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I’ve watched Hot MILFs Fuck all morning, and boy, are my arms tired! As much as I love the ripe young nymphettes on the teen porn sites, there’s just something special ……


I’ve watched Hot MILFs Fuck all morning, and boy, are my arms tired! As much as I love the ripe young nymphettes on the teen porn sites, there’s just something special about a well-aged cougar with a lot of experience getting filled up with cock. They’ve often got this casual sexual confidence that I find so goddamn sexy, and it’s one of those things that only comes with age. I’ve seen many chicks claiming to be younger on the web, which works if you look young enough. The MILF vibes I’m talking about, on the other hand, just can’t be faked by younger broads, though.

That’s why I was eager to check out, a newer paysite where amateur MILFs suck dick and get fucked. The gimmick here isn’t just mature women; it’s mature women that haven’t been fucked on camera before. These chicks may be experienced when it comes to the sexual arts, but you’ll actually be watching a lot of them get their video cherries popped. I don’t want to sound like a filthy pervert or anything, but that was more than enough to get me in the door. But I know I ain’t alone because they’ve been getting nearly half a million visitors a month lately. Count me among the horny throng today!

What Are These Hot MILFs Up To?
I pulled up the front page of HotMILFsFuck shortly after waking up this morning, and my morning wood immediately got harder. The auto-playing montage at the top of the tour page is something I see on many modern premium sites, though this resolution is a little grainy for a newer website. Nevertheless, it’s not terrible, like the Tetris quality you’ll find on the garbage tubes, and in fact, it helps amplify the amateur vibe the whole joint gives off immediately.
I swear the blondie riding cock and going doggy style in the montage looks like a chick I took home from the bar one night. She’s definitely what I’d call a Hot MILF, which sticks with the theme. Is she really a first-timer, though? I believe it because as much smut as I look at both professionally and personally, I don’t recognize any of these lovely ladies.

Unknown or not, HotMILFsFuck does have a lot of hot amateur MILFs fucking. There’s a nice range of them, too. There are blondes, brunettes, and redheads, plus a few Latinas. The body types lean toward the slim side, especially for MILFs, though I see some nice curvy specimens on the menu. HotMILFsFuck is still a young site, too, so it’ll be nice to see how the selection fleshes out. I’d love to see some Asian and ebony chicks, and maybe even some really thick mamas.

They do free video previews here, too. So many sites have gotten rid of the trailers that this is something I have to mention now. (I really fucking hate how so many paysites these days show you a bunch of “Play” buttons that just send you to the signup page.) Unsubscribed visitors are limited to a hundred free previews a day, which is a hell of a lot better than the five you get on other sites.

MILF Porn Prices and Stashes
The previews are interesting. Most places that give you a sneak peek will show off a montage with some of the juiciest bits of each flick. Hot MILFs Fuck, on the other hand, doesn’t even show the hot MILFs fucking in the trailers. Instead, you just see the first twenty seconds of any film.
I honestly don’t know if it’s a genius move or just lazy. You don’t see any sex, but there’s something strangely enticing about seeing a first-timer’s first few seconds of being in porno, even if she hasn’t taken anything off yet. I took in a handful of them from the front page, and you get this mix of sexiness, confidence, and giggly nervousness that made me want to see more.

I made my way to the signup page to see how much the tickets were. And like most paysites in 2021, this one is thirty bucks a month for the standard rate. There’s also a three-month membership that saves you a tenner a month. So it’s a pretty middle-of-the-road deal, nothing unusual or special at all.

Those thirty bones buy you into a collection they’ve been building since January. They may be a newer site, but the collection is growing at a good clip. They steadily add a new movie every Sunday so that you can schedule those weekly premium fap sessions. The movies typically run an hour or more, so you won’t be blue-balling yourself with short scenes. There are even a fair number of videos that run a good 90 minutes, so the marathon wankers are also taken care of.

Where are my math geniuses at? I bet you’ve already crunched the numbers in your head, Rain Man, but I’ll do the homework for those of you who were in the slow class. As of this writing, there are currently 33 videos where you can watch Hot MILFs Fuck. It’s not the absolute biggest bang you can get for your buck as far as content volume is concerned, but it’s a decent stash growing at a reasonable rate.

Let’s Watch Some Cougars at Work
I was curious just how wide a range of depravity was going at, so as soon as I got signed up and logged in, I checked out the tags listed in their Advanced Filter. It turns out, these MILFs are getting into all kinds of trouble. If you’re into older chicks, you’ll probably get to see them performing your favorite sex acts here.
All the standards are covered, from Cum Swallowing to Creampies to Handjobs and Titty Fucking. There’s also kinkier stuff, like Feet, Rough Sex, Squirting, Threesomes, and Anal Sex. One thing that caught my eye on the tags list was the different age ranges; Hot MILFs Fuck features MILFs who range from 25 years old up to 49.

Unfortunately, you can’t select multiple tags to narrow down your selection. Multiple clicks end up giving you all the scenes from all the categories you chose, so you may have to dig a little if you’re looking for something very specific.

Personally, I saw plenty of thumbnails I thought looked hot enough for my test fap. But I ended up watching a cute Latina named Debbie Cakes take it up the ass for the first time. I didn’t even know she was doing anal, but she looked so hot on her back in the thumbnail, her oh-face, and massive jugs tempting me toward the Play button. features an unscripted style of porno similar to what I’m shooting over at PornDudeCasting. The MILFs come in, do an interview, and then get banged on camera. Debbie talks about humping old dudes, her first time getting laid, and her limited experience trying butt stuff on herself. The questions aren’t quite as funny as the stuff I come up with, but we can’t all be an over-the-top, porn-addicted mascot with a giant novelty head and encyclopedic knowledge of perversion.

They do get to the fucking quicker than I typically do, though, and Debbie Cakes really does have some sweet fucking cakes to show off. Besides, the filmmakers have made great use of picture-in-picture to give us multiple angles of that cake and more. I’ve seen other sites try to pull off the picture-in-picture thing, and it sometimes comes off as clutter on the screen, but it really adds something here.

Debbie fucks herself with a magic wand for a while before the dude finally whips his dick out around 17 minutes in. Debbie wraps a hand around it, licks it, and the whole thing takes off from there. HotMILFsFuck users get unlimited downloads, and this one made it to my personal, permanent stash.

I think my favorite thing about, besides Debbie’s ass, is their gimmick. I’m into both MILFs and first-time amateurs, and these guys combine the two themes beautifully. What you end up with is a product that just oozes sexiness and realism. The flicks have that raw amateur vibe without the short runtimes and sloppy camerawork, and the women are as hot as the name implies. This one’s worth a look if you’re into MILFs and quality amateur content.

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