What separates FTV MILFs from the rest of the Mothers I’d Like to Fuck in this world? It’s one of those questions where the answer probably depends a lot on how familia……


What separates FTV MILFs from the rest of the Mothers I’d Like to Fuck in this world? It’s one of those questions where the answer probably depends a lot on how familiar you are with jerking off to the Internet. I’ve ranked FTV Girls as one of my favorite nudie shot sites on my list of Premium Porn Pictures Sites here at ThePornDude, so I already had high hopes as soon as I heard the name. My hopes got even more heightened when I saw these guys are pulling thousands of visitors a day. It sure seems like there’s something worth shaking my dick at in there, and I’m determined to find out what it is.

FTV Girls has been banging out fap fodder since 2002, though wasn’t registered for another 14 years. In case you haven’t figured this shit out from the name, it’s a spin-off of the original and has the same basic setup, only they’re focusing on more mature women than the original brand. In other words, this place is full of premium, classy high-end MILF photography, and videos. I’ll go ahead and warn the most depraved horndogs that this one is a tiny bit softer than most of the stuff I whack off to around here, focusing on solo chicks and the occasional duo instead of hookups and gangbangs. So if you’re into mature babes and want some refined material that highlights their beauty, read on.

Just Who Are These FTV MILFs?
I always think it’s kind of weird how the long-lived websites wear their age like a crusty old condom. As with the original it sprung from, FTVMILFs sure looks like a site from the early days of the 21st century. It’s not hideous, and in fact, the photos on the landing page get my dick twitching before I click through to the whole tour. But it’s visibly outdated, with a logo that’d look at home on GeoCities and an Adults Only warning full of jagged pixels straight out of 1996.
Personally, I would have sprung for a modern overhaul at some point over the last couple of decades, but that’s just me. I certainly can’t complain about where they seem to have put their money: they’re booking an endless series of gorgeous amateur MILFs, models, and pornstars to bear all on the website. The actual tour page shows off a wall of thumbnails similar to what you see on a standard paysite or free tube, but rather than video screencaps, they’ve lined up nudes, lingerie shots, and titty-flashing smiling girls in their trademark magazine cover style.

I want to stress how hot these women are. Sometimes you see the word “amateur,” and you think of haggard bitches, and the fact that we’re talking MILFs might conjure up images of toothless old crackwhores getting their skanky asses photographed at the Motel 6 up the road. However, FTV Girls has spent decades building a solid reputation on the quality of their material, and absolutely upholds that tradition. The whole tour page is a smorgasbord of succulent MILF flesh of all varieties, from athletic blonde mamas to thick Latina mamacitas to this black-haired babe named Macey who’s got me feeling a certain type of way.

Get a Taste or a Full Ticket
FTV MILFs has a lot of video samplers available, and I couldn’t help taking a closer peek at one of Macey’s recent updates. I clicked through to part two of her photoshoot, where I drooled over the sample images first. She’s partially clothed in all of them, which is arguably part of the gimmick. A lot of porno tries to out-perv the other guys with more flesh, more fluids, and more penetration with more dick meat, but fans of nudie photos know how enticing it can be to see a woman wearing a revealing dress and slowly giving you more and more. Naturally, your brain fills in a lot of the dirtiest stuff along the way.
I clicked the Play button on Macey’s sampler, which opens with the babe whipping out her titties and then sucking on them while laying in a hammock. In the minute-long montage, we see her inducing a wet, gushing orgasm under a bridge, tit-wank, and suck a dildo, and then jam that sucker way up her coochie. The resolution is super-low, Tetris quality, but goddamn, Macey’s beautiful. If she’s even halfway representative of the average FTV MILFs, I definitely want to see more.

So I made my way to the signup page to see what they were charging. I was kind of hoping it’d be a little cheaper than the average paysite on account of the relatively softcore nature, but Nah, it’s thirty bucks a month just like all the other sites. The only other option is a 5-month plan for a hundred bones, which they say includes “2 Free Bonus Months!” I guess that’s kind of true, depending on how you want to slice the prices and months up, but it’s not the best deal I’ve seen on a long porn subscription.

FTV MILFs updates the site once a week, with new drops landing every Tuesday. You can typically expect at least a couple of hundred photos and an hour of video each time, but they regularly exceed that. Both of Macey’s recent updates are around 80 minutes a pop with 250 pics each, which makes me a happy boy. I can tell you that it’s taking a lot of effort to keep writing this review instead of stopping for a 160-minute fap session.

Speaking of damaged productivity, do you have any sick days or vacation time accrued? Because if not, I hope your boss is cool with you whacking off on the clock. FTV MILFs added their first photo gallery and accompanying video back in 2014, and they’ve spent the last seven years building the place up. As of this writing, there are well over 300 videos and photo galleries in the library. Goddamn, I’m not going to get anything done today or tomorrow, or the rest of the next few weeks.

Fapping to Very Fine MILFs
I was inclined to conduct my fap test to one of Macey’s updates because I’ve been hooked on her since the tour page, but I decided to take in another of the many beautiful FTVMILFs. The Model’s gallery offers a nice index of MILFs where you can filter by date, name, age, height, or tata size. Most of them are unknown amateur chicks you will not know, but the well-versed perverts may recognize a few faces and racks. I spotted Alura Jensen and her monster jugs on the first page of the index, so their claim of “First Time Videos” doesn’t apply to everyone. (Look for the green 1st icon if you want to see a real first-timer.)
It isn’t a dealbreaker to recognize a woman I’ve whacked off to before, that’s for sure. But I wanted a new flavor this morning, so I checked out a recent update with this blonde chick Madelyn. Apparently, she made her debut on FTV Girls a decade before showing her mature side here.

One of the biggest problems with this site is the outdated presentation. Beneath the fake magazine covers, there are separate links to the video and the photos, which are further divided into four different image galleries. The 50-minute video is also split into nine different scenes. Downloads are included, so members can help themselves, but I would really prefer one unified video whether I’m streaming now or saving for later.

From the tags, I know Madelyn does Anal Fingering, Masturbation to Orgasm, Double Penetration, and Milky Orgasm during her shoot. Unfortunately, FTVMILFs doesn’t tell me which clips contain what, but there are some thumbnails to help guide me. I watched her dance in a bikini in clip 5 before finishing myself off to the big pink dildo penetration in clip 7. may look old, and that’s because it’s part of a brand that’s been around for nearly twenty years now. And while I do think the layout could use an upgrade that brings it into the current era of Internet porn, I have no complaints about the content. These guys have spent years featuring the world’s most beautiful MILFs in elegant yet filthy photo spreads and videos that feel like a 21st-century version of the skin rags your old man used to beat off to. Check out those samplers, and you’ll see right away what I’m talking about.

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