A website such as this one seems a little bit too unreal, does it not? Well, you better get used to it as ImgTaxi.com can be quite useful, especially for those of you who are caught in a bad position...and by a bad position, I don't necessarily mean a sex position or anything like that, I mean, I personally believe that there are no bad sex positions, as long as it is with the person you love.

Anyway, let's get back to the main topic and see what we can find in ImgTaxi.com! First and foremost, it is expected that I explain what the fuck this page is all about, seeing as the name doesn't tell us a lot about the content we can find in here, but trust, me, this page is a little bit different, so you'll have to bear with me for a second and see if this is the type of page you would like. Okay, first off, this is not a tube website, at all. This isn't even a camming website, but rather, it is a website where you're supposed to upload pictures (I guess it's not necessarily pornographic pictures that you're supposed to post here, but it's best if we stick to those as these pictures tend to get a lot of traffic), and when you upload them, you get cash for it. Sounds unreal, right? Well, it kinda is, but it's a nice thing if you want to get some extra cash. You should be interested in now, and we're barely 300 words in, so it only makes sense that you keep up and see what else is in store for you.

I mean, there's really not much to say about the website itself as this is indeed the main mechanic on this website. However, there are other little things that you should check out as well on this page...but then again, they don't do much, they only help you out a bit with the most important thing about this page, which is uploading interesting images that would get a lot of traffic. They won't necessarily get a lot of traffic...but you know. You hope they do, as this means that your pockets are gonna be getting filled up!

ImgTaxi.com doesn't even ask about your age, so I guess it automatically assumes that you are at least 18 years old and that you are ready to go. No pop-up screens, no advertisements popping up either, which is a great thing. By now you've probably acquired a disdain for advertisements, and so did I.

Starting off with the basics
By basics, I mean "the home page," of course. Now, what you get to see on this home page isn't what you see on typical porno websites. Plenty of porno websites would first off show you a bunch of videos and then ask you to choose one of them, and then you would notice a little button that typically lies in the top right corner in the screen. This button says upload. Obviously, this button doesn't take up too much space in the screen, as the designers of the page probably assume that you're not all about uploading videos, or pictures, or gifs, or whatever. However, ImgTaxi.com (as I've mentioned it a million times before) is a website that is all about uploading pictures! That's the main thing about this page.
When you first make your way inside this page, you are greeted with a yellow screen that says "welcome, guest" and the website is quick to inform you that as a guest you can do nothing but upload one image at once. You would have to login or register if you wanted to upload more. Now,

Right underneath this text, there is a big yellow box, and this box says "drag your images here." So, you can either grab an image from your desktop and upload it to the website, or you click on the "browse images" button in the yellow square and browse your PC gallery and see what you can find. Then, there are two white boxes that need to be ticked. However, not all of them can be ticked at once, so you only have to go for one.

One box says "adult," and the other one says "clean." If you click on the "adult" box, you are probably going to upload pornography to the website, and if you click on the "clean" box, you are going to upload images that are safe for work. I guess the "adult" image also includes gore and stuff like that, as that kind of stuff isn't safe for work either. Now, if you want more options, you click on the big yellow button that says "more options"...that's not very surprising, isn't it? Now, this box lets you choose the size of the thumbnail of the picture.

The size of the thumbnail is something that is indeed important when it comes to getting attention from people online. YouTubers know this better than anyone else in the world. A nice thumbnail on their video gets them a lot of views, and hopefully, a nice, big thumbnail will help you get a lot of attention as well. However, some thumbnails look better when they are smaller!

Not all kinds of files are accepted here, though. So, you would have to deal with jpg, png, gif or jpeg, and that's about it. As a registered user you can only upload up to 400 files at once, and their size must not be larger than 10MB. However, as a guest, you can not upload files larger than one megabyte.

Are the tabs even that important?
You will notice that this well-designed page, known as ImgTaxi.com also has some tabs. Are these tabs even useful on a website as simple as this one? Well, they kind of are, as they give you further information about how ImgTaxi.com works! The "earn money" tab is the most important one as it informs you about the most important things you need to know about ImgTaxi.com.
First off, it tells you that you can earn up to nine dollars per one thousand unique views, but don't get too excited, as these views are not easy to get, and also, even if you do get these views, it is quite important where these views are coming from as well. There are five tiers of views.

The most valuable views are from the United States and the United Kingdom, and they will earn you nine dollars per a thousand views, while views from Australia and New Zealand and Canada will earn you around seven dollars. The third tier includes basically all the important western European countries. The fourth tier is for Greece, and basically entire Eastern Europe with the addition of Japan and Cyprus. Every other country will only get you 0.15 dollars per 1000 views, which sucks. The minimum payout is only five dollars, so if you make less than that, you won't get your money back.

It's quite important that I mention that the payouts are processed using PayPal, Webmoney, Payoneer, Bitcoin, and Paxum. There is also a set of strict rules. You may not try and fiddle with the count statistics as you will be instantly disqualified. Then, unique views in a 24 hour period are indeed counted. Furthermore, you have to logged while you upload these images, and yeah, there is no jailbait allowed here, you will get banned immediately. Fake traffic is not allowed. No bots, no proxies, no VPN and all that. You will be disqualified. Then, a user may only have one account, and so on. Payments are not instant, too...and that's about it.

The judgement
This isn't something you typically see on The Porn Dude's website, but hey, we all need a fresh dash of air sometimes. While you may not be able to get a boner to anything you see on this website (unless you get horny when you see yellow, and I guess some of you are really like that), you will be able to make a quick buck sometimes, which is indeed nice. If your image blows up in America or Europe or something like that, that would be quite amazing for you. So, don't waste your time and check out what ImgTaxi.com gets to offer and come up with tactics to get as much traffic as possible!

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