Do you have a FreeuseFantasy? Honestly, I’d think you were a fucking liar if you said no because variations on the theme are a staple in most porn scenes and masturbatory daydreams. The idea of a gorgeous babe being sexually available and down for whatever at any moment is such a common wish that I think it’s kind of silly when people refer to freeuse as a fetish. If you feel that ready and willing women are a niche kink, I’d have to assume that you recently escaped from some kind of anti-sex cult.

That brings us to the site I’m reviewing today. is a premium joint with pornos based on that titular freeuse fantasy. It’s a relatively young site, but their traffic has been growing all year steadily, probably on account of all these eager video hotties looking to hump. And that’s precisely the kind of shit I’m into, so without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Sexy Girls Who Want to be Used
One of the very first things I noticed when I pulled up the tour page of FreeuseFantasy was all the gorgeous chicks they’re working with. The flicks star some of the hottest pornstars in the business. One of the newest movies features a lucky dude getting it on with both Aria Carson and Madi Collins at the same time. I had the privilege of getting to know them both quite intimately over at PornDudeCasting, but I only got to smash one at a time!
But they’re not the only chicks I nailed that have also been featured on the site. Kimmy Kim and Dixie Lynn have also stopped by, as have a fair number of beauties on my bucket list. But, hey, even if I never get to meet Alex Coal, Chloe Cherry, or Kylie Quinn, at least I can beat off to them here!

Freeuse Fantasy is a younger site, as I mentioned in the intro. That means they haven’t had a ton of time to build up the catalog. As of this writing, there are 22 movies in the collection. Sure, that isn’t the deepest library, so I was about to tell the bulk shoppers out there to try an older, more established site. But that was before I found out that FreeuseFantasy is part of the Team Skeet network, which has some massive benefits that I’ll get into below. (Spoiler alert: you get a lot more porn with the membership than just those 22 films!)

They take that freeuse theme, and they run with it. When the basic idea is women who are DTF 24-7, no matter the circumstances, you can come up with endless sexy plotlines and excuses for a nice range of depravity. There are tons of blowjobs, handjobs, and cock-spearings from every angle, and group sex in maybe half the flicks on the menu. With so many pretty girls doing so many dirty things, I knew I’d have to get in for a closer, longer, harder look.

Get Your Hardcore Porn in Bulk
If you guys like to try before you buy, I’ve got some good news: does have some short video previews available. Most paysites do that bait-and-switch bullshit where the Play button on the samples leads to the signup page, but they give you an actual sneak peek here. Who doesn’t love a freebie, especially when it stars Honey Hayes getting all full up on cock and getting that adorable face spermed on?
The previews are a couple of minutes long, but nothing beats a full movie for a full fap. I made my way to the signup page, where I found the industry-standard price of thirty bones a month, with lower rates for longer subscriptions. You know the drill.

Now, here’s where it gets really fucking good. comes as part of the Team Skeet network package. Instead of getting access to one site, you’re getting a ticket to dozens of them. (They refer to each different sub-brand as a “series,” but they’ve all got their own domains, many of which I’ve reviewed here at ThePornDude.)

The network access is a great thing, but it does have at least one minor drawback. While you’ll get a ton of new content every week across all the sites under the Team Skeet umbrella, the actual Freeuse Fantasy releases are coming out a little slower. They’ve been releasing two new freeuse movies a month. On a typical paysite, this would be a big bummer. However, given how much new stuff you’ll be getting with the network, I doubt it’s going to be a dealbreaker for anybody.

Another massive, throbbing, veiny benefit you get with Team Skeet is that they let members download movies. You see, a lot of the big paysites started cutting out downloads a couple of years, but the trend reversed itself for a while. Since OnlyFans has blown up in the past year, they’ve really led the charge on streaming-only porn, so I’ve seen the feature disappear from many premium sites lately. However, you can still get your MP4 fix at, plus those thousands of other videos included at Team Skeet. So go ahead and stock up!

Dicking Down the Most Oblivious Broads
I always like to start my official fap tests with some of the latest material on any given website that I’m reviewing, whether it’s a free tube or one of these classy premium spots. And wouldn’t you know? That movie I mentioned starring Aria Carson and Madi Collins is one of the most recent updates added earlier this month. The two babes have been regulars in my wank fantasies ever since stopping by the PornDudeCasting couch, so I was eager to see them in action again.
Team Skeet is one of the most popular premium porn sites out there, which means they’ve got plenty of money to throw back into the product. That’s got various implications, like that silky smooth, quick streaming I got when I hit the Play button, with no apparent buffering. They obviously aren’t hurting for bandwidth.

And likewise, with the production values on the videos, I always know I’m in for a treat when I review Team Skeet content, and Freeuse Fantasy is no exception. They shot the Madi and Aria movie, Free Weights Training, in one of those sparkly clean all-white mansions you see in a lot of the higher-end porno. Madi invites Aria over, and the two kick things off with some sexy yoga while having a conversation about schoolwork.

Madi’s personal trainer shows up a couple of minutes later, looking schlubby in sweatpants, but that isn’t a dealbreaker for women in a freeuse fantasy! He starts feeling Madi up right away and then groping Aria’s tits. They act like he’s not even there at first, continuing their conversation even as he starts pulling their clothes off.

I skipped ahead a bit to find both girls doing a downward-facing dog yoga pose, booties up in the air. The personal trainer kept burying his face in Aria’s ass and making wharrgarbl sounds as the girls stretch, seemingly oblivious to the tongue in the ass. A short while later, he’s fucking Aria’s face on the couch while the girls casually chat. “Blarrg bubba blaahg?” Aria asks because apparently, her mom never taught her you’re not supposed to talk with your mouth full.

The FreeuseFantasy gimmick is slightly different from what I expected when I first pulled up the site, but I’m certainly not complaining. The girls are trying to pretend the dude isn’t there as he sticks his cock in them for much of the video. They become more active participants when they go to the gym, where they take turns doing squats on his dick and other amazing exercises I’d love to try if I wasn’t already banned from all the local gyms.

It’s definitely fapworthy content, though I’m not sure how many perverts are going to want that oblivious freeuse gimmick in all of the movies they’re watching when the boss leaves the office. However, I feel like that makes it an even better fit for the Team Skeet network setup. If you get bored of the freeuse thing or want a change of pace, you’ve got a ton of other material available across the network.

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