advised me to start jerking off to Indian hidden cam porn sites in lieu of my typical Tuesday night activities. I guess I’m staying in, but I’ve got pulled up in my browser.

IndianHiddenCams claims to have the best in voyeur Indian sex. I’m a real sucker for that real amateur shit where everyone is fucking hard just to get off and not for a paycheck after they wipe the semen off their faces. I always give bonus points for the voyeur-and-spycam angle where the participants don’t even know they’re on cam. If these guys can deliver that shit, I’m going to be a happy motherfucker. Half a million visitors a month are already on the bandwagon.

Fuck the Prudes, These Indian Girls are Freaks!
One of the things that makes Indian porn so hot is that Indian culture is overall pretty prudish. Sex isn’t something that’s really openly discussed and flaunted the way it is in the West. I always think it’s funny how they refer to a lot of these amateur fuck movies as scandals. What’s so goddamn scandalous about a college girl sucking off her boyfriend in a dorm room and sticking the tip of her finger in his butthole?
Call it what you will. I don’t really give a fuck as long as I get to watch. The landing page entices potential viewers with screen grabs for a bunch of new hidden camera videos released just today. The screen shows eight new updates, which seems like a nice productive day for an Indian sex website. There is a babe from Vellore Medical College stripping and playing with her firm boobies and an Indian Bhabi changing her sari while a hidden camera looks on. I see the utter scandal of a college teen playing with herself in the shower and a hot housewife cuckolding her husband with her boyfriend.

I clicked my way into the site and found a Tour page with a bunch more free sample pictures and even some videos. I have to give props to IndianHiddenCams for that since a lot of premium sites these days are skipping the free preview videos. I watched a really hot Indian teenager getting railed by her boyfriend and a glorious MILF with enormous boobies getting jizz all over her face, swallowing as much as she can. Aunty loves that curry protein shake!

Tons of Porn for a Pocket Full of Rupees
The sign-up page gives some hard numbers about their extensive library of Indian voyeur smut. They’ve got nearly 12,000 Indian sex scandal videos and MMS depravity, plus over 2000 homemade amateur pictures. They update every day with three new scandals, though I saw eight today out front. They also won some AVN Awards in 2016 through 2018, but they don’t tell you what awards.
A membership will run you 25 bucks for 30 days, which is a few bucks less than your typical porno site. Hey, it’s like eating lunch at the Indian buffet. It will fill you up on a budget and make hot, thick fluid shoot out of at least one of your orifices. They’ve got a one-day trial for five bucks, or get a deep discount by signing up for a full year.

Where Privacy Is No Longer an Issue
I love the tagline at the top of the members' page. “Indian Hidden Cams Where Privacy Is No Longer an Issue.” Yeah, that’s some Indian English if I’ve ever heard any. No longer an issue for who? I guess I agree that it’s not an issue for me, the website, or you. One might argue if the bitches don’t know they’re on camera on account of the thing being hidden, it really ain’t an issue to them either.
The top of the page shows Upcoming Updates that will hit the site in a couple days, just in case you were thinking of canceling your membership. Every thumbnail of a Desi secretary giving a BJ or a pair of Bhopal college lovers getting their fuck on looks raw and real as hell. This is some legit amateur fun time, none of that fake stuff some porn sites try to sell you where recognizable video sluts pretend it’s their first time on camera.

Every thumbnail on the page has a five-star rating below it, which tells me the rating system is either broken, rigged, or absolutely nobody’s using it. That’s kind of stupid, but definitely not a dealbreaker or anything. It’s really just some extra garbage on the page as it is.

I clicked on a five-star rated little movie called Big Ass Bhabi Karisma Hot Sex. It’s just a six-minute scene, but that’s kind of what you expect with any amateur porno. When they start giving everyone free Viagra and Molly, maybe the DIY stuff will get longer, but until then short clips are pretty much standard.

Beat Off to Naughty Bhabis and Dirty Aunties
IndianHiddenCams has an unusual setup in that the video player is actually hidden until you click the Play Video button. There’s also a Download button. The file is only available in one format and resolution, but most of these clips were taken on a phone, laptop or iPad and aren’t HD anyway.
I clicked the Play button and this chick was already grinding away on top of her man. The bitch is thick as fuck, with a big ass and big boobies bouncing as she rides that cock. She’s wearing a mask over her eyes since having sex is so goddamn scandalous in India.

Hidden Cam is listed in the category tags for this movie, but I’m not sure I buy it. The camera is stationary and they don’t look at it, which is evidence for a real spycam. On the other hand, why the fuck is this bitch wearing a mask if she ain’t worried about being outed as a lady who likes sex, also known in India as a huge slut.

This couple is also in a 14-minute doggy style flick that is helpfully linked below. I know that IndianHiddenCams invites users to submit their own amateur Indian smut, but I wish the website would give them profiles, or at least usernames or something. That would make it easier to see collections of your favorite amateur cam whores and exhibitionist couples doing nasty shit for your masturbatory pleasure.

Hidden Cams or Just Amateur Indian Porn?
I clicked a link on the side of the page for a Tamil Bhabhi blowjob that was one of the website’s Most Viewed Videos. The video player on this page had an error, and even refreshing the page wouldn’t make the thing load. All of the Most Viewed Videos had this issue, coming back with a black box claiming no playable sources were found. I was able to download the movie. It’s a POV style cock-sucking clip, with the recipient sticking his camera right in that broad’s face.
One of the things about IndianHiddenCams is that most of the movies weren’t actually shot on a hidden camera. This site is much more of an Indian amateur porn site than an Indian voyeur porn site. I mean, I guess it’s possible the chick in that last short scene didn’t know about the camera, but in that case she’s got to be blind and retarded. I’m pretty sure the damn thing bumped her head a few times while she was bobbing on dude’s knob.

The misleading name is probably my biggest complaint about the website. If they didn’t have plenty of free samples at IndianHiddenCams, it would be more of an issue. I feel like anybody who takes a look at the Tour page will be able to tell this isn’t actually a voyeur site.

If you’re looking for Indian amateur porno, doesn’t seem like a bad option. They’ve got thousands of movies in the collection already, and they update all the time. There are some minor quirks, but nothing really got in the way of my fap session. Fans of the genre should check out the sample page, but don’t go in expecting a lot of spycam or voyeur material.

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