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First-Class POV is no second-rate porn site, at least if the name is to be believed. The joint’s been around since 2011, which doesn’t seem like very long until you compare them to the rest of the Internet. A decade is practically an eternity in Internet years, and means the site is about as old as my humble little review site here. That longevity alone tells me they’re doing something right, and it’s my job to poke my nose around, shake my dick all over the place, and figure out what the magic formula is. is, as you may have imagined, a premium adult site specializing in first-person perspective porno movies. These are the films that put you in the metaphorical driver’s seat and the literal porn stud’s cock, showing you what the stars as seeing as they fuck the fucking hell out of the starlets. It’s a pretty damn popular entry into the POV smut niche, pulling over 5,000 visitors each and every day. It’s been a couple of hours since I whacked off last and my boner’s aching for release, which makes this a perfect time for me to go see what’s going on inside.

Meet Your Favorite Pornstars in POV
Right from the jump, it’s obvious FirstClassPOV is a modern, big-budget smut-peddling operation. It’s one thing to roll “First Class” into your name, but it’s far more impressive to actually display that high-end pedigree. These guys ain’t the least bit subtle about it, hitting you right away with a big, flashy video montage of gorgeous women getting their twats pounded, their faces fucked and their jugs humped in a rapid-fire blast of filthy moving images. The pictures are crystal clear, showing off impeccably lit, expensive sets and even more expensive girls, the whole show sprinkled with flashing lights and screaming, all-caps text about FIRST CLASS PLAYMATES SUCKING DEEP AND FUCKING WILD!
Oh, and let’s talk about those expensive girls. First Class POV is fucking with some high-end video whores. If you’ve beaten off to the Internet in the last few years, you’ve definitely cranked out a few to some of the girls they’ve got featured here. Out on the tour page, I see Valentina Nappi being dominated in a slutty red dress. Kenzie Reeves makes goofy-ass ahegao faces while getting drilled, and Jill Kassidy makes the prettiest damn eye contact with a mouth full of ding-dong. Riley Reid, Jane Wilde, and Alex Grey are just a few more of the big names and recognize racks visible out front.

Too many premium sites these days are cutting out the free previews, shuffling you to sign-up pages the instant you try to click what looks like a Play button. First Class POV has video trailers out front, so you can try before you buy, or at least get all raging hard and ready to spend some money. I took a peek at the minute-twenty preview of their recent picture with Tru Kait, which opens with a scrumptious look at the busty brunette in some red lingerie that really shows off the whole package. The camerawork is beautiful as the montage quickly carries us through blowjobs, doggystyle and tit-wank scenes right off the bat. I was sold by the footjob, and clicking through to the sign-up page by the time Kait blows a kiss goodbye.

POV Prices, Deals and Perks
Pricewise, FirstClassPOV’s standard monthly membership is the same thirty bucks that most premium joints have been asking for years. There’s also a 90-day membership for sixty bucks, but as I write this, they’re running a St. Paddy’s day deal that gets you full access for a year for $60, plus a month at Analized thrown in on top. Yearly rates are universally cheaper on all the paysites, but this is one of the better package deals I’ve seen lately. You can read my review of Analized here at ThePornDude, but long story short, it’s premium butt-fucking flicks starring the kind of high-end talent you find on First Class POV.
One of the perks they talk up on the sign-up page is “Unlimited Access.” It wasn’t very long ago that every premium site let you download everything, but so many sites have dropped the feature that I always have to mention it now. Members can download all their favorite First Class POV films to save for later. I hope it remains like that indefinitely, but given the recent explosion of OnlyFans and their no-downloads business model, I worry we’re going to see downloads disappearing everywhere even faster.

That means if you’re worried about it, or just worried about your future financial situation, you might want to go ahead and download everything while you still can. Right now, the full collection includes nearly 200 premium POV pornos, stretching back to their first feature in 2011, a first-person blowjob given by the blonde, blue-eyed and beautiful Britney Amber.

It’s definitely worth noting that the entire archive is shot in 4k ultra-HD. I still see some of the smaller premium outfits starting up with 1080p HD, and a lot of the bigger networks only updated to that next-generation resolution within the last couple of years. If you’re a cutting-edge pervert who likes beating off on the couch with dirty movies playing on the big screen, you won’t have to settle for pixels as you dig further back into the catalog.

Premium sites sometimes start off strong and then peter out as their funding and enthusiasm dries up. I’m happy to say the opposite seems to have happened here, with their release rate ramping up as the years went by. These days, they’re steadily putting out a new movie every week. Every Thursday, you can look forward to stepping into the shoes of some lucky porn stud as he tests his fit in a variety of the tightest, wettest, most desirable fuck holes in the entire world. The last month has been a winning streak with babes like Valentina Nappi, Kenzie Reeves and Lacy Lennon, so I’m excited and horny as hell to see what’s next for the brand.

Who Fucked It Better? FirstClassPOV vs MrLuckyPOV
I was tempted to start my official fap test with some of their older material. Riley Reid and Ariana Marie look absolutely stunning in their thumbnails, but those flicks are a year or 7 years old, respectively. I like to dig into the newer shit when I’m reviewing, as I feel like that gives a more accurate representation of the current offerings. With that in mind, I pulled up a recent scene starring the lovely Sarah Vandella.
The 23-minute scene opens with Sarah dancing sensually and making fuck-me faces for the camera. It’s a beautifully edited montage that feels professional as hell and a little arty without diluting the sensuality. By the time the blowjob started a couple of minutes later, I was hard as a rock and ready to settle in for a good fap. Sarah makes some gorgeous eye contact with the POV cam as she bobs the dude’s knob, moaning and giggling as she goes deep, working her tongue and her cheeks.

I recently reviewed one of FirstClassPOV’s sister sites, MrLuckyPOV, and the main difference I notice between the two sites is a shift in aesthetics. MrLuckyPOV features a darkly lit style that feels like banging a girl somewhere between Vegas and Cyberpunk 2077, while features a more traditional POV style. In either case, the camerawork is exceptional: super clear, with well-framed shots showing these sluts doing what they do best.

They must be taking some big bong hits over there, because the overall production values are high as hell. Big-name sluts and expensive sets are easy enough if you’ve got the scratch, but the movies here are filmed and edited by hands, who clearly know exactly what the fuck they’re doing. As I watched Sarah straddle the cameraman and bounce her pussy on his dick, ass shaking for the ride, I couldn’t help noticing how steady this dude handles the cam even as he’s banging away and smacking her ass.

My only minor complaint about is all the fucking ads. Part of the reason for buying porn in the first place is you get to avoid the spammy situation over on the free tubes. Of course, the discounted paysite membership offers ain’t going to be a dealbreaker for anybody, and a lot of you will probably cash in on those offers. My advice is to check out their Pornstars menu and watch a couple of their free previews to get a feel for the place. If you like the freebies, you’re going to fucking love the full ticket.

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