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Sometimes a HijabHookup is exactly what you need, but honestly, it can be a little challenging to find one. Let’s be real here: the Muslim world isn’t exactly known for……


Sometimes a HijabHookup is exactly what you need, but honestly, it can be a little challenging to find one. Let’s be real here: the Muslim world isn’t exactly known for permissive attitudes on casual sex or hardcore pornography. That’s bad news for horny dudes who appreciate a beautiful Arab girl with a stunning figure hiding under all that traditional garb. It might be haram, but it sure gives me some raging hard wood.

So what’s a hijab-chaser to do? You could risk taking a trip to Afghanistan and almost certainly lose your head in the quest for some poon, or you could go for something a little safer and more surefire. My go-to in these situations is almost always porno, and in this particular instance, I’ve got something perfect. is a premium site where chicks in hijabs get laid in America. It launched just a couple of months ago, and its traffic graph is a steadily growing mountain. More than 300,000 masturbators aimed their browsers and ding-dongs at the site last month, which tells me there’s something there worth getting excited about.

Who Are These Sexy Arab Girls?
HijabHookup’s tour page isn’t all that flashy. Sure, it looks professional, but it doesn’t have that big auto-playing montage outside that tells you it’s a big-budget, modern premium joint. Just looking at it, I wouldn’t have guessed it launched a couple of months ago. They’re rolling with a quieter, arguably more classic presentation with sliding title cards for their newest flicks at the top of the screen.
It’s the subject of those wide advertisements and thumbnails below that really catches my eye. Hijab Hookup describes their movies as “Arab Women Hooking Up In America,” but I think there’s a bit of pornographic kayfabe going on there; some of these women are Arab the same way they’re stepsisters or stepmoms. More truthfully, the site is shooting with sexy exotic pornstars wearing hijabs.

They’ve got a nice mix of mysteriously ethnic chicks. Some may be Middle Eastern, but I know a couple of the babes have been billed as Latina elsewhere. Whatever, though, because they’re all fucking gorgeous as they flash their muffs or suck on cocks in the thumbnails. Unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of big names just yet; I’d say Chloe Amour is the most famous chick on the roster, but I’m a little smitten with Dania Vegax. (She’s been billed as Dania Vega on other sites, but I’d recognize those beautiful brown eyes anywhere.)

I always expect the Play buttons out front to lead me to the signup page on paysites nowadays, but HijabHookup hooks you up with some free video trailers. They’re only a couple of minutes long, but they do give you a nice taste. For example, I checked out the sneak peek of Teach Me, StepBrother with Dania Vegax. It’s shot POV-style, so we get a nice setup about a stepsister needing a hand before giving a hand. A minute later, she’s topless with a dick in that adorable face of hers. By the end of the trailer, she’s begging for cum in her face, and I’m ready to check out the prices.

Have Some Porn with Your Porn
I didn’t realize it until I made my way to the signup page, but Hijab Hookup is actually part of TeamSkeet. If you’re a regular Internet masturbator, you’re almost certainly familiar with their work. (And if you aren’t, I’ve reviewed a bunch of their sites here at ThePornDude!) That’s great fucking news right away because it means membership comes with access to a whole network of smut. There are at least 27 different paysites/series/brands under the umbrella, so you’re getting a shit-ton of porno.
Pricewise, it’s all pretty standard. You’re looking at thirty bucks a month, just like anywhere else, only you get an entire network of porn instead of one site. They’ve also got an extensive, all-inclusive TeamSkeet Premium membership for a cool four hundo a year, which includes their doubly premium sites that aren’t incorporated with the regular membership.

The signup page you’ll find on mentions that they’ve got weekly updates, which is only a semi-truthful statement. The Hijab Hookup movies have only been coming out every couple of weeks, which could potentially be a dealbreaker if this was a singular paysite subscription. If hijab-wearing hotties aren’t your only fetish, though, you’ll probably be more than satisfied with the overall number of releases. TeamSkeet is adding new content every day across the network.

This is a pretty common thing with sites on big networks like TeamSkeet. Another issue you’ll run into is the relatively small number of HijabHookup movies compared to the size of the entire collection. Members get access to over 2200 movies, but only 7 of them have been released under the Hijab Hookup brand as of this writing. But, again, most masturbators will be more than satisfied with the overall volume of content.

Beautiful Arab Girls Getting Down and Dirty
With just a handful of movies to choose from for my fap test, I wasn’t overcome with quite as much indecision as I sometimes am with the older, more established sites. I was leaning toward that Dania Vegax scene since she’s fucking amazing, but since I already checked out the trailer and know it’s good, I figured I’d just download the full version for later. Another one of the benefits of TeamSkeet and HijabHookup is that downloads are included with the membership. So go ahead and fill up those external hard drives. You’ll need them when the grid collapses.
I’m still a few days away from Hijab Hookup’s next release starring Izzy Lush, so I figured I’d start with the current newest. It’s a 45-minute scene starring Angeline Red, who looks gorgeous in the thumbnail, staring into the camera with a dick in her hand. The stud in the scene is the illustrious Donnie Rock, an old friend of mine. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I taught Donnie some of his moves, and he taught me some of the stuff I’m doing over at PornDudeCasting these days.

Anyway, it’s another POV adventure from, this one opening with Donnie finding Angeline in the kitchen. She’s there for a babysitting gig, wearing way more clothing than you expect in a porn scene. It makes you immediately wonder what’s under that hijab because all you really see is a pretty face. Angeline talks about joining the dance team and how her mom isn’t down with that infidel bullshit.

Donnie coaxes Angeline out of her jacket and her hijab, earning a scandalous flash of belly along the way. A couple of minutes later, she’s stroking his cock and making sexy eye contact. It’s a slow and sensual buildup, and it all pays off. There’s a scene cut, and then we get Angeline in a cute sailor outfit and hijab, talking about how she finally watched porn, and now she’s ready.

Angeline plays with her pussy for the camera first, stroking her clit and busting out those titties before the POV blowjob kicks off. Then, about halfway through the movie, Angeline looks utterly fantastic wearing nothing but her socks and hijab, and she climbs onto Donnie’s cock for a ride. The camerawork is fucking incredible, really simulating the first-person view without any awkward framing or seasickness-inducing shaking. Angeline’s ass looks amazing as she slides up and down, her wet pussy making squishing noises as birds scream in the background.

It’s a fantastic scene. Hell, even if you don’t give a shit about the hijab, either way, you’re going to love this if you love beautiful, horny women. My dude Donnie really works his magic on the babes, so you get this intense chemistry that never feels phoned in. Watch her face and listen to her moan when she’s riding and grinding her pelvis. That girl’s enjoying the fucking hell out of herself, and so will you, too!

This is honestly some of the best Arab-themed porno since that famous scene that put Mia Khalifa on the map. Mia herself may have retired from onscreen fucking, but the women of are keeping up the good fight. This one’s definitely worth a look if you like exotic girls in hijabs, even if they aren’t necessarily Arab chicks. The relatively small number of movies currently on the menu is the biggest downside, but your membership gets you into a whole-ass network with thousands of pornos. If you’re disappointed by this one, I honestly don’t know what the fuck else you’re looking for.

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