HentaiRead.Com is a fantastic smut website that’s filled to the brim with free high-quality hentai mangas, both new and old. These comics are exceptionally well written……


Hentai Read! You’ve struck gold, ladies and gentlemen. Oh, who am I kidding? There are no ladies here – just a whole bunch of fat-ass neckbeards who like to jerk off to Japanese cartoons. Still, I’m here to service all boners, great and small, especially small. No, I don’t mean I’m here to give you a reach around. I’m not that kind of guy. I’m here to share hentai with you. Today, we’re taking a look at HentaiRead. It’s one of those dimes a dozen websites with a ton of high-quality porn mangas. In English, that means Japanese comic books about nubile babes getting dicked. You read them right to the left, and you hear the voices in your head. It’s literature, but at the same time, it’s also visual smut. It’s porn comics, ok?

That being said, these comics are top-tier, and I guarantee that you haven’t seen this kind of quality in the latest installment of Spiderman or whatever the fuck it is you nerds like to read when you’re not polishing the old flag pole. This is an excellent website with a ton of top-tier Japanese content evidently drawn by Japanese Jesus himself.

These comics are amazing, and I wholeheartedly recommend that you jerk off to them. You won’t regret it, especially if you’re into hentai smut. I’m not very well-versed in the art of the two-dimensional nipple – I prefer flesh and blood females. Still, even I can recognize when someone’s put their heart and soul into the smut that they’ve created, and that’s the kind of top-tier quality smut you’re looking at here. These comics are amazing, and I can’t wait to tell you more about HentaiRead. I’m so grateful that these sites are extremely popular. I don’t think we’ll ever have too many of them.

Free, Simple, Cute
That heading sums up the entire design of this site. I appreciate it when these kinds of small-time porn sites go out of their way to simplify the experience for us fappers. I don’t want to see moving parts or giant complicated menus that require my computer to have a heart attack. These comics are just flat, still images that have no active components. So, your website should probably follow in kind and just be flat and boring. But, it should also be easy on the eyes. That’s the golden balance that HentaiRead strikes. The site is pretty dark, with the majority of the screen covered in manga covers. You click a cover, you start reading, and by reading, I mean jerking off. That’s the reason you’re here, after all.
I especially like that the site’s loading time has been optimized so much that it’s pretty much good to go in half a second. This kind of impressive optimization makes it super easy for me to recommend the site to other people. I don’t like smut sites that are bogged down by bullshit scripts. I get that they have to make money, and most of these kinds of sites make their cash through third-party integrations, but if the site is frozen still, that’s just a red flag for me. This site has ads, sure, but they don’t get in the way of the smut. Everything is crisp and clear. The manga covers are easy to sift through, and they’re all fucking hot. I feel at home on HentaiRead.

The Kinds of Hentai
Eh, it’s a mixed bag. As far as I can tell, the people who are running this website don’t precisely have a genre preference. At the very least, I can say that it’s all catered to straight men. There are no gay comics that I found on this site, and the majority of them either had multiple women or women with one dude. So, obviously, they’re aimed at dudes who are both alone and lonely. That’s you. They’re aimed at you. Enjoy them.
This is the standard Japanese trope of one dude taking over the whole world one pussy at a time. Whether the main character is fucking his sister or he’s plowing through an entire college full of chicks, he will plant his seed inside every fertile vagina on this side of the Great Wall of China. These are great comics, to be sure. I like the themes, I like the writing, and I especially like the art. They’re all drawn by different people, but there are a lot of common threads. The titties are all huge, the asses are all plump, and all the chicks are fucking 10s.

You don’t get these kinds of babes in real life. That’s the beauty of drawn smut. The artists are free to envision the perfect woman and breathe her into life, on paper, with nothing but a Wacom Cintiq and the courage to dream of a better day. These are the best kinds of women – imaginary cumsluts. They’re always down to fuck.

Some Useful Sorting Options
You see, the first categories on the site, ahegao, anal, big breast, and blowjob, are oddly enough, kind of useless. These kinds of mangas will have the sex move through several different positions, so they really squeeze out the bang for their buck. There are very few anal-centric mangas out there. It’s all mixed in at random. The other categories, though, are super useful, and I recommend that you try them out.
There’s an uncensored category and a full-color category. These are laws. First of all, uncensored hentai is a lot rarer than censored shit because, Japan. Need I say more? The full-color category is also super helpful if you’re not a diehard manga fan. For the uninitiated in the audience, I’ll explain: Mangas are conventionally black and white. This lets the artists save a ton of time so that they can focus on quantity over quality. That being said, there are quite a few colored mangas here, even though they’re a bit short.

So, if you’re not into black and white smut with no color between the lines, check out the full-color section. There’s some good shit in there. These babes are definitely worth coloring. I’d paint their entire fucking bodies with my cum; take them from black and white to white and white, if you know what I mean. Wink wink.

Free Shit
HentaiRead is one of those small up-and-coming smut sites that’s trying to turn a profit by offering the general public some awesome free smut and asking for nothing in return. Your sacrifice here is that you’ll have to contend with the occasional ad on the side of these awesome comics, and these ads are far from annoying. I haven’t had a single one of them get in my way while I browsed HentaiRead. There’s a tiny ad section on every page that’s significantly smaller than anything else you see on screen, so who the fuck cares?
If it lets the owners of this site stay profitable, I’m all for it. As long as they keep giving us access to free high-quality manga smut, I’ll continue not to use AdBlock on their site.

I’m not entirely sure where these comics are coming from or how the site owners can afford to share them for free, but I’m not surprised to see that there are tons of them. The internet is saturated with quality hentai shit. It’s only natural that artists are bending over backward to get their hentai seen by the masses.

That being said, I need to point out that most of this content is kind of violently mainstream. There’s no extreme fetish play, no gore, no violence of any kind really, and no experimentation. The wildest action you’ll see in these comics is two women rubbing their vaginas together. That’s not really out there. It’s about as vanilla as you could get.

So, I guess this is a free porn comic site for hentai lovers who happen to be into vanilla shit. This is a site for the nerdy romantics who want to see some delicate Japanese nipples drawn on digital paper and blown up on a high-resolution screen.

Well, if that’s you, you’re in luck. These comics are high quality, high resolution, free, and optimized to hell and back. They load quickly, and they’re easy to read. You can jump across the pages instantly and browse one-handed without any issue. You might want to flip one of your monitors vertically, though, as all of these comics were drawn with a vertical book layout in mind. You can still watch them on your regular monitor, but I wholeheartedly recommend that you tilt your screen sideways and enjoy them in full size. Or, read them on your phone: happy fapping, you nerds.

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