Find a bride? Today’s the day my dudes. Today’s the day that TPD is going to settle down. And what better way to do that than to find a bride online! is the perfect site for this. Granted, all the women on this site are Russian and Ukrainian, so if you can get over the thick accent then we’re on our way. Besides, we both know how sexy those eastern European girls are. And they raise them to be good housewives! Just the way it should be. Alright, before I doze off by thinking about the utopian society, let’s talk about this website and what you can find on it.

The primary purpose of is to meet exquisite girls that you can one day marry. Does this come at a price? Well, yes! You have to pay to chat with these girls, you have to pay to see their intro video, and you have to pay to send letters. However, what’s really good about this site is the fact that the prices of those actions are pretty cheap. They’re definitely cheaper than taking a real girl out on a date and buying her dinner and gifts. It’s a pretty good deal if you ask me. Heck, now I’m even tempted to hunt for my own Russian bride!

So, what about the overall design and functionality of the website. You know I get aroused by good design and functionality. Well, has a very basic design. It’s going for a premium look with the gold, red, and white colors, but the overall blocky layout makes the site look kind of cheap. It looks like something from the mid-2000s. It also doesn’t help that they have spelling and grammar errors in their text, damn Russians. However, it’s pretty quick. This could very well be because of the simple aesthetics, but there has to be some optimization involved as well. Every button is responsive and the pages load really quickly. I love me that quick response!

If we look past the old-fashioned design, then this site is rather well laid out. You’ve got all the important information right where it’s supposed to be. All the tabs are well organized. While we’re at it, let’s talk about the tabs at the top, and you already know where this is going. The Home tab, the goddamn Home tab. It’s literally right underneath the logo of the website which takes you to the exact same location. Looking past that, you’ll notice that whenever you click on a tab, it will color the tab gold to indicate on which page you’re currently on. This works nicely, except for the tab New Ladies. This tab stays red for some reason. New Ladies? More like New Guy to write CSS for your site, am I right? Anyone? RIGHT, so what else are we dealing with here?

On this page, we’ve got ladies of all shapes and sizes. From bimbo blonde to goth black. From chubby housewife to a skinny fashion model. From a desperate divorcee in her 50s, to gold-digging slut in her 20s. This site really appeals to a wide demographic. And hey, it’s not like it’s any different if you go out on a real date, so why not treat yourself? You can see that you have plenty of options for every chick on this page. You can instant message them, send them a letter, gift them something, cam with them, watch their video, and look at their profile. And of course, you can add them to your favorites as you make a list of potential coitus-ready wives. Then you get to narrow them down as you close in on your woman of choice.

On this page, you can also choose to see Online Ladies, instead of New Ladies, or list both at the same time. You can also set the lower and upper age limit. There always seem to be plenty of ladies online at any point in time. So, don’t be afraid to message them and start up a conversation. If you can’t find a girl of your liking that’s online right now, then simply message any lady, and she’ll respond once she sees your message. I mean she has to, she’s contractually obliged! Obliged… What a cool word.

The Services tab shows you all the available services on the site (duh). These mostly further explain those buttons next to the profile pictures on the previous page. Mailing Order is just you signing up to get free ads for this website. Hey, it’s free. Live chat is self-explanatory, as is Two-Way Video Streaming. Now, Flower and Gifts Delivery is a really interesting one. What better way to show a babe that you’re serious than sending her a batch of flowers to her doorstep. does not take responsibility if the courier delivering the flowers gets mauled by Siberian bears though. The site also offers Traveling Services. Once you’ve found your match, you can arrange a trip to Russia or Ukraine to meet her and date her in real life! Again, be careful about those Siberian bears. offers Customer Support as well. They will try to find a solution for any situation that you find yourself in while using the site. There are also a few membership plans to choose from, with different progressively better perks assigned to every one of them. You’ve got the Bronze plan, which is free, and then paid plans which include the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond plan. These include cheaper prices for actions on the website, as well as more credits to play around with while on the website. Other than this, the website also has a few more tabs, some more helpful than others, but these are less important for what you’re trying to accomplish here (scoring a bride). Find a wife my dude right here at

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