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The first time I heard about Girls Out West, I kind of assumed it was going to be yet another porn site devoted to the horny, photogenic babes of Los Angeles County. On……


The first time I heard about Girls Out West, I kind of assumed it was going to be yet another porn site devoted to the horny, photogenic babes of Los Angeles County. One of the most beloved schizophrenic songwriters of the 20th century famously said he wished they all could be California girls, but maybe Brian Wilson just hadn’t seen how freaky and how sexy they grow ‘em if you just keep heading west, across the ocean and a bit to the south.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen and perverts of all stripes, the titular Girls Out West we’re talking about today hail from the land down under: Australia. It’s where women glow and men plunder, and from the looks of the tour page, there’s a lot of lesbian action going on, too. The tagline for this premium collection promises Amateur Australian Girls, which is more than enough to get me in the door, dick out and lube ready. I clearly ain’t the only one, as the long-running paysite gets nearly 4,000 visitors a day.

What Do You Know About GirlsOutWest?
Usually, when I review a porn site, I just tell you when it popped up on the Internet. That’s all the history you typically need, but it’s worth mentioning here that has been putting out pornos for nearly 20 years now. That longevity alone tells you a lot about the quality of the smut, since most sites just don’t stick around this long. They’re proud of their past, showing off a gold coin framed by laurel leaves out front, bragging about an AVA award they won back in 2012.
GirlsOutWest is owned and shot by women. In my experience, sites that are loudly run by women tend to have certain aesthetics and values that are less apparent on other sites. For one thing, female-run smut-peddling operations have a higher emphasis on passion and intimacy, which ties in directly to the idea of “amateur” porn here. They like to shoot with real couples, which always bumps up the chemistry. On a related note, masturbators worried about the ethical ramifications of porn can fap without guilt; you’re not going to run into the same potential issues as joints like GirlsDoPorn, just thanks to that explicitly pro-female bent.

One thing I definitely want to touch on is the idea of “amateur” here, which I’ve put in quotes because it ain’t the same “amateur” you get on a lot of the DIY sites. The models may be unknown, but they’re consistently fucking hot! Girls Out West ain’t one of those homebrew porn outfits stocked full of uglies and oldies, elderly swingers and randos the producers found selling pussy at the truck stop. Likewise, the screengrabs look totally professional, full-length and well-shot, versus the 30-second, badly framed, blurry iPhone clips you’ll find on a lot of amateur sites.

There are some fantastic free previews out front. Most sites these days shuffle you straight to the sign-up page when you click a “Play” button, or they give you a quick, one-minute montage. The GirlsOutWest freebies run a solid 4 or 5 minutes, which is enough time for you cheapskates to rub one out before the librarian notices what you’re doing over there.

I checked out the long trailer for the new Video of the Week. Two giggly hotties are trying to do laundry, but end up stripping each other before getting down with some loud pussy eating. Both chicks have hairy muffs, slightly thick bodies and incredible skin. After a minute, we’re treated to another pair of amateur lesbians going down on each other, followed by a cutie taking a break from her office work to tear her pantyhose and play with herself.

How Much Is Australian Amateur Porn?
By the time the montage shifted to a rainbow-haired babe fucking herself in the bathtub, I knew I’d have to get inside for a look at the full package. The regular package is thirty bucks for a month, the same as it is everywhere else. The longer memberships break down to significantly cheaper rates, and the yearly membership throws in a free orgy DVD on top. You’ve still got a DVD player, right? If you really love what you see and want to lock in your access forever, there’s a lifetime membership available for $500. Where the fuck is my stimulus check, Uncle Joe?
Sometimes when a site has been around as long as, they start losing track of their growth a little. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it usually means they’re underreporting how much content they actually have. On different parts of the site, Girls Out West claims to be 16 or 17 years old, but they also say their archive goes back 18 years. Stretching back to 2004, the full stash includes around 4,600 amateur Australian fuck flicks.

While the girls may be amateur, it’s pretty clear that every other element of the site is professional as hell. The collection wouldn’t be so fucking big otherwise. They built that by putting out flicks steadily, instead of the scattershot releases you get with some of the smaller outfits. They’re adding multiple scenes of Girls Out West every week.

It’s been a strong week, though that seems to be pretty standard around here. In the last seven days, they’ve added three solo scenes, two lesbian trysts, and a naked interview with a couple of the homemade starlets from one of the newer girl-on-girl scenes. Their behind-the-scenes videos are a regular feature of the site, letting you hear firsthand what it’s like to be a hot rando starring in dirty Internet movies. All of their movies, BTS and features, can be downloaded by members.

When I first saw the tour page, I really thought they were an all-girl site. The collection does lean very heavily toward solo and lesbian shoots, but they do put out a straight boy/girl movie roughly every couple of months. There are a fair number in the collection, though it might not be the ideal site for those who prefer dick-in-pussy movies.

Whether you’re most into the solo flicks, the lesbian romps or the classic boy-fucks-girl films, there’s a wide range of perversion to choose from. The Categories page has a few dozen porn subgenres, including all the standards like Oral Sex, Anal, Redhead and Sex Toys. There’s also kinkier stuff on the menu for the true pervs, like Hairy Armpits, Golden Showers, Fetish and Foot Play.

Real Girls Next Door Doing Real Porn
As much as I appreciate a good solo show, I’m the kind of hardened pervert who prefers seeing sexy girls doing sexy things with partners. The most recent boy/girl scene was added nearly a year ago, so I decided to start my official fap test with a more recent girl/girl scene. Running nearly a half hour, a recent video called Everest and Willow – Moving House caught my eye.
Most amateur movies don’t have scenarios, but the Girls Out West formula puts real girls-next-door into porno stories. This one opens with a couple of cuties carrying boxes and giggling before stripping a minute into the film. Both chicks in this scene have a little bit of chub; they ain’t pornstar perfect, but they are hot, which is the overall vibe on the site.

By the five-minute mark, both girls are fully naked. They make out and suck each other’s tits before tasting each other’s fuck holes. Soon enough, the buttholes get involved, with the help of a thick orange toy. The action is hot enough that I didn’t even notice how hairy blondie’s legs were until nearly halfway through the scene.

It seems like Girls Out West shave themselves less than American girls, because holy shit, there’s a lot of hair on this site. A lot of these chicks are rocking ‘70s afro pubes, and I noticed a fair number of unshaved pits, too. It adds to those real-world amateur vibes, but I know it might be a dealbreaker for some of you who prefer ultra-smoothness everywhere.

Really, though, the biggest downside I found was the relatively small number of straight hardcore movies. If you mainly like watching girls getting all full up on dick, you’re mostly going to be shaking your own dick at the back catalog. The site’s real strength is in their consistent releases of girl/girl and solo videos starring Australian chicks you’ve never heard of. The library is deep and they’re putting out more new content than most premium sites in any genre, making this a hell of a deal for those looking for legitimate girls next door. Check out those long previews out front for a hearty taste.

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