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Hentai Fox TV! You weebs need your fix. I swear if you poor fappers don’t see twenty videos of busty hentai babes getting fucked every single day, then you go fucking wild. You need those glorious, glorious frames of horny waifus getting fucked. You know people have to draw that shit, right? It takes time. I know you cucks are eager, but you need to quit learning Japanese so that you can email some poor underpaid hentai artist to try and get spoilers from the next issue. It’s a whole new level of cringe that I never even thought possible.

But, don’t you bastards worry, I found a new watering hole full of kinky content that you won’t exhaust in a few short hours.

Hentaifox.tv is a site dedicated to all of the best and newest hentai releases straight from Japan. Trust me; this site has good shit. It’s not one of those sites where you have to pay out the ass for censored hentai content from 20 goddamn years ago. Nope, this site is brand-spankin’ new. It launched two months ago, in April of 2021, and it’s still too early to say how many horny fappers are making their way here each month. But you lucky fucks can be some of the first fappers to jerk off to this hot content.

Unique Site Design with Loads of Useful Menus & A Sleek Dark Theme
Now, this is the kind of homepage that puts a smile on my face. You love to see it. This site has a unique and minimalist design that showcases huge hentai previews across the entire page with a sleek dark theme as the backdrop. Oh, and there isn’t a single ad in sight. No banners. No redirects. There weren’t even any ads as pre-rolls before videos, but we’ll get to those here in a bit. Just know that this site provides a clean user experience and doesn’t bullshit around with any sort of annoying ad clutter. And, man, that’s a rare sight considering that these guys are dishing out full-length HD hentai videos. I’d usually expect at least a few flashing banners.
But I’m not going to complain. I’ll fucking take it. If you feel like saving videos to your favorites for later fapping, then you should make an account. It's easier than getting a sorority bitch to spread her legs. Just link up a valid email and fill in the blanks for a username and password—simple shit. From there, you’ll be able to favorite series or videos to come back to later. After all, this is a massive catalog. You don’t want to lose out on a nut-bustingly good video just because you forgot the title.

Plenty of Filter Options make Finding the most Fap-Worthy Video Easy
Hentaifox gives you a slew of browsing options. First off, you can sort the main page by most recent, oldest, most viewed, least viewed, most/least likes, or alphabetically. That’s already more than some sites give you. I’ve seen hentai sites list out thousands of videos without even including a fucking search bar. But the good stuff doesn’t end there. You can click over to the “Tags” or “Series” page to get a more curated selection.
These aren’t some half-assed lists where you have to scour an unintuitive list for the fetish content that you’re looking for. Each list gives you a kinky preview image that showcases the series or fetish tag. You also get a quick little one-line description and a tag for the number of videos in that series. I love that this site goes the extra mile. The quirky descriptions are the best part. The anal category has a description that goes “B-b-but I poop from there!” and the censored section says, “The parts you came to see are all pixelated, cucked by Japan.”

Informative Video Previews with Multiple Images to Check Out
Sure, you’re not going to blow your load to these funny descriptions, but I can appreciate the effort that went into making them. You get similar options on the series page. And, fuck, you get all of the good fetish options here. We’re talking about uncensored school girls, swimsuits, tentacles, non-con, mind break, nekomimi, and so much more. They’ve got a little bit of everything on here.
But let’s dial it back and check out these hot previews. Regardless of which tag or series you search by, you’ll be greeted with a ton of large preview images. These are fucking great. You get a black and white frame from the video as well as a full-color piece of art from the cover. You also get details for when that video was uploaded and how many total views it has. Simply click on a preview to get sent over to the full video page.

Stream Hot Hentai Content in 1080p HD on Desktop and Mobile Devices
Hentaifox gives you eager weebs a large video player with quality toggle options up to 1080p HD. Hot damn, that’s pretty damn good, especially considering that you’re getting it all for free without any ads. Click play, sit back, and rub yourself raw to this dope hentai content. Hit the heart button to like it. Slap that save button to add the video to your playlist of favorites. Down below the player, you can see what studio made the hentai, how many uploads that studio has on the site, and you can read a short description of the series. It was all I wanted and so much more.
As I expected, the mobile version of the site kicked ass. It was formatted pretty much perfectly. The previews were still large enough to read and were listed down the site two at a time. The video players were solid and could be easily full-screened. You’ll have access to all of the same sorting and filter options that you had on the full desktop site as well. You don’t have to compromise to take these kinky hentai movies on the go.

ThePornDude’s Favorite Features
Shit, where do I even start? It’s like trying to pick out my favorite feature of some big-tittied goth bitch. You bet your ass that I love every single curve and piercing. It’s the same deal with this site, since it does everything right. It has a massive catalog of fap-worthy content that you won’t find anywhere else for free. We’re talking about thousands of kinky videos of new releases, old hentai, and the hottest waifus out there. What’s not to love about that?
Plus, this site rolls out the red carpet for you fucks. No ads. No subscriptions. None of that annoying bullshit that sites usually make you contend with to get your hands on the good shit. And this site doesn’t even limit the video quality. You’re getting stunning 1080p HD videos. Even the mobile version of the site was solid. If you’re looking for free hentai, this should be your new go-to site. You’ll have more videos of squealing hentai waifus than you know what to do with.

ThePornDude’s Suggestions
I’ve only got a single suggestion: let us fucks download videos. It’s not even a fucking complaint. I’d just like to see some download links. But that’s where things get tricky with costs, ads, and all of that bullshit. So, I can understand why they may not want to go down that path. Other than that, I’ve got nothing. No complaints, gripes, or issues to write about this time around. I suggest that you weebs get in with this site and give them some much-needed traffic.
ThePornDude’s Final Thoughts
Overall, Hentaifox.tv is a must-visit site if you’re looking to get your hands on some hentai, which I imagine you are if you made it this far. This site sets a new bar for what free hentai streaming sites can be. It’s got one of the most user-friendly experiences that I’ve come across to date, and that’s saying something. You fucks know by now that I’ve trudged through thousands of sites like this one to get you the good shit. But, yeah, this is a damn good site with full-length HD episodes from the best hentai series out there. I highly recommend every single one of you waifu-loving weebs get over to this site and check it out for yourself.

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