Do you know Her Limit? I guess that’s kind of a tricky question, especially considering you don’t know who the hell the ‘her’ is or what limit we’re even talking about. Then again, you may consider yourself an expert on the sexual appetites of the world’s many pornstars, or maybe just a master of pushing your wife’s boundaries. In that case, perhaps you’ve got a clue about Her Limit, but the best porn sites manage to surprise even the most jaded of professional masturbators. So will this one do the trick for yours truly? There’s only one way to find out! is a part of the LetsDoeIt network, which I’ve talked about here on ThePornDude a time or two or three. These guys have won a shit ton of XBIZ and Venus Awards over the years, like Best Network of Paysites (2017) and Hardcore Site of the Year (2020), which you’ll see promoted proudly in laurel leaves near the bottom of the tour page. Since the beginning of 2017, HerLimit has been pushing the limit with some of the world’s sexiest women, producing premium hardcore movies full of rough, wild, and intense sex. I don’t think I need to elaborate on the theme too much to catch your interest, so let’s jump right into it.

Finding Out Her Limit
As soon as I saw the URL, I had a feeling was going to have some good, rough shit. The landing page immediately proved that with thumbnails of pornstars getting choked while getting double-fucked, force-fed massive BBC, or drilled while suspended from the ceiling. There’s a redhead in a blindfold gagging on a ding-dong, a babe sticking a hand up her ass, a chick on a leash getting deep-dicked, and a girl with tears streaming down her face as a dude bangs her doggy style.
Like it says in the little Category box near the top of the screen, HerLimit is all about ROUGH SEX, spelling it out in all caps because that’s just how fucking hardcore it is. One of the things I love immediately is that it isn’t just any randos or uglies getting all full up on cock, but some of the sexiest pornstars in the world. Right now, they’re hyping movies out front starring starlets like Ginebra Bellucci and Paola Hard. They’ve got many gorgeous undersung Euro chicks, plus a smattering of A-listers like Valentina Nappi, Stella Cox, and the aforementioned Ginebra.

I was really looking forward to a preview of all that rough anal sex they were bragging about, but you know how it goes on paysites these days: every “Play” button I saw just led me to the signup page. You can see a few enticing thumbnails for each flick, full of gaping buttholes and crying bitches, but you’re going to have to buy a ticket if you want to see the entire show.

So, What’s on the Big Ticket?
I picked a good moment to check out because LetsDoeIt was offering a month for ten bucks as part of a Labor Day Special. The usual price is thirty bucks, which won’t come as a shock if you ever sign up for paysites. What’s special about this membership is that instead of just getting access to one paysite, your ticket gets you into the whole LetsDoeIt network. They refer to their different brands as Channels, but ultimately it’s the same as signing up for a bunch of paysites for one price.
Network subscriptions are always a great option if you’re a value shopper. Altogether, you’re getting access to nearly 1,700 porno movies released under brands like Her Limit, A Girl Knows, Horny Hostel, and Scam Angels. On the flip side, sometimes network subscriptions can be a bummer if you’re mainly interested in just one of the brands. Sometimes you end up with just a tiny number of movies under a particular domain, which is common with networks like TeamSkeet. HerLimit doesn’t have this issue because they’ve already got 165 movies released under this humiliating imprint.

They’re banging them out steadily, too. Network releases can be sporadic, boiling down to the same issue I just mentioned, but they’re putting out a new Her Limit flick every seven days. On top of that tight release schedule, they’re dropping a few new releases across the network. The signup page promises at least 12 updates per month, which I think is a conservative estimate. and LetsDoeIt are a fucking incredible bang for your buck.

LetsDoeIt keeps it old-school by letting members download their favorite movies. This perk has been dying again on paysites, and I really wonder how long it’ll be before all the big paysites phase-out downloads. If you’re worried about it, you could always stock up now. The one caveat is that members only get a hundred downloads per month. That means you can amass a solid offline stash over a period of time, but you can’t sign up for a month just to save all 1700 movies in one go. Sorry, cheapskates!

Let’s Get Into Some Rough Stuff
LetsDoeIt has so much material that I fell down a rabbit hole for a few hours, staring blankly at the screen and clicking around with my one free hand. Then I remembered I was here to review, so I made my way back to that channel in the member’s area. I usually like to start with some of the latest material on any pay site. However, in this case, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to see some Valentina Nappi material I haven’t seen yet. She’s been in 8 LetsDoeIt flicks so far, including one for Her Limit back in March.
It seemed like a perfect place to begin my fap test. After a short video intro, we see Valentina wearing a crazy black BDSM outfit as she strolls into a swanky, high-class dungeon. Next, there’s a brief interview, and Valentina seems as sophisticated as usual, talking about her pet rats and appreciation for hentai. She says she often ends up masturbating while editing a scene, which is something I can relate to since launching PornDudeCasting.

I was here for the fucking, though, not the chit-chat. So I skipped ahead a few minutes and found Valentina working her oral magic on this dude’s giant cock, alternating between slurping the balls and gagging on the shaft. Her face is sloppy with spit by the time he starts eating her pussy, Valentina moaning the whole time.

He stuffs her from behind about 12 minutes in, hammering her twat and practically making the girl sing. She always gives a fantastic performance because she really seems to love getting fucked, and the camerawork here does a good job capturing the action. The handheld shots are steady, keeping the zooming and panning to a minimum so we can just focus on the good stuff. Check out that smooth transition about 13 minutes in; the camera pans out and then moves back in on the other side of the couch as Valentina swaps which hole she’s working the dude’s cock with. Beautiful!

That segues into an ass-eating scene, with Valentina tossing salad and sucking balls while the dude strokes his dick. This isn’t even the movie’s halfway mark, and the action manages to keep ramping up from there. Valentina is fully nude by the time we get to the doggy style, sticking her ass in the air and fingering it before the lucky stud crams his boner in there. Goddamn, I love the way that woman’s parts jiggle!

All in all, it’s just another example of why Valentina is such a star and an excellent example of the kind of smut you can expect from LetsDoeIt and HerLimit. LetsDoeIt puts out consistently high-quality smut starring some truly beautiful, genuinely talented video whores. The Her Limit imprint lets them explore some rough sex scenarios and continue to push the boundaries. So what exactly is Her Limit? It may vary from girl to girl, but these dudes aim to find exactly where that thin line is, each and every time. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure eager to watch.

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